How To Use A Cordless Impact Wrench?

When it comes to stubborn, rusty, or difficult-to-open stuck nuts; there is only one piece of equipment that can help. An impact wrench will easily loosen and tighten lug nuts, bolts, or rusted fasteners. They offer a very high revolving torque that cannot be delivered through a regular drill. In addition, the high torque (force required to make something move) delivery is done with minimal exertion.

Typically used in the automotive and construction industry, impact wrenches were previously pneumatic/air powered. To run these pneumatic wrenches, a person would have to make a significant investment; making them usable for professional mechanics ONLY. With the introduction of cordless impact wrenches, mobility and reduction in cost have increased their usage across all trades. Since these tools are not attached to a compressor with an air hose anymore, they can be carried wherever you need them.

Given that these are relatively new devices, this guide will talk about how to use a cordless impact wrench, to make it easier for you to operate it.

When Should You Use a Cordless Impact Wrench?

Impact wrenches have numerous applications and can be utilized in a variety of sectors and for several repair tasks. However, they are generally beneficial in the automotive industry. In general cordless impact wrenches are used for:

  • If you are low on your budget, investing in a cordless impact wrench is a smart idea
  • For people who consider indoor repair work as a DIY task should get an impact wrench because it is portable.
  • Working on more than one worksite will require you to carry handy equipment for loosening bolts and nuts. A cordless impact wrench is a perfect machine since it offers speed, portability, and flexibility.
  • It is a good choice if you are working in tight spaces or want to unscrew bolts and nuts in difficult-to-reach places.
  • When you don’t have access to an air compressor, a cordless wrench is an excellent choice
  • Are you using an impact wrench for the first time? Do not invest big bucks in heavy machinery. Practice using this budget-friendly equipment before you get a pneumatic impact wrench.

A cordless impact wrench is lighter and handier, which is why you should get it to master the use of this machine. You can upgrade your equipment once you are a pro and want to move on to extensive jobs. Battery-powered, cordless impact wrenches are the future. So if you are just starting out in this field, it is best to acquaint yourself with a battery-style impact wrench.

How to Use a Cordless Impact Wrench?

If you are planning to purchase a cordless impact wrench, then you must be questioning how to use a cordless impact wrench? Similar to all the tools, you will need to go through a learning process to effectively use the device and ensure safe practices.

Let’s look at a step-by-step guide on how to use a cordless impact wrench:

  1. Skim through the manual – There are different brands that offer a cordless impact wrench and these tools might differ. For this reason, you must read through the instructions to better understand the settings and best practices for a smooth operation.
How To Use A Cordless Impact Wrench?
  • Wear Protective Gear – Prior to using a cordless impact wrench, it is imperative to wear safety glasses and protective gloves. Even though it is unlikely for the tool to slip up, but there might be metal pieces that can cause injury. You might want to wear noise-reducing headphones and wear snug-fitting clothes to avoid the risk of getting caught in the wrench.
  • Choose a socket – You will need to pick a socket that fits the bolt or nut you plan to loosen. The tool brand you opt for might give you a couple of sockets, or you might need to purchase a set separately. Once you find the socket that snugly fits over the bolt, install it by pressing it in the holder. Make sure that there is no wiggle room or it is not too tight, otherwise you will damage the bolt or have your machine stuck on it.
  • Release and remove the nut – Press the reverse switch on your impact wrench. Place the socket over the bolt or nut while firming and gripping the wrench. While holding the impact wrench steadily, pull the trigger in small bursts. This will create torque to build in the tool and loosen the nut. Once the nut is loose, remove it from the bolt. It is essential to maintain steady pressure on the trigger and let the impact wrench spin the nut counterclockwise. At this point, you can remove the nut by hand. After removing it, switch off the tool.
  • Tighten the nut – if you plan to use a cordless impact wrench to tighten a nut, then switch the setting to forward. After finding the right socket for this particular nut, install it in the impact driver. Manually, put the bolt in the hole and hold the wrench firmly. Place the socket on the nut and build the torque by using the trigger. It will allow the cordless impact wrench socket to revolve clockwise and rotate the nut till it is tightened properly.
  • Completion of the project – Once you are done using this tool, it is crucial to turn the power off for safety reasons and to ensure that the batteries don’t die quickly. You must remove the batteries and put them on the charger.

In conclusion

A cordless impact wrench will save you money and is a handy tool that can be used to tighten or loosen nuts. If you are new to DIY tasks and want to learn how to use a cordless impact wrench, then this article offers a detailed guide. Purchasing a cordless impact wrench is an excellent investment especially if you want to get a lot of indoor repairs done. Moreover, it is portable and lightweight which is a major benefit. Knowing how to use a cordless impact wrench will make it easy for you to have smooth operations.

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