How To Fix A Scratch On A Rim?

It nearly never fails that an automobile will have scratched rims. They may be brought on by hitting a curb and driving over road debris, among other things. True auto enthusiasts will be troubled by all this, and some might even decide to purchase an entirely new set of rims since they believe it to be their only choice. Contrary to popular belief, fixing a scratched rim is simpler and less expensive.

Your alloy rims may look dull if they have scratches or dents. However, if the damage to your alloy rim is minor, you may typically fix it yourself. Prior to making any repairs, spend some time cleaning your tyres to ensure that they are as durable as possible. To maintain their condition and maintain their beautiful looks, sand, fill, and also paint the alloy rims. As you travel along the road, parts like your bumpers and rims take a lot of abuse from the elements, rocks, and other road debris.

Steps to fix a scratch on a rim:

The steps to fix a scratch on a rim are given below;

  • Dish soap as well as a sponge are used to thoroughly clean the wheel. As much grease and filth, you can remove. Use water to wash the rim.
  • Solely on a single corner of the lint-free cloth, pour paint thinner. Use the washcloth to scrub the scratched area of a rim, making sure to get rid of any wax, dirt, or other debris that could be there. To be safe, give it a couple of washes.
  • Directly surrounding the scratched area, apply masking tape. To prevent damaging the tyre, tuck the tape underneath the rim if the scrape is on the border of the rim. The ideal amount of space to leave untouched on both sides of a scratch is roughly 1/4 inch.
  • Use 400 grit sandpaper to smooth down the scratched region until the whole untapped area has a few light grooves.
  • Put some Bondo putty on the nick. Make sure the putty is completely applied to the surface.
  • Use the 600-grit sandpaper to smooth down the region until the rim appears and feels smooth. A smooth surface is produced as a result of the putty being driven down into the scratches. Repeat this procedure one more time after allowing it to dry for five minutes. Give it another five minutes to dry.
  • To prevent lacquer or paint from getting in the wrong places, wrap the entire wheel, tyre, and any other neighboring auto parts in masking paper.
  • Immediately on the area that needs to be mended, mist a thin coating of lacquer or paint. Whichever substance you use to spray it with doesn’t matter; all that matters is that it matches the color of the rim. Most often, basic metallic silver will do.
  • Sand this with wet 1200 fine sandpaper when the spray has dried. If the Bondo putty can be seen through your paint or lacquer, add another coat.
  • Clean the whole wheel with dishwashing soap and water after the lacquer has dried.
  • Hold the clear gloss lacquer cans eight inches or so from the edge. Spray the repaired area quickly from one end to the other. No more than one second should pass between each spray. Try to repeat this five times.
  • Eliminate any masking tape and paper. To get the greatest results, let the rim dry overnight.


Dull rims could detract from your clean appearance, however clean wheels are a terrific method to really make your car sparkle in the sun. By fixing the scratches, you can lessen the unsightly and halt rust and corrosion in their tracks.

Scratches can be expensive or time-consuming to fix. In order to retain that deep shine and lower the possibility of damage, you can add protective coatings like those from Shine Armor to your surfaces.

Understanding your surface will enable you to manage all of your car’s requirements and flaws, and as your vehicle expertise increases, you’ll develop into a true at-home pro!


What happens if your rim is scratched?

A few minor scuffs on your rim are not harmful. With a few simple tools, you can fix them yourself. You might wish to bring the damaged tyre to an auto body shop. It is risky to drive on a damaged tyre since it could cause an accident or catastrophic injury.

Should curb rash be treated?

In general, we believe that curbed wheels should be fixed before to selling an automobile. There are several advantages for this, among them the fact it will (obviously) improve the appearance of the wheel and convey to a future buyer that you take good care of the car.

Is it acceptable to drive on rims with scratches?

Although it doesn’t appear to be particularly deep, that is a hazardous area to develop a scratch since it could compromise the integrity of the tyre. You are probably fine. You would probably get it fixed or replaced if for no other reason than your own piece of mind when traveling. That might be buffable. You may enter and leave a lot of tyre shops in 15 minutes.

Can rim damage be repaired?

Is a Bent Rim Repairable? When you first notice that the rim is bent, you may initially doubt if it can be fixed. A qualified tyre expert will almost always be able to fix your rim’s contour. The rim may have to be completely replaced in the event of more severe problems.

How are scratches removed from aluminum wheels?

Sand the wheel’s damaged region carefully using 400 grit papers. Stop standing whenever grooves start to appear and the surface becomes rough. Bondo putty should be applied to all scratched places, and the area should be given five minutes to dry. Carefully use 600 fine sand papers until smooth.

Is alloy wheel restoration worthwhile?

In a nutshell, we will always say “yes.” We always advise getting the alloys repaired or refurbished as soon as possible, whether it’s due to damage or you’re attempting to raise or keep the worth of your automobile.

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