How To Install A Steering Wheel Cover

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Use a steering wheel cover and have a better grip over your steering wheel.

Also, an attractive steering wheel cover spruces up your car’s interior and speaks for your aesthetics.

Therefore, they can be a great accessory to customize your steering wheel. You have hundreds of covers available in various sizes and materials to select within.

So if you have made up your mind to buy the one for your car, you may need to know how to install a steering wheel cover by yourself.

It depends. Some covers are stretchable and you can put it on by stretching the cover over your steering wheel. Whereas some covers come to be stitched.

Therefore, we have tried to bring down some tips to find out the best steering wheel cover for your car. You would also learn how to install a steering wheel cover the quickest and easiest way.

Let’s run through our useful guide.

Measuring your steering wheel to know the correct size

The first thing comes first. Measure your car’s steering wheel before buying a specific cover.

Two require measurements involve:

  1. The diameter of your car’s steering wheel.
  2. Circumference of the grip

We will teach you how to take these two measurements.

Measuring the diameter of the steering wheel

  • Take a measuring tape
  • Stretch the tape across the face of the wheel, from one point to the other
  • Note down the exact measuring size, you have taken.

 This is the outer diameter of your car’s steering wheel. Ideally, it should lie somewhere between 14-17inches.

Measuring the circumference of the grip

Now measure the circumference of grip where you wrap your hands around your car’s steering wheel.

  • Again, use the measuring tape to know the exact reading for circumference.
  • Do it keenly, because some steering wheels have inconsistent grip circumference.
  • Always, make sure that you are taking measurements of a thicker portion of the wheel.

A typical value of circumference of the grip should be between 3-5inches.

After all, you want a steering wheel cover that can fit into tightly. So measuring the accurate size is the key to your process of installing your steering wheel cover.

How to install a steering wheel cover

Once you have measured your steering wheel size and have bought the correct one, you are required to learn the process of putting it up.

So here, you go:

Cleaning the steering wheel before installing the cover:

  • Take a microfiber towel or rug
  • Dab it with isopropyl alcohol
  • Now wipe out all germs and bacteria from your steering wheel by using that cloth piece
  • Clean the moisture by using a dry cloth.

Removing the cardboard packaging

Most of the steering wheel covers come with a cardboard packaging, remove it if there is any.

Now go through the instructions written on the cardboard packaging before installing the cover on your steering wheel.

Installing a stretchable steering wheel cover

The stretch style steering wheel covers are open at one side and are easy to put them on.

  1. Place the open side of the cover on the steering wheel and start stretching it downwards until it accurately fits into the wheel.
  2. Stretch the cover out from both sides by using your fingers horizontally to fit right into the grip.

Now it’s done! Make sure that cover fits over the wheel snugly. If not, you may repeat the process until it accurately fits on your wheel.

You may also need a helping hand of your friend to hold the steering wheel when you are installing the cover.

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Installing a stitched style steering wheel cover

We have mentioned earlier that some covers need to be stitched. So if you have this type of steering wheel cover, you can ask a professional to stitch it for yourself else go for a DIY solution.

Stitching a steering wheel cover

  1. A stitch-style steering wheel cover comes with sewing holes.
  2. Use lace to bind this type of steering wheel cover.
  3. Once you have passed the string or lace through these holes, tighten the string to fit the cover tightly over your steering wheel.

Sewn-on steering wheel covers are easier to install. But they are time-consuming. But on the other hand, this type of steering wheel cover gives you a better grip over your steering wheel.

Final verdict:

Whether you choose a vinyl, leather, or rubber steering wheel cover for your car, make it sure that they aim at providing you driving comfort.

The process of installing a steering wheel cover involves some tricks but have patience. After one or two attempts, you will make through this.

We hope that our guide will help teach you how to install a steering wheel cover.

If yes, then get a cool steering wheel cover for your car and bring beauty to your car’s interior.

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