Tips To Buy Your Car Parts Cheaper

For the regular maintenance of your car, all it takes is a little goodwill. On the other hand, when it comes to changing a part, it can become more complicated, in terms of technical skills but also and often in economic terms!

Moreover, the mechanic is not necessarily a must! If you have decided to repair your car yourself, then you need to purchase the necessary parts to carry out the operations. For that, did you know that there are several ways to get them, outside the manufacturer’s network? We take stock.

Best Tips To Buy Your Car Parts Cheaper

If your vehicle is current and not too old (less than 15 years), you will easily find your parts in a car junkyard, where wrecks of cars are stored to be dismantled or destroyed. Reusable parts are sold as used spare parts. Breakage comes in handy when you are missing parts that are not wearing parts.

 2 solutions are available to you:

  1. Ask at the counter if the part you are interested in is available and already disassembled. This will prevent you from removing it yourself, but it will be a little more expensive.
  2. Go directly to the park where all the wrecks are parked, and take the part yourself. This is the most economical solution.

Retailers, the cave of all brands

There are many auto parts counters, which sell to individuals and professionals. Not being custodians of a specific brand, their prices are free. Do not hesitate to play the competition: there are differences of more than 20% on the price of the same part, from one store to another.

These distributors offer a complete range of car parts, tailored to your needs:

  • detached pieces
  • painting
  • bodywork
  • tools
  • garage equipment

This kind of has several advantages:

  • availability of parts
  • competitive prices
  • possibility of exchanging the product
  • guarantee

An auto center, the right compromise

Better known, auto centers could be the right compromise between quality and price. These too have the ability to sell parts at retail. They are preferred for wearing parts, because their stock is generally full:

  • brakes
  • filters
  • candles

Also pay attention to promotions on certain parts: some, very limited in time, are really advantageous. Checking out the auto center website before you go is a great way to avoid missing out on the current bargain.

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Internet, The inexpensive coin

There is no shortage of websites dedicated to the purchase of auto parts. They offer a wide choice of new and original auto parts.

If they can harbor good deals, however, beware of shipping costs, which can quickly impact the final invoice. Indeed, often metallic, auto parts weigh a lot. Like auto centers, most direct parts sales sites have great flash specials

Brand piece, adaptable piece

Regardless of where you buy your parts, you will usually have a choice between the original manufacturer part, and the adaptable part. An adaptable part takes the characteristics of the original part to be able to replace it.

In which cases to opt for the adaptable piece. For all parts that are easy to dismantle and subject to low stress. For example: filters, accessories, wiper blades.

Depending on the use of the vehicle (little or no road, mainly urban routes, etc.), inexpensive tires may be suitable.

Avoid adaptable safety-related parts whose replacement is complex:

  • shock absorbers
  • timing belt
  • brakes


Buying parts at the best price allows real savings on car maintenance. For more information, see:

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