How High Should A Floor Jack Lift?

How high should a floor jack lift? A guide on how to find the height of your floor jack and what that means for safety when raising a vehicle.

What’s the most efficient way to lift your car? If you’re looking for a jack that can handle high-heeled cars, this short blog post might have the answer for you.

How high should a floor jack lift

When it comes to floor jack height, the safe and effective range is anywhere from 2-4 feet.

A floor jack should be able to lift up to a certain weight before it begins to feel unstable or dangerous. In general, if the weight is less than the capacity of the jack, then it is safe to use the jack at its full capacity. Conversely, if the weight exceeds the capacity of the jack, then you may experience some notable damage.

There are a few factors that can influence how high a floor jack should be used, such as the size of the object being lifted and how sturdy the ground is. Always consult with a professional before using a floor jack in order to avoid any potential accidents.

What is a floor jack?

A floor jack is a tool that is used to raise objects off of the ground. It is a mechanical arm that can be raised and lowered, allowing for easy access to high areas.

A manual floor jack has a lever on the side that you use to lift the object. Electric floor jacks have a motor that helps lift the object. The height of the object that can be lifted with a floor jack depends on the type of floor jack that is being used. A manual floor jack can typically lift objects up to 2 feet off the ground, while an electric floor jack can lift objects up to 12 feet off the ground.

The Benefits of Using a Floor Jack

There are many benefits to using a floor jack in your automotive repair and restoration work. A floor jack can help you lift heavy objects, which can save you time and energy. Additionally, a floor jack can help you change tires and alignment fluid, which can be difficult with a hand tool.

When selecting a floor jack, it is important to consider the weight of the object you will be lifting and the height of the jack. Generally, a floor jack should lift objects up to 1/2″ (13mm) in diameter and up to 800 pounds (363 kg).

How to Use a Floor Jack

When lifting a heavy object, it is important to use the correct tools for the job. A floor jack is an effective tool for lifting heavy objects.

How High Should A Floor Jack Lift?

To use a floor jack, first measure the height of the object you wish to lift and find the corresponding lift height range. Match this height range to the specifications of your floor jack. To use a floor jack, first find the center of the wheel base and align the handle with this point. Push down on the handle to start the engine and then lift the object up until it is level with the wheelbase. Release the handle and watch as the object is lifted off of the ground.

Types of Floor Jacks

There are a variety of types of floor jacks on the market, so it can be difficult to know which one is right for your needs.

Here are the three main types of floor jacks and their features:

  • Low Profile Jacks: These jacks have a low profile, making them easy to move around and use in tight spaces. They also have a lightweight design, so they’re easy to operate.
  • Standard Jacks: These jacks are more common and are typically used for larger tasks. They have a high profile and are more durable than low-profile jacks.
  • Heavy Duty Jacks: These jacks are designed for heavy lifting and are usually used in construction or industrial settings. They have a heavier design and are more expensive than other types of floor jacks.

Uses for Floor Jacks

There are many uses for floor jacks, but one of the most common is to raise vehicles. When using a floor jack, it is important to keep in mind the height that the jack can lift.

To determine the height that you need, first, measure your car’s height from the ground to the center of its wheel well. This will give you a starting point for calculating how high you need to lift your car.

Then add 2 inches to that number to account for the height of your jack and safety precautions. For example, if your car’s height is 16 inches and you want to use a 14-inch floor jack, your maximum lift would be 18 inches.

If you do not have a jack that measures exactly 18 inches, make sure the head of the jack is at least 1 inch higher than the lowest part of your car’s wheel well. This will ensure that the jack does not touch the ground when being used.


In general, a floor jack should be raised as high as possible before being used. However, depending on the weight and dimensions of the object to be lifted, the maximum height at which the jack can be raised may vary.

It’s always best to contact the manufacturer of the equipment in use for more specific recommendations.


What’s the difference between a floor jack and a forklift? 

A floor jack is a heavy-duty piece of equipment used to raise and lower heavy objects. A forklift is used to lift and carry objects.

What is a floor jack?

A floor jack is a piece of equipment that lifts heavy things off the ground. It can be used for lifting cars, heavy furniture, and even a refrigerator.

Is it possible to get a floor jack delivered to my home?

Yes, it is possible to have a floor jack delivered to your home.

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