How to install saris bike rack on suv?

Installing a bike rack on your SUV makes it easier for you to take your ride along when going on road trips. Usually, with some assembly and installation of tools needed depending upon the type or brand that is installed, usually most people can do this without any kind help from others. Follow these steps carefully though because there are different types like Hitch Mounted Bike Racks (Hitch), Roof Top Rails (Roof).

Install a Roof-Mounted Bike Rack

A roof mounted bike rack is a great way to transport your steed from point A to B while keeping it safe, clean and clear of dirt build up. They attach easily onto the crossbars on an SUV or Truck with ease by slipping clamps around one wheel in particular so be careful not to lose them.

The best time for storage might just occur when you have already put all clothes away at home before going out driving this will give plenty room inside backseat area where most racks can go attached securely without taking up too much space like other types such as cargo boxes do (which would take more than 1 spot). Some people find these rather handy if they don’t own a garage since rainy days.

Mounting a bike on your SUV can be tough without the right racks. Make sure that you measure out how far each crossbar is from one another and look for models with measurements similar to yours so they will fit without too much hassle.

Before installing your roof bike rack, assemble it on the ground and line up with tracks in bars. Check that the front of the carrier is facing the windshield before strapping down straps for safety’s sake. Next attach hook at rear toktop bar or crossbars (back there) then wrap around front post & through hole from behind; tighten securely but don’t overdo so as damage can occur easily). Finally, grab remaining ends near triangular cups found close proximity towards their respective curved edges which will hold everything nicely.

Install a Trunk-Mounted Bike Rack

A rear mounted bike rack is a great option for those who want to be able to drive under low-hanging branches and put kayaks or bikes on top of their car. However, it can scratch your SUV’s back window even if the installation was properly done because there is not enough metal protection over this area when installing one with no roof mount available. It might also leave scars from being scratched by other objects while driving which wouldn’t happen with hitch racks since they have more supports around them helping protect vulnerable parts like windows from harm.

It’s important to consider the type of trunk rack you’re installing on your car before starting. Most come in one piece and don’t require many installations, but some may need special adapters or different adhesives depending on their make/model; so be sure not only read over instructions carefully but also contact the manufacturer if unsure about compatibility.

It has seen that in many cases, a trunk bike rack has straps on the top, sides and bottom. Open your vehicle’s rear door to place it securely in position against these pads that rest just centering them with parking bucks or an object heavy enough for this purpose such as books from inside of bedding/comforters placed underneath so they don’t move around while driving down roadways during inclement weather conditions.

The best place for your bike is always on the rack. Trunk-mounted racks are great because they can be more secure, but if you need to park in a tight space or have an especially small car then go with compact. With one mount point and weak security these types of trunks typically only fit one bicycle at most so make sure before buying that it will really hold up alright according to what kind of adventures await us outside our house each day.


The bike rack on the SUV is a great way for people to take their bike along with them when they are going on road trips. This means that it is also easier for people who have had trouble finding storage space in their homes or apartments to store one of these racks at home without having any problems, since there isn’t always enough room. They can even buy an extra set if need be which will make things much less complicated. If you’re looking into getting your own bicycle rack installed onto your car whether it’s an SUV, sedan, truck or anything else get help from us.


Q. Can a bike rack be attached to any car?

A. A bike rack can be easily installed on any car. However, some manufacturers restrict the types of vehicles that they’re compatible with so if your vehicle isn’t listed in their compatibility guide you’ll need to check online for additional installation instructions or call an installer before installing one yourself.

Racks are easy enough to install but there may not always be specific guidelines about where exactly it needs placement on certain makes and models due manufacturer restrictions.

Q. Can the trunk be opened with a hitch bike rack?

A. Hitch bike racks are easy to detach and attach. Whether you need access in the front or back, these hitches can help get your vehicle out of parking spaces quickly with their quick release feature while still allowing for on-the go folding when not needed.

Q. Can you lock your bike in the backyard?

A. When securing your bike, make sure you are using two locks. The first should go around the back wheel and frame of your ride while also fastening unto itself with an extra padlock or bracelet type lock in order to ensure maximum security for both yourself as well as any valuables that may be atop the handlebars. Next use this same technique but instead attach it directly onto a cemented-in bicycle rack located near where most people store their bikes, typically these types of fixtures have metal hooks which can easily grab on when hanging heavy loads from them so investing some time into finding out what is right for yours will save plenty down the line.

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