How To Remove Cigarette Lighter Socket

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Over time, due to one reason or another, your car’s cigarette lighter socket gets expired and stops working. If it happens so, the right time has come to remove it and get another one.

If you are not a car geek or a techie person, you may feel a bit uncomfortable about its removing process.

But hold on!

This post is specifically meant to teach you how to remove the cigarette lighter socket of your car. But before you dive into the process, you must know what this unit is and what its proper function is.

I have also tried to bring into light the causes behind its removal.

Hence let me save your time and come straightly to the point.

What is a cigarette lighter socket?

Technically known as an automobile auxiliary power outlet, a car’s cigarette lighter socket was initially used to power an electrically heated cigarette lighter. But later on, it gets improved.

These days, cars, trucks, and numerous recreational vehicles use a 12V auxiliary power outlet to provide power to several portable electronic gadgets.

It directly takes power from your car’s electrical system. Therefore charging your cellular phones, tablets, and tire compressors have become hassle-free even during driving.

How does it work?

Earlier, the cigarette lighter socket was based on a coil and reel system. It consisted of a cylindrical receptacle and a removable plug having a coiled strip.

The plug is inserted into the receptacle to form an electrical circuit. it turns coiled strip to become red hot and you use it to lighten up your cigarette.

But with the advancement of technology, the coil and reel system gets out of use. With the innovation of 12V sockets, you can have a better version of cigarette lighter sockets.

A 12V auxiliary power outlet connects its cylindrical portion to the battery negative whereas the battery negative is connected to the center point of the socket. It not only enables you to power your cigar or cigarette as well as you can power up your other electronic gadgets.

Why remove cigarette lighter socket

Why remove cigarette lighter socket

It usually happens that the cigarette lighter socket stops working or malfunction after some time. It occurs due to several things.

The following are some common causes that make it defunct.

1. If there is no power supply

Use a test light or voltmeter to check if proper power is supplied to the unit. The center pin of this socket enables you to tell if there is power or not.

2. If Foreign elements make way inside the socket

It gets failed because a couple of foreign elements stuck into this socket. By using a flashlight you can check that if there is some obstruction inside the socket.

if something gets trapped into it accidentally, it will not establish electrical contact. That’s why it is malfunctioning.

3. If the fuse gets blown

Your car’s cigarette lighter socket stops working if its fuse blows away. Usually, the fuse of this unit is capable of handling 10 or 15A electronics. Plugging in any device with a higher amperage than this could result in a blown fuse.

You can identify the problem by replacing this fuse. Maybe, a short circuit is a culprit in damaging your fuse.

4. If your charger is bad

As with any other electronic device, it happens with chargers too, they go bad. Therefore, you need to sort this out. Go for checking your electronic’ charger whether it is working properly or not.

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How to remove cigarette lighter socket

cigarette lighter socket

Removing your car’s cigarette lighter socket is a cakewalk and you can perform the task yourself without using special equipment.

So here we go with the simple steps you need to follow while removing a cigarette lighter socket:

1. Turn off your car’s engine to stay safe:

It is highly suggested that your car’s engine must be off before you start removing a cigarette lighter socket. 

It is the foremost precautionary measurement you need to observe before starting the process.

Make sure that your vehicle is altogether powered off while touching lighter wires or fuses. After all, your safety comes first.

2.  Go for checking fuse box:

If you are a beginner and don’t know the position of the fuse box in your car. Go for locating it. Usually, it must be somewhere inside the glove box if not, you can use your car’s manual to locate it.

3. Use needle-nose pliers to remove cigarette lighter fuse:

Removing a cigarette lighter fuse is so simple that you can do it by your hand. But if you are a perfectionist, you can use a screwdriver to pull it out of the fuse box.

4. Make sure if the socket is neutralized:

Use a voltmeter to detect if the socket is still having electric current. If there would be a current, your voltmeter will move. Else it will not.

Make sure that there is no current running through the socket to ensure your safety.

By following these simple steps, you can effortlessly remove your car’s cigarette lighter socket within no time.


By summing up the whole discussion, you must have got an idea about how to remove the cigarette lighter socket of your car.

Every car is different from others in its make and style. Not every car needs to have this component in the same position. That’s why it is essential to locate the actual position of this unit before indulging in your hands in this process.

You can also consult your car’s manual to know about its exact position.

Mostly, it is not cigarette lighter sockets that wear out rather the fuse is more likely to defunct. So always check for diagnosing the root cause of the problem to avoid more inconvenience.

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