How To Take Off Soft Top Jeep?

One of the reasons for a jeeps popularity is that it can be customized easily. Unlike all other convertibles, Jeeps let you turn this vehicle from a soft top to a hard top in a matter of minutes; with a simple removal and installation process. The ability to shed the roof and windows, allows jeep owners to have a unique experience. Owing to this feature, a jeep is suitable for sunny days and perfect for extreme weather conditions.

Soft tops of a jeep are versatile and can be easily stored when you take them off.  Moreover, a soft top is a clear choice for people who are on a budget but love connecting with nature. If you are planning a trip to a region with cold temperatures, it is best to take off the soft top and replace it with a hard top. Don’t know how to take off the soft top jeep? Check out this guide on how to take off soft top jeep to enjoy your vehicle to the fullest.

Reason you would take off jeep’s soft top

One of the first decision a Jeep owner might have to take is whether to outfit their vehicle with a soft top, a hardtop, or no top at all. Even though soft tops may be well-regarded for their versatility, there are numerous reasons why a hardtop might be the more beneficial roofing choice for your jeep. Here are some of the main reasons to learn how to take off soft top jeep:

  1. Connecting with nature – If you want to feel the breeze or the sun while you are driving, you can easily remove the soft top off of your jeep! Similar to a convertible, a soft top jeep allows you unwrap your vehicle so you can delight in the weather. By merely taking off the windows and folding the soft top down, you can cruise and enjoy the warmth from the sun.
  2. Protection from harsh weather conditions – Soft tops for a jeep is great but they are not suitable for harsh winter regions. Snow built up can damage your soft top beyond repair.
  3. Durability – If you don’t want to indulge in regular maintenance, it is best to install a hardtop because of its durability. Hardtops are made with solid materials and can withstand significant damage.  You can also add a roof rack on a hardtop, which is beneficial if you want to carry equipment such as bikes, tents, or kayaks.
  4. Security Vulnerability – A soft top on your jeep is easy to get through which is inviting to a persistent thief who might have an eye on the valuables you leave in your vehicle. For this reason, you might want to take off a soft top and replace it with hardtop because they are more secure.

How to remove soft top from your jeep?

How To Take Off Soft Top Jeep

For those who have recently purchased a Jeep, this guide on how to take off soft top jeep will be beneficial. Moreover, it will make it easier for them to remove a soft top without any hassle. Let’s get right into it:

Step one – On your jeep’s rear, open the swing gate and start unzipping the back window from the right hand side. Generally, the bottom flaps are tucked into a shallow section of the jeep’s exterior. Roll out the bottom retainer bar and gently pull out the soft top flaps.

Step two –Next, you will need to remove the rear sail panel retainers that are the vertical pieces covering the rear corners. Just untuck these panels and fold them up. Throw them over your jeep’s roof.

Step three – To save time and remove the quarter windows, unzip the left and the right side of the back windows while leaving the top attached. Wrap the windows tightly towards the interior till you reach the top. Secure the rolled windows with an elastic band.

Step four -Remove the back window entirely by unzipping the back window fully. Pull up the bottom bar, which will loosen the back window. You should store the window in a flat area so it doesn’t get scratched or bent.  

Step five – To reach the header latches, you will need to unclip the sun visors. Click open the header latches and release them but make sure that is not unhooked form the loops on the windshield.

Step six – The front of your jeep’s soft top is on a hinge. You will need to fold back the top while ensuring that your fingers are out of the way. Pull back the fabric as well to prevent it from crushing in the folding bars. For additional security, it is best to Velcro the bars together.

Step seven – After this, you will press down on the latches above front seat to unlatch the soft top on your vehicle. When both the latches are undone, the top will start to move backwards. Fold the soft top and use the Velcro straps to secure it.

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When should you replace jeep soft top?

One of the main drawbacks of a soft top is the lack of durability. For this reason, you will need to replace a jeep’s soft top. Even though preventive maintenance can prolong its life, but you should keep an eye open for signs to notice damage to soft top.

  • Discoloration of the top’s material is an indication that you should replace it
  • A jeep’s soft top can also experience streaking, which is caused by UV damage and acidic rain.
  • Tearing of the soft top
  • If water pools on the top, it can get discolored by mildew forming on the surface of the material

To wrap it up

A soft top for a jeep comes with several advantages such as easy storage, helping you connect with nature, and is affordable. However, some travelling expeditions will require you to install a hardtop. Learning how to take off soft top jeep is a valuable skill especially if you an adventurous and spontaneous traveler. With this guide, you can follow the steps to easily remove the soft top of your jeep.

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