How To Jack Motorcycle Up?

Hobbyists who own motorcycles prefer to work on them themselves rather than taking them to a shop. Nearly all of the motorcycle hobbyists I met like to wash, oil, and maintain their machines using just their hands. For motorbike enthusiasts, keeping their vehicles up to date and in top condition is crucial. However, managing all of the washing, lubricating, and repairs on a bike is more difficult than it first appears. Throughout the process, there is a lot of lifting and shifting of the motorcycle, and without the proper tools, this can result in accidents and injuries.

It can be challenging to jack up a motorcycle in a home garage setting; therefore it’s crucial to use the finest and safest methods possible. As a quick fix, you could always use one of the homemade DIY rigs for lifting a motorcycle. But using this handmade DIY equipment can be dangerous, endangering both your safety and the condition of your prized vehicle.

How do Motorcycle Jacks work?

They were created specifically to serve this need. These stands make it easier and safer than ever to hoist your bicycle. Here are some instructions on how to use this equipment to jack up a motorcycle on your own to aid you.

Before even attempting to lift the bike, it is best to practice lifting it without the stand underneath it. Although motorcycle jacks are quite helpful, there is still some risk associated when performing this type of labor because they aren’t flawless. These stands are hazardous since they can quickly slip if not used or positioned correctly.

How Can You Safely Jack Your Motorcycle?

Cleaning the Surface:

Finding a nice, sturdy, level place where you can put your bike over several hours while you make your repairs is the first step. Make sure this surface is high enough so when the motorcycle’s front wheel comes into contact with it, its front end is somewhat higher than its back end. This will allow you to balance the motorcycle correctly.

Keep in mind that a floor jack for just a motorcycle is not the same as a jack for a car. Although the equipment is different, the lifting procedure to slowly elevate the motorcycle to an upright position is comparable. The ideal method if you don’t have the right tool is to utilize wood blocks and ratchet straps.

Simply ensure that the ground’s surface is level and solid enough so that the jack stand won’t move if you’re utilizing jack stands.

Finding the bike’s center of gravity:

Finding the bike’s center of gravity is one of the more challenging steps. The place where the entire weight of the car or bike can be supported without tilting or tipping over is known as the center of gravity.

The typical method for determining this is to raise the motorcycle’s front wheel just a little bit, then move it back and forth to gain a sense of its precise center. To remember, mark this location with a rag, string, chalk, etc.

Examine the Underbelly of Your Bike:

After determining where your center of gravity is, turn your attention to the underside of your bike. A flat touch surface is required. You must locate the jacking points, which are the points at which the bike and jack stand come into contact.

How To Jack Motorcycle Up?

These are typically located close to the suspension or engine. Make sure that these points will fit tightly and remain stationary on the metal surface if you’re using a jack stand.

A flat surface makes it easier for the motorcycle jack to stay in place by distributing the bike’s weight equally.

The bike’s position should be adjusted:

Make some tweaks to maintain your bike standing straight by adjusting its position. Be using a wooden dowel or anything like to balance the motorcycle’s back end if it is tilting to one side. The process will render the side stand inoperable.

If you need assistance placing the blocks of wood in the proper location, call a friend for assistance. You can also use ratcheting tie-down ropes to secure the motorcycle.

Correctly Position the Floor Jack:

Once your motorcycle is steady and erect, you may begin correctly placing the motorcycle jack. Make sure it is positioned directly beneath the bike’s center of gravity and that it is pointed in the direction of the proper jacking point.

This will typically be close to the front tire area. To prevent the jack stand from slipping out from beneath your bike as you’re pulling it off the ground, just fasten it in place with a strap or chain.

Lift Your Motorcycle Safely and Slowly:

With everything in place, slowly raise your motorcycle until it is correctly balanced on top of the floor jack stands or motorcycle jack stands. Before thoroughly fastening your vehicle, make sure there is no gap between them and tighten anything loose bolts and screws. Put the motorcycle up on frame sliders if you can to safeguard the front brake lever and other priceless components.

Take your time, especially if this is your first time raising your bike. Before leaving, make sure everything is stable.


Can I lift a motorcycle with a standard jack?

If you don’t have a motorbike lift jack, using a car jack can be a decent option. You might also wish to slip a few boards across the bike, just like in the prior technique, to help with the hoisting.

How powerful must you be to lift a motorcycle?

What we discovered is that 95% of people have the strength necessary to lift a motorcycle and should have that strength. The force needed to raise your motorcycle off the ground can be calculated mathematically, but 3.5 times the bike’s weight is a good estimate.

How can the height of the motorcycle be increased?

Women Riders now state that there are two primary methods for adjusting the bike’s height: either replacing the seat or the shocks. The motorcycle’s handling may change if aftermarket shocks are installed in place of the standard ones.

What is the purpose of a motorcycle stand?

A motorcycle center-stand is primarily designed for maintenance tasks, not for regular bike parking. In order to do chain maintenance or to remove a single or both of the wheels, you can lift one of the tires off the ground. On most current bikes, the back wheel is elevated by default.

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