How long exactly does motor oil last?

One of the most important aspects and that most concern all car drivers is regarding the oil change , many questions arise in this regard, such as how long exactly does the oil last? Can the oil last time a method s ? How much more time can I spend?

How long does car oil last?

When it comes to analyzing when to change the car’s oil, the most important thing is to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations, which are always given in mileage and time, taking into account the conditions of the engine and the oil used to lubricate the engine.

In this way, there are oils that last 5,000 kilometers or six months (mineral), 8,000 kilometers or eight months (semi-synthetic), 10,000 kilometers or a year (synthetic), the recommendation is always to make the change when the first thing occurs, either in mileage or time.

We must know that the engine suffers more when making short trips, where we constantly turn the car on and off, than if we make a long trip on the road.

Can the oil last a while longer?

Yes, mineral oils are designed to last about 6,000 kilometers, due to the different environmental conditions in our country, this period has been reduced by the lubricant manufacturers to 5,000. The doubt arises because this interval is very small for some people who use their vehicle constantly or travel very regularly, which in some cases will take you to spend a few kilometers until you can get to your dealer and make the change. In this way, the recommendation is not to go more than 1,000 kilometers, if you are going to travel, if possible, program a few kilometers before reaching the suggested mileage.

If you are considering spending a few miles for an oil change, keep the following in mind:

Check the engine oil level, between oil changes the engine consumes oil and this is normal, check that it will not travel with the level too low.
The oil filter is designed to last a certain time, after it reaches its useful life, the filter element no longer fulfills its function, allowing the circulation of metallic particles that can scratch the internal parts of the engine.

How much more time can I spend?

The mineral oil has a period of less degradation of the synthetic and semi-synthetic having a longer duration, taking into account this factor, for the case of mineral oils is recommended that this time not exceeding six months.

When the lubricant turns black after a period of work, is it because it is damaged?

When the oil darkens it is a demonstration that it is cleaning the engine and fulfilling one of the functions of lubricants, which is: cleaning the engine thanks to its detergent and dispersant additives that remove the carbon or soot that combustion generates.

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How should the oil be changed?

There are two techniques taking into account the design of the crankcase, one of the procedures is by gravity, in the lower part of the crankcase there is a plug, which is removed and all the oil from the crankcase is drained into a container and finally the filter is removed.

There are also suction machines which work by vacuum, which are connected to a pneumatic network, the suction hose is inserted through the oil filling cap and the machine is allowed to act, which by suction removes the oil from the interior.

The second part that corresponds to filling the oil, the cap must be replaced, this is accompanied by a copper or rubber washer, depending on the manufacturer, this part is the one that provides the sealing of the crankcase, in the case where the suction oil, some manufacturers still recommend removing the plug and replacing the washer for safety.

The oil comes in various presentations, by quarts, by liters, gallons or in bulk (55 gallon drum), the amount of oil that must be applied depends on the cylinder capacity of the engine and what is established by the manufacturer.

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