How To Clean Jeep Neoprene Seat Covers?

Investing in neoprene seat covers for your jeep is beneficial because these covers will protect your seat from environmental damage. These innovative covers are not just a fad, but they actually help in maintaining the interior of your jeep.

Neoprene is a stable chemical utilized to make wet suits for deep-sea divers. When this material is used for seat cover, it offers a wide variety of benefits that jeep owners will appreciate. Neoprene is a premium material, so maintaining its overall look is advisable. Moreover, the stylish look and comfortable fit will make you want to preserve a new look.

If you want to understand how to clean jeep neoprene seat covers, then this guide will offer insightful details about related aspects and the cleaning process.

How to clean Jeep Neoprene Seat Covers?

Even though neoprene seat covers will keep your seat clean, they generally absorb the wipeouts. As a result, many jeep owners end up wondering how to clean jeep neoprene seat covers? These car seat covers are waterproof so cleaning them is easy.

If you are looking for a step-by-step guide on how to clean jeep seat covers, then read on!

Step 1: Clean regularly

If you regularly indulge in cleaning neoprene seat covers, it will keep them in top condition. Consequently, the life of these covers will be prolonged as they will uphold a good form. For regular cleaning, you should begin with vacuuming the seat because it will remove dust and dirt. Moreover, you can clean a jeep’s neoprene seat cover by brushing a soft cloth. You must never use a bristle brush to clean these seat covers because they will damage the shine and its overall look.

Step 2: Washing the Seat Covers

To wash the covers properly, fill the bucket with water. Pour in a wetsuit shampoo or a special cleaning solution advised by the manufacturer. For spot cleaning, use a lint-free cloth to scrub and wash the covers. Generally, salt deposits and organic residue can fade neoprene seat covers, so you must ensure that all stains and dirt are cleaned off instantaneously.

Step 3: Rinse the seat covers

After you have wiped down the neoprene covers, rinse them with fresh water and rub a clean cloth over them. At this point, make sure all the shampoo or cleaner is taken off the seat covers.

Step 4: Let them air-dry completely

It is essential to leave the seat covers to dry naturally. Even though you will be tempted to take out your hair dryer, you MUST avoid blowing drying on the covers. Unnecessary drying will not help the material and can result in cracks and aging over time. Allow the seat covers to dry by opening the windows or doors. You can also utilize a clean towel to dry the covers before using the car again.

Although you are now aware of how to clean jeep neoprene seat covers, it is not recommended to clean them every day. Given that the material is waterproof and highly durable, you should only wash them once they are really dirty.

Dos and Don’ts of Maintaining Jeep Neoprene Seat

How To Clean Jeep Neoprene Seat Covers?

Jeep neoprene seat covers are durable, non-corrosive, easy to clean, and flame-resistant. All these excellent features make neoprene covers a great option for your jeep, especially if you love taking adventurous trips. Just because these covers are durable, does not mean that they do not need maintenance. Go through these dos and don’ts to effectively learn how to clean jeep neoprene seat covers.

The Dos

  1. Park in a shaded area like a garage or carport. The heat and rays can possibly dry out the dash and neoprene car seat covers, making them crack and break out after some time.
  2. Vacuum before washing the seat covers. The nice part about neoprene is that nothing sticks to it, and it will show you when it needs cleaning. The good news is that this material is so easy to clean that it only takes seconds and a simple vacuum will also work.
  3. Utilize only jeep neoprene seat covers cleaners that are specifically designed to wash these covers.
  4. If you want the seat covers and the seat to last a long time, without the need to replace them; make sure the covers are dry before using them.
  5. Use products on seat cover that act like sunscreen and protect from harmful UV rays.

The Don’ts         

When you learn how to clean jeep neoprene seat covers, there are certain actions that can harm the covers. For this reason, it is best to avoid these activities and give these jeep seat covers a long life.

  1. Typically, mold is killed off with boric acid and is used in the production of leather. Given that neoprene is synthetic, it is best to avoid this low-grade acid as it can damage the overall look of the covers.
  2. Overexposing a jeep’s neoprene seat covers can damage them or fade their color. It is best to park the car in a shaded place to prevent overexposure
  3. Do not use common day-to-day acids on the neoprene seat covers installed on your jeep. For instance, acetic acid which is found in vinegar is a common cleaning agent. However, you must avoid spilling it on the seat.
  4. Avoid using bleach, turpentine, citrus oil cleaners, chemical cleaners, etc., because it will dissolve the glue used to laminate the knitted fabric.
  5. Do not place grocery items on the seat covers.
  6. You should never leave urine on your car seat covers

To wrap it up!

Neoprene seat covers for your jeep are the latest trendy vehicle accessory. However, these covers are not just for aesthetics. They also offer a wide range of benefits. One of the major advantages of investing in a neoprene cover is the ease of cleaning. This guide explains how to clean jeep neoprene seat covers to facilitate you in understanding how to clean jeep seat covers without hampering or damaging the covers.

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