How To Clean Automotive Paint Gun?

Automotive paint guns, otherwise known as spray guns are efficient devices that are used to spray a vehicle’s body. It ensures an even, fine coat and is perfect because it does not waste time or paint. These automotive paint guns avoid the risk of brush strokes and irregularities while giving your vehicle a variety of upgrades.

To keep your automotive paint gun running smoothly and spraying out even coats, it is essential to clean the gun. Cleaning up your paint gun doesn’t have to be a long exhausting procedure, particularly if you take good care of your tools after each use. Spray guns seem like a hassle to clean but with the right method and timely maintenance, you can keep your paint gun as good as new.

If you are looking for an answer on how to clean automotive paint gun, then you are in the right place. Let’s dig in to find out:

Paint Gun Cleaning Methods

Before we jump on how to clean automotive paint gun, it is essential to understand the different methods that can be used to make sure that your gun is free of any residue paint.

Brush & Wire Method

If you are looking for a quick way to clean the nooks and crannies of an automotive paint gun’s exterior, then try dipping a brush or wire into the paint gun. Start scrubbing to clean the outer surface of your sprayer.


Wondering how to clean automotive paint gun on the inside? The best method is to add a small amount of automotive paint gun cleaner into the empty top container of the gun. Work the cleaner through your gun and begin spraying on a piece of paper. Continue this process till the top container is empty. You can then adjust the airflow and fluid to clean out the paint gun successfully. It is an easy technique to empty the inner workings of the gun and get rid of difficult-to-access paint particles.

How To Clean Automotive Paint Gun?

Automatic Gun Washers

Want a safe and effective method of cleaning out your paint gun? Automatic gun washers is your answer. These gun washers drastically reduce the amount of time it takes to clean automotive paint guns. Moreover, it allows the painter to do other tasks while the gun gets cleaned. Gun washers normally are specifically designed for the kind of paint sprayed, waterborne or solvent, contingent upon the chemical cleaners used in them. Automotive gun washers are pricey, which is why they are not feasible for smaller outfits.

Steps on How to Clean Automotive Paint Gun

For effective paint gun functioning and to prevent it from complete damage, it is important to clean your paint gun instantaneously after use. Even if you leave the paint for a few hours, you will find yourself in a troubling situation. At this point, soaking the gun wouldn’t be too helpful.

So how to clean automotive paint gun?

Start by detaching the air regulator from the paint gun. You will need to ensure that the air compressor is disconnected before you detach the regulator from the gun. Open the lid of your paint gun and pour out any unused material. It is imperative to ensure that you pour the paint in separate containers if a hardener is added to it. If you a paint mixed with hardener in the original paint can, it will set the rest of the paint as well. Using a paper towel, wipe the remaining paint from lid and the cup as it will make deep cleaning with a thinner easier.

Add a small amount of thinner to the gun and place the cup back on. Shake it to clean out the inner surfaces by allowing it to dissolve excess residue. After pouring the thinner out of the gun, point the nozzle and spray-out excess paint. Dry out the gun with paper towels or a cloth. Repeat this cleaning process a couple of times for deep-cleaning. You will have to remove the small parts of the gun and individually clean it with thinner. To ensure a complete removal of paint residue, soak the cup in the thinner.

While cleaning the gun, you should remove the fluid needle as it will prevent it from bending or damaging. After removing the air cap and the fluid nozzle, rinse the entire gun with thinner and then use water to clean it out. Dry all exposed parts of the automotive paint gun using a paper towel after rinsing. Reassemble the paint gun Rinse and dry all of the individual parts of the gun you have removed and reassemble your paint gun once it’s properly cleaned using these steps.

Tips and Tricks to Clean Paint Gun

For people who rely on an automotive paint gun to make money MUST understand the importance of keeping the spray gun clean and well-maintained. There are a couple of tips and tricks that can be incorporated in your maintenance routine to ensure the cleanliness of your automotive paint gun, including:

  • Always blow dry your automotive paint gun after cleaning. This is particularly vital for waterborne users.
  • A spray gun is a precision-made instrument, which is why you must use proper cleaning brushes. Any damage will impact the spray performance.
  • If you soak your spray gun in cleaning solvent for too long, it will damage the seals.
  • Waterborne paint can be extremely difficult to clean, which is why you MUST clean it immediately.
  • For a trouble-free operation, regular disassembly and detailed cleaning of an automotive paint gun is crucial. Moreover, it allows for a smooth paint coat.

Final Thoughts

Automotive paint guns are exciting to use, fast, and much more efficient. However, the majority of people neglect and are unaware of how to clean automotive paint gun.  Understanding the process, tips, and tricks will allow you to use this equipment for years to come rather than running out to get a new sprayer for EVERY different task. 

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