How To Clean Car AC Evaporator Without Removing It

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Are you experiencing a low, inadequate, or an inconsistent air cooling getting out from your car ac system?

Well, it may be due to the failure of your car ac evaporator.

Like all automotive parts of your car, this unit is likely to deteriorate.

Therefore, if you want to enjoy a seamless air cooling experience during your dive, it is essential to keep an eye on your car ac evaporator.

Sometimes, only mere cleaning the ac evaporator solves the problem and your car ac system starts working properly.

That’s the reason why we have saved your back by bringing down a helpful guide to teach you how to clean a car ac evaporator without removing it.

We do hope that if you regularly clean your car ac evaporator, the performance of your car ac will get doubled.

But before you learn the method, it is essential to know what a car ac evaporator is. You would also learn what signs indicate the failure of your car ac evaporator.

There, without further ado, let’s get straight into this.

What is a car ac evaporator?

Various small components when combined make a car AC system. Among these components, we have, ac evaporator_ an integral part of this system.

This evaporator harnesses cold refrigerant in its liquid form and thus it eventually becomes wet.

Why should you clean a car ac evaporator?

Since your car ac evaporator gets wet and is a house for mold, fungus, and other contamination. It is necessary to clean this unit regularly especially when you want to run its ac system efficiently.

Else, the repair of a damaged ac evaporator can cost you hundreds of dollars, including service charges of a professional plus an additional cost of buying a new evaporator.

So clean regularly and save yourself from anticipated trouble.

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How to clean car ac evaporator without removing it

Here, we have given a step by step guide to help you understand the phenomenon: how to clean a car ac evaporator without removing it

Locate your car ac system and inspect it:

It is located near the firewall that separates the engine compartment from the passenger area. It is the easiest way to locate the evaporator core.

Check evaporator core:

  • Remove the blower fan and check if you have got access to the evaporator core. Or you may have to remove a resistor block for quick access.
  • If you are still denied to get access to the evaporator core, then you can drill a hole to the heater box to get access to your car ac evaporator.
  • Make sure that you avoid doing any damage to other parts.

Spray the cleaner through the evaporator core

  • Now you have access to the ac evaporator core, spray the cleaner thoroughly onto this unit.
  • Let it sit for half an hour so that it can disinfect properly
  • The foam-based cleaner will turn into liquid and will open up all the drain blockage.

Rinse the ac evaporator area with water

  • Now use a spray bottle filled with water to rinse the cleaner

Wipe the excessive moisture from ac evaporator

  • Use a dry towel else blow-dry the ac evaporator to let it dry completely.

You can also use a hairdryer to do this job.

Re-install the blower fan/resistor box or seal the heater box

  • Now when you have cleaned your car ac evaporator, reinstall the blower fan or resistor box.
  • And if you have drilled a hole through the heater box, seal it by using RTV silicone.

That is all for the process of cleaning a car ac evaporator without removing it from a car.


If you want to make it last for a lifetime, you must regularly clean your car ac evaporator. For it is the major component of your car ac system.

We hope that our guide on how to clean a car ac evaporator without removing would serve you a long way.

Spare some time and try doing this cleaning process by yourself. You will make your way through.

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