How To Attach Roof Rack?

When it comes to car roofs, there are a few different ways you can go about installing an accessory. Perhaps the easiest and most common way is with factory-installed side rails or tracks on your vehicle if they meet certain guidelines for size and width from which to choose from when shopping around at various retailers like Walmart etc. If this isn’t available then one option would be getting new roof bars that connect into place under where these were mounted by the manufacturer (which could get expensive). One other alternative may also exist in form of mounting hardware made specifically for vehicles without any externally exposed metal surfaces near doors.

The second thing to consider when loading up your car for a camping trip or fishing excursion is what equipment you’ll be taking with you. Roof racks are designed specifically for bikes, kayaks, surfboards, and skis/snowboards so that no matter which season it may be these outdoor enthusiasts will always have something fun planned.

Tips during the installation process

Getting the measuring tape out

You’ll want to measure the length and width of your roof, then figure out how many pieces you can attach with this measurement. For example: if 50″ is an available rail space on top of a vehicle rack (the distance from one end without any obstructions), but only 25″ wide-you might be able to fit up 1 pair of skis or 4 bikes per side nicely.

Deciding where on the roof you want the rack to sit

Decide where on the roof you want to install your rack. You can either have it in a symmetrical central location or closer towards one side so that access is easier for lifting items up there without too much difficulty.

Keeping a ruler on hand

A good rule of thumb is to make sure your crossbars are level and even, otherwise one side might end up being closer. This can be resolved by using a ruler while installing them on top of each other or against an existing framework for support bars and ensuring that all measurements are taken at eye height so you don’t have any discrepancies later down the line.

Following the instructions that the manufacturer provides

When installing a roof rack, follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Whether you are an expert do-it-yourselfer or not and even if your car is different than most other vehicles out there, every individual rack may be designed specifically for it so pay attention to detail when following those steps.

Installing a roof rack affect the car insurance

Installing a roof rack will boost your car’s aesthetics and performance, but it could affect the insurance coverage you receive. If modifications like these are considered high-value mods by insurers then installing one might not increase rates as much; however, if they’ve seen more mainstream or cheaper than expected (less than $200), then this purchase may result in higher costs overall with any associated risk factors involved such as having an altered vehicle exterior.

Affect of installing a roof rack the car insurance

You might be surprised to learn that installing a roof rack on your car is considered an alteration. Installing the item could help you get around town with ease, but it also has some other benefits like improving gas mileage and helping keep items secure during transport all of which are worth considering before making any changes. Taking the time to inform your insurer of any changes you may have made can save you money in the long run. Letting them know ahead of time will allow for coverage options that better suit what is needed, so don’t forget.


Roof racks are the perfect solution for those who want to transport their equipment without taking up valuable interior space. Make sure you install it correctly and if not, call someone that can help because even professionals may have trouble installing them yourself.


Q. Is it safe to attach roof racks to any car?

A. Roof racks are made for many different types of vehicles, like trucks and SUVs. With rain gutters being phased out these days though it’s not possible to create a single universal design that can accommodate them both- so some manufacturers offer fitting kits in order to make up the difference.

Q. Is it easy to install all roof rails at home?

A. The roof rack gives your car a versatile and ready-for anything look. They can be installed on most vehicles, even if they don’t come standard with the vehicle because of an aftermarket accessory such as Thule’s clip in rail systems which give you more space than what is offered by basic factory equipment.

Q. Can roof bars be fit to a car without roof rails?

A. Roof bars provide a convenient way to store items on top of your car. They are designed for vehicles without roof rails so you can use them even if it doesn’t have any storage space up there before.

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