How To Make A V6 Sound Good

If the sound of your V6 engine never inspires you. or it never makes people around the street to turn their heads towards your V6 truck, the right time has come to put a modification to the sound of your vehicle.

 If you are completely blind and don’t know how to make a V6 sound good, we are here to sort out this problem for you. Here you will learn some quick and budget-friendly methods that can make your V6 engine sound as good as you are after.

How To Make A V6 Sound Good ?

The main component that is responsible for a distinctive sound quality of a V6 truck is its exhaust system. So you can go for modifying this vital component or other associated components within the exhaust system to achieve your desired results. It can be an aftermarket muffler or an aftermarket exhaust tip that can make a V6 engine sound good.

So without any further delay, let’s jump into the various modifications you can go for:

Step 1: Replace the stock muffler

The basic function of a stock muffler is to reduce the sound output coming out from your exhaust system. But if you want to make your V6 sound good and dreamy, you can go for swapping its stock muffler with an aftermarket muffler.

While having an aftermarket muffler, you allow more exhaust gases to pass through the exhaust system. This results in creating a more deep exhaust note within your V6 engine.

In the automobile market, tons of mufflers are available to select within. You can ask your car care professional to help you decide which muffler type best suits your requirements.

You can put install a muffler by yourself if you are good at doing your work by yourself. Otherwise, installing a muffler may require you to hire the services of a professional.

Step2: Replace the exhaust pipe

The second suitable modifications to make your V6 engine sound good is replacing its stock exhaust pipe.

The exhaust pipes with a larger diameter may increase your vehicle’s overall performance rather it will help your v6 engine to get a more deepen sound.

A typical exhaust pipe with one inch to one and a half inch diameter may increase the sound quality of your V6 truck.

Step 3: Get a new exhaust tip

With a new aftermarket exhaust tip, you can make your V6 engine good and impressive. Putting an exhaust tip to the tailpipe may come to you like a breeze as you can do it yourself.

Go for following these simple steps:

  • First, place tape around the tailpipe to measure its diameter. With the right measurements, you can buy the right sized exhaust tip for your V6 engine.
  • Select your required exhaust tip from the market. The exhaust tip with fiberglass material is capable of dampening the sound output from the tailpipe and gives you a deep sound on your V6 truck.
  • Cut off some extra inches of the tailpipe before putting a new exhaust tip. Use a hacksaw to do the job.
  • Now install the exhaust tip as directed by the user’s manual. Some exhaust tips come with clamps while others are available with bolts and screws.

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Step 4: Put a dual exhaust

Putting a dual exhaust system on your V6 truck may help you achieve the sound you are wanting. With dual exhaust systems, you can have a dual-pipe system to reduce the back-pressure. It will eventually help more exhaust gases to pass through the system. The resulting sound would be deeper.

  • Installing a dual exhaust system may take you a whole one day. Follow these simple steps and install a new dual exhaust system for your V6 vehicle.
  • Select your required dual exhaust system and its installation kit
  • Remove the existing exhaust system by raising your V6 vehicle
  • Install the new exhaust system and check for proper alignment of both exhaust pipes.
  • Lower down your V6 vehicle and take a test by starting your vehicle.
  • If the sound outcome is deep and throaty, it means you have installed your dual exhaust system correctly.


With all this, we hope that you will get an idea about how to make V6 sound good. All of these are tested and proven modifications that can make your V6 vehicle sound deep.

It is always fun to do experimenting with the exhaust system of a vehicle. You can try one of these modifications or can combine two or three to get your sought-after sound for your V6 vehicle.

Let us know if you have tried any of the above-mentioned steps on your V6 engine.

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