How to install a bike rack in concrete wall?

The first step in installing your new bike racks is determining the surface you’re working with. This will dictate what accessories and tools we need for mounting them securely on concrete, as well as whether or not they come pre-installed which could be an advantage depending upon how long our project takes.

Installing a bike rack in concrete

It is said that Concrete the most secure surfaces to install racks onto, as well as an inexpensive option. If you are working with an existing concrete surface (rather than in-ground installation), make sure that it’s free from debris and mark out the best possible spot for mounting before drilling holes into it! You will need heavy-duty screws and washers: insert anchors at base plates then attach brackets securely so they’re flush against wall or ceiling joists this way there won’t be any jutting metal edges protruding upwards when mounted up high on walls/ceilings without support beams below them like what can happen if those pieces aren’t fastened down properly first thing go around during building process.

When mounting our surface mount racks, you will notice that there are three holes on each side for drilling. These bases have been designed to withstand the hard surfaces of concrete with ease and can be securely installed by either professionals or DIYers alike. We also offer installation services so if needed we’ll guide you through every step in getting everything set up correctly.

If not sure about installing them yourself feel free to contact us because all technicians at rack warehouse know best practices when it comes time to install onto different types of surfaces like wood floors as well as walls/ceilings etc.

Best rack options

One of the most important decisions when it comes to storing bicycles is where you’ll put them. Ground-mounted racks are designed for outdoor spaces, whether they’re public or private; however, if there’s not much room left on your property then consider mounting things up high with wall-mounted bicycle storage units instead.

Surface mount

The heavy-duty stainless steel surface mount racks for jeep wrangler are manufactured in a way that ensures their strength and durability. They can withstand Australian conditions, whether they’re for use inside or outside of your home. Not only does this design make these accessories well suited to our climate but also guarantees cyclists have a safe place to park their bikes while you save money on costly repairs from scratched bicycles due to accidents occurring with other less durable.

A surface-mounted rack is a great option for indoor and outdoor car parks, as well as public spaces. It encourages cyclists to use your location by providing easy access bike parking with safety in mind, no riskier dings or locking bikes onto the property that could get damaged.

Wall mount

Wall mount bike racks are specially designed for Australian conditions. These heavy-duty, hot-dipped galvanized steel pipes can be used from both indoor or outdoor locations and they come with a design that ensures safety as well as security of your precious bikes.

The great thing about these particular wall-mounted storage units is how efficient they will be when you use space by bringing them away from the clutter on ground level so they don’t take up more than necessary without compromising accessibility.

Without proper bike parking can create problems for both cyclists and property owners, as the lack of secure space will leave them relying on whatever they find. Wall mount racks are perfect indoor or outdoor locations that offer an efficient solution by allowing bikes to be attached right next door (or out from underfoot). Private residences choose these convenient types more often than public ones; car parks favor their sleek design.


The bicycle rack should be durable and securely installed. This will allow cyclists to safely park their bikes, while also keeping them out of the way for pedestrians or other vehicles passing by. The best practice is that you choose one where there’s plenty of space available indoors if possible, otherwise try not place it near any windows so as not interrupt visibility outside your building with clutter taking up extra ground floor area.


Q. Can a bike be hung on a wall easily?

A. Screw-in storage hooks are the most affordable option for hanging your bike off of the ground. They can be used to hang bikes vertically or horizontally and offer an effective way in which you save floor space by storing their equipment on walls instead.

Q. Is there any clearance needed for a bike rack?

A. The space between racks is recommended to be 48″. Minimally allow for 36″. The nearest leg of the bike rack should not exceed more than 24″ from any wall or other obstruction, and it’s best if there are no gaps wider than 6 inches at this location.

Q. How should a bike be hung in the garage?

A. One way to store your bike is by using heavy-duty rubberized hooks that screw into a stud or rafter. For vertical storage, place one hook on each end of the bar and hang it at least six feet off ground level so bikes don’t touch any surfaces below them when not in use; for horizontal spaces between supports pair these up with two horizontally aligned screws placed about two feet apart from each other (this will work best if you have minimal space).

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