How to install a bike rack on a hatchback?

How to install a bike rack on a hatchback

A rack that attaches onto cars, these handy devices will allow cyclists to safely store their bikes while driving around town or on vacation – what’s better than one less thing I need to take along?! How to install a bike rack on a hatchback? Hatchbacks are great because they’re perfect for car owners themselves … Read more

How To Make Your Truck Louder

How To Make Your Truck Louder

If you are one of those sporty nature truck owners who simply adore louder trucks, you are landed in the right place. Here you will come to know quick but simple ways to upgrade the existing sound of your truck. So stick around to discover how to make your truck louder. The two specific methods … Read more

How to use a Car Buffer

how to use car buffer

Scratches and dull car finish make a car look ugly as hell. In some countries a small scratch on a car can decrease its price by hundreds of dollars. If you don’t polish your car every once in a while, you get a dull car finish and some scratches as well. How to use a … Read more

How To Make An Exhaust Sound Louder?

How To Make An Exhaust Sound Louder

With the popularity of car culture across the world, many car enthusiasts are loving louder and racier cars. That’s why they are finding ways to improve the looks and sound of their regular cars. If you are also one among those sporty nature guys who want to make people notice their vehicles through deeper and … Read more

How To Seal Headlights Like A Pro

How to seal headlights like a pro

Are you going to introduce an upgrade for your old headlights? Or do you want to clean up the condensation and moisture clogging the functionality of your headlights? Well, whatever the motivation is, you can secure your car’s headlights by sealing them properly. And if you are blind to this process, we have come forward … Read more

How To Put Luggage On Car Roof Rack?

How To Put Luggage On Car Roof Rack

With the roof of your car often being poorly designed for cargo, getting all your gear in and out can be quite a task. Thankfully with proper strapping techniques, you’ll never have this problem again. By loading up every piece as high on top of it could go before fastening them down tightly with rope … Read more

How to remove rust from exhaust tips?

How to remove rust from exhaust tips

The exhaust tips on your car are one of the best ways to show off. Dual stainless steel or chrome dual mufflers are an instantly recognizable signature that will have people asking you what kind of vehicle it is. With so many different styles available, find something for every personality in this article from subtle … Read more

How to strap bike to roof rack?

How to strap bike to roof rack

The big, empty space on your vehicle’s rooftop is perfect for hauling all of those bikes to the trails. If you don’t have a hitch or just want to use it with something else then stay tuned because we’ll show how easy securing them can be. “A mountain bike offers many benefits as both a … Read more