How to make a V6 sound like a V8

How to make a V6 sound like a V8

Some extra luxuries if available at low prices may become heart delights. So don’t get bothered if you don’t love the sound of your V6 engine. We are here to solve this problem. Through this informative piece of writing, you will know some easy tricks and tips that may help you to learn how to … Read more

How To Make A V6 Sound Good

How To Make A V6 Sound Good

If the sound of your V6 engine never inspires you. or it never makes people around the street to turn their heads towards your V6 truck, the right time has come to put a modification to the sound of your vehicle.  If you are completely blind and don’t know how to make a V6 sound … Read more

How long exactly does motor oil last?

How long exactly does motor oil last

One of the most important aspects and that most concern all car drivers is regarding the oil change , many questions arise in this regard, such as how long exactly does the oil last? Can the oil last time a method s ? How much more time can I spend? How long does car oil … Read more

Does Buffing A Car Damage The Clear Coat

does buffing a car damage the clear coat

If you are a car owner, you must have found it critical whether to go for buffing or not. Some auto-mechanics keep on telling you the benefits of buffing. On the contrary, according to some expert’s opinion buffing is bad for your car’s paint. Lately, a lot of debate has been held on the topic: … Read more

Why Does My Car Smell Like Gas

Why Does My Car Smell Like Gas

Why does my car smell like gas or the smell of exhaust gas in the passenger compartment is neither pleasant nor normal. Let’s see the solutions that allow you to avoid this type of disappointment. Let’s also find out how to remedy it when this symptom persists. Why Does My Car Smell Like Gas? It … Read more

How Long Do The Brake Pads Last?

How long do the brake pads last

As your vehicle increases mileage, some of its components start to wear out and may start to fail. While you can delay repairing some parts when they are damaged, replacing faulty brake components should never be delayed. One of the parts to look out for is your vehicle’s brake pads. Not replacing them once they are worn … Read more

Can You Drive With A Bad Mass Air Flow Sensor?

Can you drive with a bad mass airflow sensor

Have you ever noticed how many small peripheral devices run your car? Among several hardware components of your car’s engine, there lies a mass airflow sensor.  A bad MAF sensor causes a very low performance from your engine. Although you can drive with a bad MAF sensor, it is not suggested to do this practice … Read more

How To Diagnose A Bad Alternator

How To Diagnose A Bad Alternator

Sometimes it happens, we turn the key to start the engine and after some slight rattles we cannot start the engine, is the battery dead or is it a more complicated problem and the alternator is giving problems? How To Diagnose A Bad Alternator This situation can continue to happen if the battery is changed and … Read more

Tips To Buy Your Car Parts Cheaper

tips to buy your car parts cheaper

For the regular maintenance of your car, all it takes is a little goodwill. On the other hand, when it comes to changing a part, it can become more complicated, in terms of technical skills but also and often in economic terms! Moreover, the mechanic is not necessarily a must! If you have decided to … Read more

Can You Drive A Car With A Bad Power Steering Pump?

Can you drive a car with a bad power steering pump

For a perfect and smooth steering control, your car’s power steering pump must offer optimal function. This post is meant to enlighten you on what is a power steering pump, how does it work, symptoms that indicate an impaired power steering pump, and when you should consider replacing it. You may also get an answer … Read more