What Does A Leveling Kit Do?

If you have recently discovered trucks, jeeps, and SUVs modifications, then you might find some components and terms to be confusing. A leveling kit is an entry-level modification, however, it can be difficult to understand its function and purpose. It is particularly true when compared with a lift kit and other popular upgrades.

In this article, we will explain what a leveling kit is, how it benefits your truck, and what does a leveling kit do?

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What Is a Leveling Kit?

Leveling kits are manufactured for trucks. If you are a truck owner, you might have observed that the rear of the truck is slightly higher compared to the front. This is premeditated as it ensures that the truck does not droop when hauling heavy loads. The nose-down stance can be corrected with a leveling kit and provide a few more inches of lift in the front.

A leveling kit is a handy device intended to raise a truck’s front so that its height matches the stock height at the back. It increases ground clearance and removes the raked stance seen in stock trucks. This kit is designed to level your truck, SUV, or jeep and balances the front with the rear suspension. Leveling kits also are much easier to install compared to lift kits.

Even though leveling and lift kits are pretty similar in terms of the raise they provide for your truck, lift kits are controversial amongst truck owners. For this reason, some people avoid investing in a lift kit. On the other hand, a leveling kit offers a nice middle ground that allows extra clearance and gives your truck a balanced stance.

Leveling Kits are best used when…

There are numerous situations where it is best to install a leveling kit, which include:

  1. It is best to install a leveling lit when you want to improve a truck’s stance. Removing the rake will raise the front of your vehicle and improve ground clearance.
  2. With added height, you will be able to add snow plows and other items to your suspension for additional convenience.
  3. When you are looking for a budget-friendly solution to enhance your truck.
  4. Leveling kits allow you to install larger wheels
  5. These kits enhance the overall appearance and driving experience of your truck

What Does A Leveling Kit Do?

Now that we have understood what a leveling kit is, it will become easier to answer what does a leveling kit do?

The purpose of a leveling kit is to give the front end of a truck an increase in height so that it equals the rear end’s height. As a result, it will allow truck owners more ground clearance. Generally, stock trucks have a raked stance with a 2 inches higher rear.

You will find different types of leveling kits and they work differently. For instance, a torsion leveling kit is installed on trucks that have torsion bar suspensions. These kits substitute the stock torsion bar keys to boost them on one side or the other. On the other hand, strut extension kits are installed on midsize trucks and SUVs. So what does a leveling kit do for these vehicles? In these kits, the spacers are placed at the top or bottom of the stock strut that elevates the suspension.

For SUVs and trucks with coil springs, specific leveling kits are accessible which add spacers to the bottom or top. The aim is to raise the truck’s body away from the front axle. Typically, a leveling kit comes with the necessary hardware to lift the front of the vehicle, which is enough to match the back’s height. To give a small lift at all four corners and preserve the stock-style appearance, front-end leveling kits can be installed in conjunction with spacer blocks.

Benefits of Leveling Kits

Ranging from functionality to aesthetics, there are numerous benefits of installing a leveling kit to your car, including:

  • Fit larger tires

One of the main advantages of investing in a leveling kit is to fit new and larger tires into your truck. Generally, trucks are required to be lifted on the front. The aim is to prevent the bumper or fender from getting in the way. So what does a leveling kit do? It gives you the necessary lift that levels the front and rear segments, therefore allowing you to fit large-sized wheels.  

  • Gives your vehicle an aggressive look

A major reason why car enthusiasts install a leveling kit is to give their trucks an aggressive look. A leveled vehicle looks a lot more rugged compared to a truck with lots of rakes. Likewise, new wheels and bigger tires can enhance the look further.

  • Helps decrease braking pressure in emergencies

Trucks that have higher rear ends might create slight issues when handling unloaded trucks. This is particularly true when it comes to stopping in emergencies. Leveling kits allow you to attain more balance by decreasing the load on the brakes and the front suspension.

  • Retain Factory Driving Dynamics

Distinct from lift kits, a leveling kit will minimally affect driving dynamics. For this reason, it is a great option for those who are looking to improve their appearance but do not want to alter usability and comfort. A leveling kit unaided will not influence your towing capability, though other alterations such as larger tires can have an effect.

Concluding it all!

Wondering if your truck’s rear is higher than the front? You are not the only one. Trucks and SUVs are designed like that. This is where a leveling kit comes in handy. Read through this article to answer what does a leveling kit do? A leveling kit can even out your truck, ensuring that the front and the rear is the same height. These kits raise the front of the truck a couple of inches, giving you extra ground clearance. In addition, these kits will give your truck a balanced stand and is a budget-friendly modification. Easy installation is another reason why people opt for these kits.

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