How to Replace a 12v Car Socket?

How to Replace a 12v Car Socket

The replacement of the 12V car socket is a very easy task. This task is a straight forward job that is easily done by yourself. When you replace a 12V car socket on your own, you will save your money because you do not have to pay another person to do this task of replacing … Read more

How To Attach Cargo Carrier To Roof Rack?

How to attach cargo carrier to roof rack

Whether you’re preparing for a bike ride, hitting the slopes of a ski area or just packing up all your gear before heading out on vacation; carrying it is key. Strapping down anything that could potentially fly off and because injury is essential in ensuring nothing gets lost along the way. Step 1: Choosing a … Read more

Can You Drive With A Bad Mass Air Flow Sensor?

Can you drive with a bad mass airflow sensor

Have you ever noticed how many small peripheral devices run your car? Among several hardware components of your car’s engine, there lies a mass airflow sensor.  A bad MAF sensor causes a very low performance from your engine. Although you can drive with a bad MAF sensor, it is not suggested to do this practice … Read more

How long exactly does motor oil last?

How long exactly does motor oil last

One of the most important aspects and that most concern all car drivers is regarding the oil change , many questions arise in this regard, such as how long exactly does the oil last? Can the oil last time a method s ? How much more time can I spend? How long does car oil … Read more

What Is A Kinetic Recovery Rope?

What Is A Kinetic Recovery Rope?

A kinetic recovery rope is a kind of rope that can be used by hand to help someone who has fallen from being in an entanglement. These ropes consist of strong but flexible strands, which can absorb some of the impact and give you a chance to reach the person and pull them out. The … Read more

How Many Quarts Does A 6.4 Powerstroke Hold

How Many Quarts Does A 6.4 Powerstroke Hold

Someone is right when he says: “happiness is the vehicle we travel in, not our destination.” Only the car lovers know the worth of this saying. Having a 6.4 power stroke engine in your possession is a pride in itself. You would have congratulated yourself on the moment you have taken its first ride. Being … Read more

How To Measure Shocks For Lifted Jeep?

How To Measure Shocks For Lifted Jeep?

Shock absorbers are one of the most important parts of a lifted Jeep. They help to smooth out the ride, absorbing bumps and jolts that could make your ride uncomfortable. However, measuring shocks is a little tricky. There are a few ways to do it, but they all have their own drawbacks. In this article, … Read more

Will A Car Start Without Oil?

will a car start without oil

Motor oil is like lifeblood for the engines of the car for internal combustion. The engine of internal combustion will never run for more than a few minutes without the use of motor oil. When there is no motor oil, the car will seize up after a few minutes and not be able to run … Read more