How To Use A U Haul Car Dolly?

The top of the line for car towing is the tow dolly, a U-Haul unique design. It is the ideal, reasonably priced choice for moving cars locally or big distances. Whether you’re moving cross-country or need to transfer a project car, the U-Haul tow dolly makes it simple to load and tow a vehicle.

A confirmation of your precise vehicle towing combinations will be made both during the booking process and during the time of dispatch. Avoid changing the tow vehicle or the car being hauled without first revalidating it with U-Haul.

Using U-Haul Tow Dolly Reminders:

  • To find out which towing technique is ideal for your automobile, consult the owner’s manual or a dependable mechanic.
  • You must separate and also secure the driveshaft whenever towing a car with back-wheel drives, all-wheel drive, or 4-wheel drive on a tow dolly. Damage to the transmission cannot be stopped by towing in neutral.
  • Make sure the tyre pressure is correct on both vehicles before hauling with a towing dolly. Never deflate the tyres of the towed vehicle so that the straps fit.
  • The front tyres of the towing vehicle must be put onto the dolly. A car being towed backward could cause complete control loss due to wobble or WHIPPING.
  • Never load goods into a vehicle being towed. The towing validity provided by U-Haul is dependent on the car’s empty weight. Cargo may add excessive weight or alter the load distribution, which may cause the vehicle to swing or whip.

Equipment needed for towing:


Hitches have to be adequate to haul the combined weight of your car in tow and the tow dolly. You could get guidance on the kind of hitch needed for your planned use from a U-Haul agent.

How To Use A U Haul Car Dolly?

Balls of Hitch:

With a coupler of U-Haul Tow Dolly, hitch-ball diameters of 1-7/8 and 2 inches are permitted. You can get advice on the proper ball dimensions and weight ratings for the tow dolly from a U-Haul agent.

Additional Hitch Systems

When towing a U-Haul Tow Dolly, weight distribution or sway-control systems ARE NOT USED. These gadgets are not necessary to tow a tow dolly that is properly loaded. These items may limit how the tow dolly coupling system operates and may have a detrimental impact on how the vehicle handles and brakes.

Mirrors and lights:

A tow dolly must also be towed with all lights on. It is also possible that your tow vehicle needs exterior mirrors on both sides. If your car doesn’t have the necessary systems, a U-Haul employee can inform you of them.

Loading Car from U Haul Car Dolly:

To correctly load your car onto the dolly, follow these steps:

  • Place the car dolly as well as the car being towed parallel to one another on a flat surface:
  • Ensure that the handbrake is engaged and the towing car is in the path.
  • Ensure that the couplings and security chains on the tow dolly are properly fastened to the towing vehicle.

Set up the two dollies:

  • Both ramps at the back of the dolly should be fully extended.
  • Lay the tyre straps straight on the ramps after releasing them from the ratchets.

Place the car on the dolly:

  • Loading a vehicle should be centered behind the car dolly.
  • During loading, no one should be positioned between the towing vehicle and the tow dolly. Make sure the person directing the process of loading always stand to the side.
  • Start driving cautiously up the ramps till the car’s tyres come to a stop against the stop at the dolly’s front, keeping a close eye out for any clearance problems.
  • On the platform, the car must be centered. You must unload and readjust it is off to one side.
  • The steering wheel of the towed vehicle must be locked after it has been loaded. Using the seat belt or other equipment designed for the purpose will fasten the steering wheel if the car does not include a locking steering wheel. Make sure the handbrake is not connected and put the front-wheel-drive car being towed in the park.

Securing the car to U-Haul dolly:

  • Put the straps upward and over the tyres at the front of the trailer to start securing the car. Make sure the straps are centered over the tyre.
  • To connect with the center of the tyre, move the ratcheting to the left or right.
  • Make sure the straps pass through the ratchet spool slot with at least 6 inches of the strap sticking out. Your tyres may be too large to be properly secured if they are less than six inches in diameter. Your car might need to be towed using a different technique.
  • After ratcheting it up, fold the handle down.
  • Secure the safety chains to the car’s frame or another structural component to complete the car’s security. S hooks are used to loop the chain around it and fasten it to an open link while leaving little slack in the chain.

Finish the process of loading:

  • Lift the tow ramps and slide the back into the vehicle dolly till the latching pins reengage to save them.
  • Before moving, make sure that all of the lights are on and that every piece is in place.

Test drive and make adjustments:

  • Drive slowly around the street for a test drive. Re-check- check and tighten the tyre straps as necessary.
  • After the first five miles, again even after fifty miles, and afterward at each stop along the way, check the tyre straps and all hookup connections again.


Is the steering wheel locked with a tow dolly?

The steering wheel of the towing vehicle needs to be secured. The steering wheel must be fastened down firmly if the vehicle does not have a column of the locking steering.

Will my automobile be damaged by a tow dolly?

Your automobile will be shielded from highway damage by a tow dolly, but it isn’t their only benefit. Driving a tow dolly is considerably safer and more pleasurable thanks to additional security measures like security chains, straps of tyre, as well as our personal galvanized disc brakes.

Have the U-Haul tow dolly brakes?

Kieffer testified before the jury that U-Haul represents the only company that rents out towing dollies without brakes intended for towing large automobiles but lesser than massive six-wheel trucks.

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