Best Exhaust Tip For Deep Sound

If you want your car to make a deep sound, then put an exhaust tip on your vehicle’s tailpipe and see the difference in its sound. By having one of the best exhaust tip for deep sound, you can change the sound of your vehicle.

An exhaust tip not only imparts a distinctive sound quality to your vehicle. Rather it also adds more aesthetic appeal to it as an exhaust tip gives your car a sporty look.

Getting the best exhaust tip can be nerve-shattering because most of them look alike. But some of the exhaust tips are capable of putting an aggressive growl to your vehicle whereas others are good at creating deeper sound.

To narrow down your research on the best exhaust tip for deep sound, we have reviewed some of the top-notch products. All of these exhaust tips are unique in their way and bring the best deep sound to your vehicle.

So let’s make other drivers envy your choice and check out our list of the best exhaust tip for deep sound:

1. Borla 20248 – Best Exhaust Tip For Deep Sound

best exhaust tip for deep sound

Borla is the pioneer of aftermarket performance exhaust systems. Because of the popularity of its performance products, we have reviewed Borla 20248 as our top pick.


Since all of Borla products are made from high-quality material, this exhaust tip is constructed with heavy-duty stainless steel. It means that the product resists corrosion and is meant to last for longer.

You will simply love to have this pleasant-looking exhaust tip. It features a mirror-shine finish and an embossed logo on its body.

Performance-wise, this unit delivers the best out of it. It has no baffles to restrict the airflow. It works efficiently on subduing the sound of your exhaust. Whether your vehicles are at higher revs, the sound produced is quieter and deeper to your satisfaction.

Its universal design makes it ideal for vehicles with twin exhausts. You can put it either way: right or left. So you are required to get two exhaust tips if your vehicle comes with twin exhaust.

You are required to weld this unit on installation since it never comes with a clamp-on unit. Don’t get worried because the installation is hassle-free. If you are not a DIY sort of person, you may ask for professional help for its installation.

Besides this, this exhaust tip is the most affordable product by far.

This exhaust tip will need to be welded onto your existing tailpipe for a secure fit and great look.h-quality product.


  • 2.25inch inlet and 4inch outlet diameter
  • 13inches long exhaust tip
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Single round rolled angle-cut resonated tip style

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2. MBRP T5124BLK Black Finish Exhaust Tip

best exhaust tip for deep sound

Though a less recognized company, MBRP performance products for the automotive industry are good stuff overall. Its T5124BLK exhaust tip is another high-performance exhaust tip you can go after.


This unit features a universal design fit which means that you can put this exhaust tip to any existing tailpipe of your vehicle.

The second best thing about this exhaust tip is its easy installation. It comes with integrated clamps that require no welding at all, hence can easily slide onto any tailpipe.

If you are looking for performance and beauty, this unit is for you. Its shiny black finished body makes it a classy item. The more beauty is added up with the embossed logo of the company.

One of the main concerns of buyers is the product’s durability. Thanks to the manufacturer who has constructed this unit with high-quality stainless steel that prevents rust and corrosion.

You may get disappointed by its lightweight. As it only weighs 3.5 pounds which means the product is not a heavy-duty unit.

But above all, this sleek and ultra-stylish exhaust tip with its angled design will never fail to create the deep sound you are after. Turn the heads on the streets towards your vehicle by putting this long exhaust tip on your vehicle.


  • 18inches long exhaust tip
  • Made up with T304 stainless steel
  • 4inches inlet and 5inches outlet diameter

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3. AUTOSAVER88 Black Powder Coated Exhaust tip

best exhaust tip for deep sound

The third reviewed exhaust tip is AUTOSAVER88 Black Powder Coated stainless steel exhaust tip. It combines performance and style into one single unit.


This unit features a black powder-coated stainless steel which makes it one of the best exhaust tips on our list. It provides better corrosion resistance and never gets rusted.

If you want to save your energy and some extra money, then this unit is for you. You don’t require to spend money for professional help nor there is any need to weld this unit. Just by simply bolting on to the tailpipe, this exhaust tip will start its working.

As far as its price is concerned, this is the best affordable exhaust tips on our list. A bonus is its durability.

Since you want the best exhaust tip for deep sound, this product will serve the purpose. It features an angled cut and rolled edge that works together to create a more muted and subdued sound.

Neither too long nor too short, this exhaust tip comes with an overall length of 9inches. So if you don’t want to expose the unit, then lay your hands on.


  • 9inches long exhaust tip
  • 2-2.5inch inlet and 4inch outlet diameter
  • Bolt-on installation
  • Powder-coated stainless steel body
  • Angled cut exhaust tip

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4. Flowmaster 15363 Exhaust Tip

best exhaust tip for deep sound

Flowmaster is a leading name in the automotive industry. All of its performance products have gained immense appreciation from the users. That’s why the fourth reviewed exhaust tip on our list comes from Flowmaster.


Flowmaster 15363 exhaust tip comes with a universal fit design which means you can put it easily to 3inches exhaust tubes without being worried about.

Its favorite feature is its easy installation. All you need is to slide the tip over the tailpipe and tighten up the bolt. Here you go! The tip gets integrated.

One of the striking features of any exhaust tips is its appearance. Flowmaster 15363 exhaust tip is constructed with highly polished stainless steel with an embossed logo on the body of the tip. All these features impart a certain beauty to this unit. By putting this exhaust tip on your car’s back, the drivers behind you are going to be jealous for sure.

This particular exhaust tip features an angled cut rolled edge design that is meant to deliver much deeper notes on your vehicle.

The cherry on the top, the product is backed up by a limited lifetime warranty to make it a more reliable product on our list.


  • 3.5inches long exhaust tip
  • Stainless steel buildup
  • Angle cut rolled edge design

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5. GM22799815 Exhaust Tip

best exhaust tip for deep sound

To give a customized look, put the GM22799815 exhaust tip on your vehicle’s tailpipe, and improve its existing sound quality.


Construction-wise, this exhaust tip is built to last longer as it is made up of corrosion-resistant stainless steel. If you want a durable option, then this unit is the go-to thing.

When it comes to the installation of this exhaust tip, it is super-easy in setting up. All hardware is included to make its installation hassle-free. Just clamp it to the existing tailpipe without altering or welding anything.

The appearance of this exhaust tip makes it one of the favorite exhaust tips among its counterparts. With an embellishment of the GMC logo and a highly polished frame, this exhaust tip adds beauty to the back of your vehicle.

It has a dual-wall angle cut design that makes it perfect for creating deep and muffled sound.

With all its impeccable features, this exhaust tip will be going to leave its footprints behind your drive. The unit is a perfect combo of performance and beauty.


  • Dual wall angled cut design
  • Stainless steel buildup
  • GMC logo embellishment

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Buying guide: Best Exhaust Tip For Deep Sound

We hope that by far you must have gained a decent idea about the 5 best exhaust tip for deep sound. Each of these products is unique in its way and offers you some very high-quality features. Buying the best exhaust tip can be intimidating if you lack the required knowledge.

Therefore we have gathered some useful information for you to decide the perfect fit for you.

So here we go:

Why do you need an exhaust tip?

One of the most inexpensive modifications is to get an exhaust tip for your vehicle.

There are two certain reasons behind this need.

  1. For aesthetic appeal
  2. For altering exhaust note

The first thing you notice behind a car is its exhaust tip. With an aftermarket more elaborate exhaust tip you can turn your car into a muscle car or a sports car.

Secondary, with an aftermarket exhaust tip, you can bring a variation to the sound of your car. Exhaust tips can make your car growl or mute.

So if you like your car to make deep sound, then go for this upgrade and enjoy the music of your vehicle.

What are the various types of exhaust tips?

The basic exhaust tips are:


As the name speaks for itself, this type of exhaust tip contains a simple piece of pipe.

Angle cut:

This type of exhaust tip is cut at a sharp angle to make a more aggressive sound. Most of supercar owners love this type of exhaust tips for their vehicles.

Dual wall:

This type of exhaust tip is heavy-duty since they have two layers of stainless steel buildup. They last for longer.

Rolled edge:

A rolled edge exhaust tip is thicker in its appearance and provides maximum airflow.

Do exhaust tips change the sound of your car?

According to popular belief, exhaust tips only improve the appearance of vehicles. But this is not correct.

With resonated exhaust tips, you can bring a different sound quality and pitch to your car’s sound. The resonated exhaust tips are specifically tailored to make the exhaust sound better and deeper.


Can I clean my exhaust tip?

Yes, you can. Use a microfiber towel and a cleanser to wash it off.

Does the size of the exhaust tip affect the exhaust note sound?

Yes. With larger exhaust tips, the exhaust sound gets louder. And vice versa.

Do exhaust tips increase horsepower?

No, they can’t. The exhaust tips are only designed to bring an aesthetic appeal to your vehicle. Or it can only incorporate a better sound quality to your ride.

They have nothing to do with horsepower increment.


By putting an aftermarket exhaust tip you are not just modifying your car’s appearance. Rather a high-quality exhaust tip can give your vehicle a more distinct sound quality.

Some people love cars with heart growl while others prefer more muted and deeper sound. The power is all yours since only you know what you are after.

With our list of the 5 best exhaust tips for deep sound, you can find what you are looking for. Let us know which product fits your needs.

Happy driving!

Just taking it out of the packaging makes you realize what a high-quality and well-manufactured product it is. It feels weighty and durable, it looks very stylish.

It comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty, the high-quality stainless steel will prevent it from rusting for a very long time.

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