How To Remove Fence Post With Car Jack?

This article gives various safety tips for how to remove fence post with car jack. Simply secure the fence post with a car jack so that it can be pushed up on and lifted out of the ground. It should also loosen the post of fence sufficiently for you to remove it from the ground. Given that it truly doesn’t involve much work or power, it is a rather simple way to select. The car jack’s lever will be primarily responsible for this task.

However, you also have alternative options, such as digging the fence post out, fracturing the surrounding concrete, dragging it out with a concrete block as well as a rebar lever, or even hauling it out with your car.

Using a Car Jack to Remove Fence Posts:

Let’s now go over a fast, step-by-step tutorial on how to precisely remove fence posts using a car jack.

Put Your Safety Equipment:

Despite the fact that this isn’t the riskiest method in the world, you should nonetheless wear long sleeves and pants to prevent scrapes and scratches. You should also wear eye protection. When you proceed to remove a fence post, you don’t want any fragments of wood or metal to fly back up in the face.

Loosen one side of the Base:

It is a good option to lose the base solely on a single side of a fence post, the opposite side where the car jack will be, even if this isn’t something that everyone does. As a result, dig a few inches down on the single side of a fence post using a shovel. Loosen the soil around the concrete if a fence post is supported by a concrete small piece.

You will need to shatter the concrete slab surrounding the fence post with a maul, a jackhammer, or even a concrete saw if the fence post is, by chance, fixed down in a block of concrete. If the concrete hasn’t been fractured first, car jacks won’t be able to lift the fence post from such a firm slab of concrete.

Use a C-clamp or also drill a hole and then insert rebar:

Making a place for the carjack to press up on is now necessary. Because of this, you must employ a drill to make a hole in the fence post. A standard drill can work if a fence post is constructed of wood, but if it’s made of metal, you’ll need a specialized drill as well as a drill bit that can cut through metal.

Put a reasonably long rebar piece into the hole after it has been made. A foot or so should be left open between both fence posts and also the rebar’s exterior border. If the rebar piece is longer, the simpler it will be to use the automobile jack to lift the fence post out of the ground.

Another choice at your disposal if you choose not to drill through to the post is to merely fasten a sizable C-clamp to a post, about a foot above the ground.

Put the Car Jack in Place and Raise It:

How To Remove Fence Post With Car Jack?

You are all now going to put the car jack in place right at the edge of that piece of rebar. The mechanism will then be lifted up and pushed into the rebar that you installed in the fence post using the car jack’s lever. To lift the rebar piece and eventually the fence post, just continually push on the lever until it is sufficiently loose to be pulled or pushed out of the ground.

Fill in the Hole:

If you decide to do so, you should now fill in the gap left by the fence post removal.

Tips & Tricks, Avoidable Mistakes:

Let’s quickly review some pointers and techniques to make the procedure simpler and quicker:

  • Try to use a piece of rebar that is approximately least one foot long since the longer it is, so more pressure you will create.
  • To ensure that the automobile jack has a sturdy base to rest on, try not to disturb the ground too much underneath it.
  • Make sure the car jack’s lifting mechanism is firmly positioned beneath the rebar and also that the rebar is resting in the middle of the mechanism of the lifter.


How do you use a jack to remove the metal fence post?

The metal fence post can be removed using a jack in a few different ways. To break the post off on the ground, use an angle grinder or breaker bar. The post can easily be raised from the ground with a crowbar.

How can a post be taken out of a car jack?

A post from an automobile jack can be removed in a few different ways. One method is to turn a screw holding the post in position with a wrench. A flathead screwdriver can also be used to pry the post away from the screw.

How do you use a high lift jack to remove a fence post?

You can take out the fence post using the high lift jack if it is at least 6 inches deep in the ground. Use a wrench to remove the jack screws, and ensure the post is firmly secured to the floor that has at least two of them. Just use the jack to raise the post from the ground once it is free.

How should the metal fence post be taken out?

Use a chisel or sledgehammer to cut off the post’s top if it isn’t too deeply buried in the ground. Use drilling as well as a screwdriver to the post remover if it is firmly rooted in the ground.

Can a fence post be taken down using a car jack?

Before attempting this, you should think about the car jack’s weight, the post’s stability, and also the hole size you want to make. You risk damaging either the post or the car jack if you use a heavy enough one. You might not be capable of fitting the jack through if your hole is too small.

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