How To Release Floor Jack Without Handle?

Floor jacks are very effective at raising a car, as well as typically extremely sturdy. But if you don’t use this equipment correctly, you can find yourself in a position where the floor jack becomes stuck and your automobile is raised.

Since you won’t have had the handle to immediately remove the floor jack in this circumstance, you’ll need to employ a different method. We will provide you with a thorough lesson on how to release floor Jack without a handle to quickly resolve this problem!

The Floor Jack Gets Stuck for What Reason?

While floor jacks are dependable and rarely cause problems, they do occasionally malfunction. You may find that your automobile is stuck in the raised position after using the floor jack to lift it.

Why does this occur, then? Hydraulics is used by floor jacks. The floor jack will therefore become stuck if the air becomes caught inside the hydraulic pump, preventing it from lifting your car or releasing itself.

If you do have the handle, this problem can be solved quickly, but if your handle comes loose, things will become more difficult.

The handle can easily come out of the socket if the bolt isn’t firmly tucked behind it and fastened into the socket. You cannot attempt to re-insert the grip to remove the floor jack’s pressure or lower it once it has slipped out.

Steps to release floor jack without handle:

To detach the release valve, simply twist the floor jack handle. Once that is finished, the saddle will begin to descend as the hydraulic fluid that created the pressure to lift the automobile returns to its chamber. In this situation, you will need to use a different method that is covered below because the handle is disconnected.

Unscrew the Plate from the Floor Jack:

  • The top of most floor jacks has a metal tools plate that is secured by four screws.
  • Grab a screwdriver as well as unscrew each one as your initial action.
  • Very fast, the plate should fall off, allowing you to proceed to the following action.

Open the Release Valve:

How To Release Floor Jack Without Handle?
  • The release valve is beneath the tool plate, which you can see after opening it.
  • If there is a handle, turning it would also disengage the release valve and cause the hydraulic fluid to return from its chamber.
  • In this situation, you will need to employ a wrench and pliers to accomplish this because you lack the handle.
  • It’s not particularly difficult to release a floor jack without a handle, but you will need to twist the release valve gently because exerting too much pressure can bend this and permanently destroy it.

Maintain a Safe Distance from the Bottom of the Car:

  • The hydraulic fluid would back to a chamber once the release valve has been unfastened using pliers or maybe a wrench, which will cause the floor jack to lower.
  • It’s important to work quickly while applying light pressure to the oil filler screw.
  • As soon as the floor jack has been released, the automobile will begin to come down, so just get the head out from beneath it.
  • If you don’t take care, you can damage yourself and not have time to get your head out of that situation.

Reinstall the Tool Plate:

  • As soon as the floor jack has been released and entirely lowered, your work is practically finished.
  • For the final stage, all you have to do is reposition the tool plate. With a screwdriver, secure it in place and affix the four screws keeping the tray in place.

How to stop this scenario from occurring again?

Even while it’s not particularly difficult, releasing the floor jack without the handle requires more effort than simply turning the handle. You should be aware of how to prevent this going forward now that you’ve learned your lesson.

Make sure the handle is properly positioned in the socket of the handle before raising your floor jack. After that, you should insert the safe bolt to secure the handle. To ensure there is no possibility of slipping out the handle once more, tighten it down with a wrench.


If your floor jack’s handle has slipped out, it might be a headache to release it, but our tutorial about how to release a floor jack without a handle must help.

Don’t forget to heed the advice above if you want to prevent this from happening again. The most important thing is to release your car jack carefully because your car is heavy and you could hurt yourself if you’re careless.


Why is my floor jack stuck even though my handle, and also the release valve, are securely fastened?

There is a good likelihood that you are overloaded with the jack if your floor jack is unable to lift your car and you have verified that the release valve is perfectly tight. Any car jack will cease lifting the vehicle as soon as its weight limit is reached. We have an instruction on how to fix a floor jack overloaded valve, so no need to worry.

How can you make a jack release?

To relieve any pressure which may have accumulated inside the Jack, locate the release valve and flip it counterclockwise. Once the pressure has been released, gradually bring Jack’s handle down till it reaches the down position.

When a floor jack becomes stuck, how can you release it with the handle?

The handle must be turned till it stops rotating. The trapped air must then be drained out by pumping the jack about 15 times. After completing that, fully rotate the handle to close the relief valve.

What is the primary floor jack safety precaution?

Use jacks with caution. Throwing or dropping them could cause the metal to bend or break, and the jack could collapse under the weight. The jack should be correctly placed at a position that can support the weight being raised. The lift point must support the jack’s base and be level with the floor or even the ground.

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