How To Seal Headlights Like A Pro

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Are you going to introduce an upgrade for your old headlights?

Or do you want to clean up the condensation and moisture clogging the functionality of your headlights?

Well, whatever the motivation is, you can secure your car’s headlights by sealing them properly.

And if you are blind to this process, we have come forward to help you out.

Here, you can have the ultimate step-by-step tutorial on how to seal headlights.

How To Seal Headlights Like A Pro

You never need exorbitant tools or don’t require hiring the services of a professional to get the job done for you.

Just go through our guide and get your required results.

So without any further delay, let’s jump into it:

Required tools:

Whenever you are going to seal the headlight of your car, you need the following must-have tools at your side.

These tools are:

  • Hand-held flathead screwdriver
  • Hand-held head screwdriver
  • Clamps
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Safety goggles
  • Baking oven
  • A good quality sealant

Once you have all these tools available for the said application, you are all set to seal headlights properly.

Now, read further and learn how to seal the headlight of your car.

Removing the headlights

Usually, headlights use plastic tabs and screws to attach to the body of your vehicle.

Use a head screwdriver to separate the headlights from the vehicle. This step is necessary when you want to perform the entire job efficiently.

Make sure that you place the screws in a sorting tray to keep them not to be misplaced.

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Loosening the sealant

The car’s headlight is comprised of two units: one is the outer plastic shell and the other is the black basket cover that surrounds it.

Both of these parts are sealed together with an industrial grade adhesive or sealant.

In most cases, due to some outdoor environmental factors, this sealant comes loose, making both parts separated from each other.

But if both parts are fixed together, use a conventional baking oven to separate both parts.

You have to figure out at what temperature the sealant comes off.

Don’t put headlights directly into a preheated oven as it will destroy its outer plastic body frame.

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Opening the headlight

After the sealant gets unfasten, it becomes easier to open the headlights without damaging its outer case.

Use a flathead screwdriver to open up your car headlights.

We suggest you to start prying open the headlights from the bottom of the headlights’ body. it may help you save the entire upper casing of the headlight’s body.

Applying the new sealant

Then comes the most critical step of our application.

Use a premium and high-quality silicone sealant. It is available at a very low-cost.

Make sure that you have properly removed the old sealant. It is necessary when you want to give a smooth finish to the body of your headlights.

Try to apply the sealant evenly across the body of the headlight.

Make sure that you don’t leave any gaps while applying the sealant.

Closing the headlight

When you are done with the above-mentioned step, close or fasten the two separated parts of the headlight.

For this, you need clamps.

Use 4 clamps to hold the entire body of the headlight.

This will ensure that an equal amount of force is working on the headlight making it sealed properly.

Wiping out the excessive sealant

On the last, wipe out the excessive amount of sealant.

Technically, this step is most significant for giving a proper seal to headlights.

Make sure that you wipe out the excess sealant before it properly settles down.

Again, you have to vouch for that you clean up the excessive sealant when it is not too gooey.

You can use goo gone to clean the extra sealant.

That’s all about sealing headlights.

Some Worth-considering Points

Some useful tips that may help you out through the whole process are:

  • To avoid scratch and scuff on the body of headlights, invest your proper time for the whole application.
  • Always use an industrial-grade sealant to ensure a proper seal.
  • Make sure that headlight tabs are perfectly seated and no additional amount of sealant overflows to these tabs.
  • Make sure that you give an ample amount of pressure when using clamps to fix headlight parts together.

Final Say

As you must have read, the whole process is quite straightforward.

Our guide on how to seal headlight is basically aimed at providing you simple steps to make the task easier for you.

Just be mindful while doing the whole process.

And follow these instructions carefully and seal your vehicle’s headlights like a pro.

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