How To Clean Jeep Soft Top?

Do you happen to own a jeep with the soft top option? Yes, then one of the biggest challenges you probably face is how to clean jeep soft top. There are numerous environmental elements that can negatively impact the material of a soft top including sun’s UV rays, road grime, tree sap, road tar, bird droppings, etc. Moreover, mildew is another contributing factor that can damage a jeep’s soft top and decrease its lifespan.

Over time, UV rays from the sun might cause the color to fade, make it difficult to see through the plastic windows, and weaken the thread that holds the material together. Once the material deteriorates to a point of no return, you will have to replace the soft top. However, the right type of care can help you maintain the soft top for years.

If you want to ensure that the soft top does not lose its luster, then read on to find out how to clean jeep soft top properly. In this post, we will demonstrate the process with a detailed step-by-step guide; helping you retain its color for a long time.

The Right Cleaning Supplies for Jeep’s Soft Top

In the majority of cases, soft cloth is all you need to get rid of light grime and soil. Nevertheless, if you have ignored your jeep’s soft top and have allowed it to become deeply dirty, a cloth might not be sufficient. For an effective soft top cleaning process, you will need a couple of supplies.

To clean the soft top, you will need the following:

Even though there is no hard and fast rules; however, it is essential to be careful when choosing cleaning supplies. You must not choose a harsh cleaning chemical as it can damage the soft top. Moreover, it is recommended to use a soft brush because a stiff bristle brush can significantly damage the material. Investing in a specialized cleaning kit can help you clean the soft top of your Jeep easily. Furthermore, the protective layer of the specialized cleaning kit ensures a soft top’s durability.

Cleaning Jeep Soft Top Step-by-Step Guide

Cleaning a jeep’s soft top is an easy process. You will need to pick a method that will not lead to additional damage. Moreover, having a proper kit will certify proper soft top care.

How To Clean Jeep Soft Top

Without further ado, let’s look at the steps of how to clean jeep soft top?

Step 1: Scrub, brush, and rinse

Take a soft bristle brush and scrub away any debris from your jeep’s soft top. In this step, you will need to take out all the dirt particularly from tight corners. Using a hose with a decent water pressure, hose everything down. Make sure that all the windows are closed to prevent water from going inside. Next, you will need to wipe off spare moisture from the soft top.

Step 2: Apply the commercial cleaner and rinse

After you are done rinsing, use a special soft top cleaner and pour it on a sponge or brush. The selection of these accessories will largely depend on how dirty soft top is. If you plan to use a brush, try to be gentle while ensuring that you get all the dirt out. Before scrubbing, you can let the cleaner sit for a minute for better results. It is imperative to ensure that the cleaner does not go on the body or the windows because they might get stained. Once you’ve scrubbed it down, rinse off all the cleaner thoroughly and then dry it off.

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Step 3: Apply a Jeep Soft Top Protectant

After the rinsing and cleaning process is complete, ensure that you let the soft top dry before applying a protectant. This step is essential because a protectant will shield your soft top from sun’s UV rays and also reinstate its original color. While applying the protectant, you must park your jeep under the shade because extreme sunlight can make it ineffective. Take a microfiber cloth and apply the protectant to roof of your soft top evenly. Once you’re done, remove any excess with a cloth.

Step 4: Zipper cleaner and lubricant

This last step is generally neglected when you learn how to clean jeep soft top. Cleaning the zippers and making sure that they are well-lubricated is a crucial step to maintaining your soft top. Owing to dust and dirt, the zipper on the back window of your jeep can collect debris and become hard as a result. When you use a zipper cleaner and lubricant, it will smoothen out its operation. After applying the lubricant, run the zippers to work it in. You will definitely feel the difference. It is vital to wipe off any excessive lubricant with a cloth.

This step-by-step guide will make it easy for you to clean the soft top of your jeep without any hassle.

How Often Should I Clean My Jeep Soft Top?

Washing your Jeep and its soft top once or twice a year might not be sufficient to keep your convertible and its components in a good shape. If you are not good at time management or resort to limited cleaning, it is best to maintain a soft top by cleaning it once a month. However, the ideal soft top cleaning frequency is 2-3 times a month. Alterations in the cleaning process and the frequency can also depend on the area you live in.

Concluding it all! 

When it comes to learning how to clean jeep soft top, you must not compromise. It is essential to remember that there is no other way to maintain a soft top if you do not indulge in regular cleaning. To ensure proper care, you will need to choose the right cleaning product and equipment. In this post, you will learn insightful cleaning process details and other crucial information that can facilitate you to clean the soft top without any difficulty.

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