How To Build A Garage Workbench?

Do you love indulging in DIY projects? Creating a workspace will not only improve the quality of your project but will give you a particular place to keep your tools as well. Typically, this workspace is created in the garage. Having a workbench in the garage is essential to effectively store tools and complete projects effectively. Unfortunately, purchasing a garage workbench can be a costly investment.

If you are looking for an affordable garage workbench, building one can be a good choice. In addition, learning how to build a garage workbench is a great way to practice and refine your building skills before moving on to intricate projects.

With some basic materials, you can build your garage workbench in a couple of hours. However, if you do not know where to start or how to build a garage workbench, don’t worry! We will cover everything you need to know to get started in this article.

What to Consider Before Building a Garage Workbench?

There are several elements that you must keep in mind before building a garage workbench.

  • Expense: The market is loaded with garage workbenches, but most of them have a higher cost because the seller tends to keep their profit. For this reason, setting a budget for this project is imperative. When building a garage workbench, there are countless materials available. When you have a budget in mind, it will become easier to narrow down the materials you can use to build a garage workbench. Moreover, a pre-decided budget will help you save money.
  • Height: One of the most significant factors to think about is how tall you need your workbench to be. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to choosing the height. Generally, when you search how to build a garage workbench, the recommended height is 34”.  Some designers choose a different height for their benches to meet the demands of their projects.
  • Materials: Planning is essential when it comes to building anything. The same is true for a garage workbench. You will need to decide whether you want a wood or stainless steel tabletop. Moreover, you might need different tools and materials to design a creative garage workbench.
  • Time: In some cases, you might be in a rush to build a garage workbench while other times it might just be a hobby. Considering your circumstances, you need to decide how much time you would like to invest in this project. For people who are in a rush to build a bench, they can opt for premade fittings as it can save them time.

Items Needed for this Project

One of the major reasons why people procrastinate on a DIY project like building a workbench is their lack of knowledge about the materials needed. Here is a list of materials and tools you will require to complete this project.

  • Wood

Wood is an excellent material and is durable when it comes to building a garage workbench. This material is easily available, economical, easy to clean, and has low maintenance costs. There are no restrictions on the type of wood you should use for a garage workbench. However, ensure that the wood you are planning to use is durable. The quantity of wood required would be dependent on the size you plan on building.

  • Steel Angle Brackets
How To Build A Garage Workbench?

To secure and ensure that the joints are sturdy enough to hold and carry heavy projects, you will need steel angle brackets. These components are vital to certify that the solid construction of your garage bench has prolonged use and offers increased efficiency.

  • Screws

There are different parts that are joined together to create a workbench. Screws are tools that attach and keep the pieces together.

  • Sandpaper

Sanding is one of the main steps while finishing and removing all grits. Moreover, it is imperative to keep the edges and the tabletop smooth.

  • Stain, Dye, or Paint

Your workbench looks incomplete if proper finishing touches aren’t given. To ensure that your garage workbench has a shiny and refined finish, you use paint or stain.

  • Other important tools

There are some tools that are necessary when learning how to build a garage workbench. These include a saw for cutting the wood to the desired dimensions, a tape measure, pencil or wood markers, a screw gun, and a drill.

How to Build a Garage Workbench?

Learning how to build a garage workbench has its advantages: you can customize it, stay within your budget, and ensure a design that is aesthetically appealing and functional. Let’s get building:

Step 1: Cut the wood to the desired dimensions

After deciding the size of the table you require, cut the wood to match the dimensions. It is essential to decide whether you need to give your bench wood legs or want to opt for a steel structure. If you want wooden legs, then measure the wood and cut it out.

Step 2: Build Your Base

Once you have cut out the wood, it is time to assemble the frame. You can prepare your own fittings or purchase pre-made fittings for a simple construction procedure. Build horizontal support and legs for the base. You can complete the base by preparing the attachments for your tabletop. 

Step 3: Affix the Tabletop

Screws will come in handy when you want to attach the top of the workbench with the frame. It is best to utilize the six-angle brackets to make sure that the tabletop is secured properly and is durable. This will keep the wood surface in place and ready for any heavy-duty work.

Step 4: Finishing Touches

Once the building process is complete, you need to sand the corners and edges to ensure a smooth finish. You can also tailor it by painting the workbench or adding a shelf for the tools.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a cost-effective workbench, learning how to build a garage workbench is the way to go. Some people find it difficult to work without clear instructions. For this reason, we have put together a guide that can help you accomplish this project.

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