How To Use 3 Ton Floor Jack?

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The idea of lifting a vehicle seems inconceivable till a floor jack comes into the picture. A floor jack is a mechanical tool that should be a part of every garage. Even if you have a well-equipped garage with the best tools, they will not have any value if you are unable to access the parts of your vehicle which require service.

Whether you want to change the oil, fix a flat tire, or complete some other upkeep on your truck or car, a floor jack is worth the investment. Choosing the right floor jack for your use is essential to maximize the benefit of this device. Factors to reflect on when choosing a floor jack include load capacity, garage footprint, and maximum height.

Prior to making the purchase, think about the kind of cars you plan to lift and base your decision on that. If the car you plan on lifting exceeds the 5,250-pound limit, you should opt for a 3-ton or higher floor jack. But how to use 3 ton floor jack? Read on to find out the process.

What are 3 ton jacks used for?

A 3 ton floor jack is an excellent device to lift heavy vehicles. It utilizes hydraulic pressure to lift a vehicle off the ground and generally features steel construction. Usually, a 3 ton jack can lift 6000 lbs easily. It gets vehicles almost two feet off the ground and comes with a protective foam bumper on the handle, which safeguards a car’s surface from getting damaged. A floor jack is a perfect accessory to add to your automotive and tool collection.

How to use a 3 ton floor jack?

Before learning the steps on how to use a 3 ton floor jack, it is imperative to understand some general rules of using the tool. Every vehicle jack comes with an instructions manual that MUST be followed precisely. Utilizing a floor jack incorrectly can lead to serious injuries or death. For this reason, you have to follow the specific rules provided by the manufacturer. These rules surpass anything you read anywhere else.

Having said that, there are certain steps that are universal and will be followed for all floor jacks. If you are driving, make sure you stop completely and park in a safe spot. In addition, ensure that the emergency brake is engaged and the car is in the park. To add another layer of security, place an object under the tire opposite to the corner you plan to jack up.

How To Use 3 Ton Floor Jack?

Let’s dive into how To Use 3 Ton Floor Jack:

Have your car parked on level solid ground, particularly when you want to have the entire car jacked up. After locating your vehicle’s jacking points (that are metal ribs designed to support a jack), position the 3 ton floor jack, ensuring that the top slot slips onto the jack point. These points are typically situated behind your car’s front wheels and in front of the back wheels. Next, you need to place the jack stand on the jacking point near the tool to facilitate supporting the car’s weight. This is placed in case the jack gives out and will protect you from getting injured.

Start by jacking up in the front and place the stands under the frame. Then gradually lower the vehicle. Do not forget to lock in the stand prior to lowering it with the pin that goes in place. After the vehicle is lowered, you to the rear jacking points and repeat the procedure. Push the car to test out the jack stands.

After completing your maintenance project, you can lower the car. Initially, you will need to remove the jack stand, then lower the vehicle and remove the jack. You must remove any objects that were placed to stabilize the tires.

Advantages of Using a 3 ton Floor Jack

Having a 3 ton floor jack in your tool kit offers numerous advantages including:

  • Durability: Floor jacks are known for offering long-term service and necessitate minimal maintenance.
  • High Stability: A 3 ton floor jack comes with a broad base, which allows impressive weight distribution of a lifted vehicle. This feature augments a floor jack’s stability and lessens the chances of the car falling off the jack.
  • Easy to Use: 3 ton floor jack can easily lift mid-sized cars. They come with a long handle, which allows for faster lifting or lowering of the car. If you want an easy-to-use and speedy option, then a 3 ton floor jack is for you.

Floor jack Maintenance Tips

To get the most out of your jack, it is essential to maintain it properly. Consider your floor jack an investment, one that you must keep in a good condition. Maintaining a floor jack is important if you want to ensure safe usage. Fortunately, maintenance of this device is not difficult. Now that we know how to use 3 ton floor jack, here are some maintenance tips:

  1. Regularly inspect the jack to check for signs of wear and tear. It is particularly true for lifting arm and handles as these points generally get strained.
  2. Replace the jack if there are any visible cracks because your safety is an utmost priority.
  3. Tighten any loose nuts you might come across during the examination.
  4. Make sure you check oil levels when using a hydraulic system. The performance of a floor jack is heavily dependent on the oil. Any oil bleed might lead the jack to release prematurely, which can be detrimental.
  5. Store your floor jack properly. Make sure that the device is in its resting state, with the hydraulic arm retracted.
  6. Keep it in a dry area and rub it in with oil from time to time to prevent corrosion.

In conclusion

A 3 ton floor jack is a handy tool that can easily lift a car. If you are searching about how to use 3 on floor jack, then this article will serve as a guide.

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