How To Make An Exhaust Sound Louder?

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With the popularity of car culture across the world, many car enthusiasts are loving louder and racier cars.

That’s why they are finding ways to improve the looks and sound of their regular cars.

If you are also one among those sporty nature guys who want to make people notice their vehicles through deeper and louder sound, go through our research on the topic: how to make an exhaust sound louder.

After all, a louder car is much more noticeable than a quieter one.

Generally, cars with big engines create more sound and small-engine cars are more silent at startups and accelerating.

But thanks to the automotive industry that has introduced new techniques to upgrade an existing setup of a vehicle.

So if you want to make your vehicle sound louder, we are here to help you out through this.

Here, you can find some basic tips to improve the sound of your car’s exhaust. We have also brought to light how can you make your exhaust sound louder without buying anything.

Let’s have a read on:

1. Replace stock muffler with an aftermarket muffler

The first and foremost thing you can do is to replace your car’s factory muffler with an aftermarket muffler.

Your car’s stock muffler is primarily designed in a way to impart quietness to your vehicle. A factory-installed muffler with its S shape absorbs the sound waves, thus lower sound comes out from the exhaust.

But you can go for buying an aftermarket straight-through muffler to make your exhaust sound louder. A straight-through or glass pack muffler absorbs fewer sound waves and improves the quality of sound.

In addition to this, a straight-through muffler allows the air to flow freely that increases the overall performance.

Always take a bit of advice from a professional so that you can buy a muffler according to your vehicle’s make and model.

2. Add an exhaust tip if you are on a budget

You can also improve the sound of your exhaust by adding an exhaust tip. This is rather a more cost-effective way to make your car exhaust sound louder.

You are given many exhaust tip choices to select within. An exhaust tip with dual walls and larger diameters are better in amplifying the sound of your car’s exhaust.

Integrating an exhaust tip can also make your car look more pleasing aesthetically.

So always choose an exhaust tip that goes perfectly fit for your car’s make.

3. Make exhaust pipe wider

When you are a DIY type person, we would recommend you to go for making your exhaust pipe broader.

Because an exhaust pipe with a narrow diameter will restrict sound waves to flow freely, hence the sound produced would get low.

On the other hand, if your exhaust pipe is of wider diameter, you can get a louder and deeper sound.

A little tweak in the design of your exhaust pipe will enable you to get the desired sound results.

So be extra careful while you are increasing the diameter of your exhaust pipe. a bore of half an inch gets perfectly well to make your car exhaust sound louder and deeper.

4. Deleting the muffler

You can also make your exhaust sound louder and deeper by deleting its muffler. With a muffler delete system, your car will create a more sporty noise.

But don’t forget that in many states, a muffler within the exhaust system is a legal requirement. So be sure that you abide by the laws illustrated by your government.

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Making your car exhaust sound louder is not an overwhelming process. All of the above solutions are devised in a way to make the task easy and simple for you.

We hope that you would get benefited from this content on how to make an exhaust sound louder.

Whether you go for replacing your factory-installed muffler or buying a new exhaust tip, make it sure that you do it properly.

We suggest you seek the guidance of a professional before upgrading your exhaust system. He would let you decide which things are compatible with your car’s make and style.

Only with proper techniques and installation, you can give your car a dreamy look that you were aspiring for.

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