What Size Floor Jack To Lift A Truck?

Compared to other vehicles, the truck’s maintenance procedure is quite complicated because everything inside is more elaborate and expensive. A regular car jack is therefore inappropriate. You will need a powerful floor jack to lift these large, heavy vehicles.

We will go over all the fundamentals of truck jacks in this article and advise you on the best size floor jack for trucks. Therefore, you must first grasp the fundamentals of the guide before moving on to the meat of it.

Things to take into account when selecting a floor jack for trucks:

It takes considerable effort to lift a large chunk of steel, plastic, and metal. Thankfully, the jack, not you, is what supplies the electricity. But you must think about a few things before going online to get a floor jack for the truck.

Let’s clarify that and then discuss the factors to take into account when purchasing a floor jack for vehicles.

  • Materials incorporated
  • Lifting capacity
  • The maximum weight that can be lifted


Floor jacks come in a variety of materials, but the most popular ones are made of steel, aluminum, and hybrid. Steel jacks are the most popular type. It’s much less expensive, but it also has advantages and disadvantages.

Steel jacks are incredibly robust. However, there is a weight limitation, especially when compared to aluminum jacks. Floor jacks made of aluminum are more expensive and less sturdy than those made of steel.

Hybrid designs blend these two lastly. They chose aluminum for the side plates and steel for the portions that had to be structurally sound. In a fascinating design, pricing, durability, and weight are all balanced.

Lifting Range:

A lifting jack is needed to go to the end as well as raise it to the right height because the chassis of most trucks are taller.

Most floor jacks have a limited and maximum lifting range. We advise getting a floor jack with the lowest point between 2.5 and 5 inches and the highest height between 14 and 15 inches. Based on your needs, the maximum lifting range may possibly be higher.

Lifting Capacity:

What Size Floor Jack To Lift A Truck?

Another aspect to take into account when buying a floor jack is its lifting capacity. The best choice, given that most vehicles have higher weight capacities, would be to get a floor jack with a raised capacity of at least 2 to 3 tons.

Seat Height:

The part of a jack that touches the car is called the saddle. These are commonly spherical on the floor and bottle jacks. They frequently have a square shape on scissor jacks.

There is still a substantial steel structure running the length of trucks and SUVs because body-on-frame construction is frequently used in these vehicles. As a result, the frame is frequently the greatest location to elevate a vehicle, making saddle size less of an issue. Almost all of the work is done by the frame.

But a larger saddle size might offer a more secure platform for lifting the car when using a jack on a control arm and suspension part.

Lifting Mechanism:

There are several different jack kinds to choose from when selecting the finest floor jack for trucks. They elevate the vehicle in different ways.

  • Long arms on floor jacks, also known as trolley jacks, slide underneath a car and rise when the handle is pumped.
  • Bottle jacks are placed right beneath the jacking point and are small and relatively light (usually weighing between 10 and 20 pounds). A hydraulic fluid pulls a string of pistons upward to elevate the car when the user pumps the lever.
  • Large screws are situated in the center of scissor jacks, which draw the two ends of the jack together and force the lifting pad forward, raising the car.

The quickest is floor jacks, although they are not very portable. Although scissor jacks are quite portable, it takes them some time to lift a car. Bottle jacks provide a decent compromise between being speedier than just a scissor jack and more compact than a floor jack.


What Size Jack Do I Need For A Truck?

Another question that is commonly asked is how big a jack is. Getting the biggest one who can always fit beneath your truck is the straightforward solution. For instance, a truck that weighs 5200 pounds requires a 3-ton jack.

Which Kind Of Jack Do I Need To Lift A Truck?

Remember the genius idea of choosing a floor jack based on its weight capacity? To elevate your truck, you can utilize a number of jacks, including stock, hi-lift, standard, and airbag jacks.

The hi-lift jack, on the other hand, is the greatest for lifting trucks; therefore if I were you, I must use it for my truck. This jack is intended primarily for lifting trucks.

Which Floor Jack Size Do I Need For A Full-Size Truck?

As a general guideline, acquire a jack that really can handle the full-size truck if you have one rather than a lifted truck. In other words, a 4 to 5 tons floor jack is required if your full-size truck weighs 8000 pounds.

Which Floor Jack Size Do I Need For My Truck?

Before buying a jack, you must verify its lifting height, capacity, and lifting mechanism. Know the weight of your truck. Only this will enable you to determine the appropriate size floor jack for your truck.

It would be ideal if you choose a floor jack that is 3/4 the weight of your truck. Divide the weight of your truck, for instance, by 34 if it weighs 5000 pounds. You will receive 3300 pounds, or 1.6 tons, in total. You will therefore require a 1.6-ton jack if the total weight is 5000 pounds.

What size floor jack should I use to raise a truck?

It’s crucial to realize that you won’t be lifting your car or truck in its whole with a single jack, so you will not need one that is rated for the vehicle’s total weight. A two-ton jack should be adequate for elevating a corner on the majority of sedans and small automobiles.

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