How To Put On Car Seat Covers?

Seats in an automobile take much wear and tear because they are the most used components of a car. When large amounts of money is invested to buy a vehicle, car owners prefer protecting the seats using covers. Luckily, a set of high-quality car seat covers offer an affordable solution to sticky situations and defend against any damages that might occur from daily usage.

If you are convinced and are all ready to purchase car seat covers, then you are in the right place. Are you only hesitant to push the “Buy Now” button because you don’t know how to put on case seat covers? Good news! Installing car seat covers is easier than you think. Every car do have its little details, but the basic process of putting on covers is pretty much the same. These car seat covers will help you retain your vehicle’s value and will facilitate the covers to stay as good as new.

So what are you waiting for?

Types of Car Seat Covers

There are many different kinds of seat covers accessible in the market for your vehicle, contingent upon your taste, your budget, and the purpose you want it for. Typically, car seat covers are divided into three categories: to enhance the style, to protect your seats, and to cover seats that are worn out. In terms of how to put on car seat covers, you can find two groups: universal covers and customized seat covers.

  • Universal Covers

Universal seat covers are simply what the name suggests: they will fit all types of automobiles and any type of seat. It incorporates all models, makes, and year. Since they are pre-made and readily available, universal car seat covers are less expensive and are easy to put on. You will only need to stretch these covers on top of the existing seats. The covers remove easily for cleaning and are generally machine washable. However, universal seat covers are not advised for side-impact airbags.

  • Custom-Made Covers

If you are like your vehicle’s interior to stand out and look fancy, then the best option is customized seat covers. It is an expensive option but the seat covers offers a snug fit. There are numerous brands that make seat covers that are specifically designed to fit a specific type of seat. The tailored-made seat covers feel and look as if they are factory installed. The best part of custom-fit covers is that they do not interfere with the seat belt, head rest, side-impact air bags, or seat control buttons. Generally, these covers are made with high-quality materials and are easy to clean.

How To Put On Car Seat Covers?

How can I install seat covers?

Whether you regularly have food in your car or have children who can unintentionally ruin your seat covers, it is best to learn how to put on car seat covers. These covers offer protection against damage or spillage. Installing seat covers is an easy process. Want to find out how?

For front seat covers 

To put on front seat covers, you will need to take off the head rest from the seat. The headrests in your automobile might need to be released by pushing a button or can be pulled out. After aligning the bucket cover over the seat, gently pull down. You will need to ensure that the patterns on the seat match the cover. Moreover, if the seat cover has an airbag tag, make sure you place it on the same side.

When the backrest has been correctly aligned, find the straps positioned at the center of the seat cover and glide them through the point where the bottom and backrest of the seat meet. To tighten and secure the cover, bring the straps from underneath the seat to the front. Connect them to the buckles for a tight fit. You can make adjustments to the base and secure the seat cover by tucking the mesh material using a flat item such as a card. Reinsert the headrests and armrests. At this point, peel off the cloth on the loop and hook of the covers and seal it. Put the headrest covers and secure it using the elastic straps.

Rear Backrest Cover

To put on backrest covers, you will need to remove the back headrests. In addition, pull out any seat belts to ensure that the cover doesn’t go over it. Secure the seat cover on the backrest. For a split bench, the zipper will open from bottom to top. Next you will need to push the bottom straps through the seat crevice. You will need to buckle the strap from the back to fit it securely. After that, connect the loops on the side with the clips or tuck the mesh on the side of the seat.

Bottom Bench Cover

After locating the right piece for the bottom bench, how to put on car seat covers will become much easier. Once you find the seat covers, place it over the bottom. For car seat covers that have zippers, it will open from top to bottom. Attach the straps on the seat’s bottom for a proper fit. You can fasten the loops with the provided clips or tuck in the mesh underneath the seat. Make sure that all the straps are concealed below the seat.

Seatbelt Modification

To ensure a snug fit, you will need to make cuts in the car seat cover. However, it is imperative to be careful and wait till you are sure that everything is aligned properly. Make sure the seatbelts are on top of the covers and not below them. For easy access to your seat belts and buckles, make small slits on the cover precisely where the seatbelts are located.

In Conclusion

Learning how to put on car seat covers isn’t too difficult. However, it has different components and is time-consuming. This article offers detailed instructions to allow new users an easy guide to nailing the installation process.

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