Best Vacuum For Car Detailing

As time has passed by from generation to generation we have seen tremendous growth in technological trends, so much so that we have a number of innovative gadgets in the market that are continuously helping us in solving the problems we face on a day to day basis. The technology and gadgets we use today have shaped how we live our lives today. Today we will be going to add a review about the best vacuum for car detailing.

Why is there a need for the best vacuum for car detailing?

Sometimes you just don’t feel like taking your car to a car auto shop and having it thoroughly maintained, not to mention the extra costs you will have to pay just to have your car maintained its just a waste of money if you can replicate the same service they perform for you at your own premises. That’s where the need for the best vacuum for car detailing comes into play. Your car needs to be maintained from the interior and exteriors at all costs for the passengers to enjoy a much pleasurable ride.

The need for the best vacuum for vehicle detailing is also essential due to the fact that because they serve a very different purpose than your regular vacuum cleaners and they aren’t suitable for cleaning very tight spots where dust and dirt can accumulate over time plus your normal vacuums don’t even have hoses and power cords that are big enough to reach the entire car so it’s essential to have the best vacuum for car detailing.

How we made our list of Top 10 Best vacuum for car detailing

Making such an extensive list was easier said than done and we had to look at numerous factors to help us reach the conclusion for the best vacuum for detailing cars. Everyone desires modern-day conveniences like these and think about the time and money you’re saving by detailing your car yourself.

What else we noticed is that there is a wide list of best vacuums for car detailing available on the market and sometimes when you see so many options altogether you may get overwhelmed and making a decision on which one to buy becomes all that more difficult, so it’s important to breakdown all these options to list down there pros and cons.

 We also gave some of these vacuums to our peers and they gave their honest and practical real world experience, which is important because real world usage matters a lot and from there you can get a complete picture of the product, lets now head right into our top 10 best vacuums for car detailing.

1. Craftsman 16 Gallon Wet/Dry Vac (Best wet dry vacuum for car detailing)

Craftsman 16 Gallon Wet/Dry Vacuum

Lets start our guide for the best vacuum for car detailing with number 1 Craftsman 16 Gallon Wet/Dry Vac and this vacuum is a power beast and can handle pretty much most detailing tasks you through at it. It has the capability of getting into every knock and cranny at no problems. Lets take a look at it’s main features.

Wet/Dry vacuum

Now you will enjoy the added convenience of enjoying two benefits at the same time, not only can this vacuum suck up dust and other particles but it will also remove any liquids you may have accidentally spilled in your car.

Dual flex technology

This technology definitely works its wonders on you car, it allows for 180 degree mobility which makes movement quite straightforward and at the same time being at the end of the vacuum hose. Any kinking issues that you might have will be totally eliminated.

Users Review

People have quite a high praise for this product and have considered it best vacuum to use for car detailing here’s why people generally feel that this unit is much quieter compared to others and gets the job done with minimal noise.


So there you have it the craftsmen vacuum car detailer which is a solid all-around option to take care of all your various detailing needs and with solid performance and a built-in blower port we can’t recommend this enough.

2. Bissell Wall-Mounted Wet Dry Car Vacuum (best professional car detailing vacuum)

Bissell Wall-Mounted Wet Dry Car Vacuum

Sometimes all you want in life is a wall mounted vacuum for car detailing and the Bissell wall mounted wet dry car vacuum is able to achieve just that. The great thing about these vacuums is that they will stay placed on your walls for how much time you like and then conveniently remove them at your ease.

Useful features

This vacuum is built very solidly and for starters has a 32-foot hose which means you can get around the whole car without any problems at all. This vacuum also doubles as a blower and that can blow away any potential dust and dirt away from your car in no time.

Seven attachments

This car vacuum detailer comes with seven attachments built in which helps you to get into those difficult areas that are not that easily accessible.

User reviews

Users have really appreciated this gadget for being their choice for best vacuum for car detailing and here’s why, one individual said It’s very convenient having a powerful vacuum on the wall with a 32ft. long hose.


This is probably one of the best vacuum to use for car detailing, not everyday you see a vacuum that can be wall mounted and support both wet and dry operations all at the same time. We definitely recommend this vacuum.

3. Bissell Multiclan Wet/Dry Auto Vacuum (Best garage vacuum for car detailing)

Bissell Multiclan Wet/Dry Auto Vacuum

Number 3 on our best vacuum for car detailing is the Bissell Multiclan Wet/Dry Auto Vacuum another same company vacuum for detailing on our list, this like its brother supports multiple functions like being wet and dry while also doubling up as a blower, this vacuum is a great powerhouse option.

Convenient features

The great thing about this vacuum for car detailing is that its wheeled design makes it suitable to move around the garage more easily. The cord that comes with it is 7 meters in total length and the hose is an additional 2 meters long so that you can get right inside the dirty corners of your car. The brush tool also comes in handy for brushing of excess dirt and dust. With this you can reach every little cervix of your garage quite conveniently.

User reviews

There is a reason why this garage vacuum detailing vacuum has received a lot of praise and we totally are on that bandwagon. They especially appreciate it for being the greatest Wet/Dry Vac to exist. It’s sleek, lightweight, and has lots of little connectors.


Although this might not be the best handheld vacuum it is definitely as feature packed as the wall mounted Bissell vacuum.

4. Vacmaster Professional Wet/Dry Vac (Best vacuum for interior car detailing)

Vacmaster Professional Wet/Dry Vac

Number 4 on our best vacuums for car detailing list is the vacmaster professional wet and dry vacuum which comes in a large 16 gallon volume, and it is designed not only for the home but also for your shop or jobsite. Another great feature of this car detailing vacuum is that the on-board hose, power cord and accessory storage allows you to keep all of your attachments organized and in one place.

Powerful features

The vacmaster is no short of brilliant in the performance department and packs a serious amount of punch. For starter it has a High water lift motor which will allow you to Get the optimal amount of suction and power going through the roof. This vacuum also doubles up as a very powerful blower that will instantly blow away any thing in its path.

User reviews

There is no question about the fact that people love this product and even have gone as far to say that this is the best vacuum for commercial car detailing just because of the sheer horse power it generates as a unit.  Not only that they believe the vacmaster has  has strong suction for my smaller projects where I don’t need a bulky one around.


Let’s wrap up about this product, to us this is a power beast with enough features to warrant a purchase and not being too much on the pricier side the vacmaster is a solid car detailing performer.

5. Stanley 3 Horsepower Portable Car Vacuum (Best handheld vacuum for car detailing)

Stanley 3 Horsepower Portable Car Vacuum

The Stanley 3 horsepower is at number 5 on our best vacuum for car detailing list and is also one of the more budget options on the market with a price tag much lower than what other vacuum detailers go for, but it is by no means a compromise in quality as this is a very portable device. Let’s look at all of the features this vacuum has to offer. The great thing about this is that It can clean up wet spills, liquids, as well as dry debris, dust, sawdust, dirt and other messes.

Main features

This portable vacuum has a 3 powerhouse and it can handle a large degree of wet and dry cleaning activities and the suction power is also quite impressive. Because of its very portable you can easily take it inside your house and use it for your general house cleaning like carpet vacuuming cleaning every mess there is around the kitchen.

User review

People in general are in love with its portable friendly design and say that this is everything you would expect for a compact shop vac. Good quality plastic with good quality filters.


This is undoubtedly one of the best vacuum for car detailing just because of how much attractive the price is and on top of the price it has features like great suction and a handheld design which makes it a good productivity gadget.

6. Bissell AeroSlim Cordless Handheld Vacuum (Best cordless vacuum for car cleaning)

Bissell AeroSlim Cordless Handheld Vacuum

The third option from Bissell  for vacuum used for car detailing is the Bissell aeroslim cordless handheld vacuum. This is probably best cordless vacuum for car interior and not only that this vacuum is also incredibly compact which makes it easier to handle.

Standout features

The battery inside this vacuum provides an easy 12 minutes of incredible cleaning that can be put to good use for cars but it can be also used for other things as well. It’s size is also very small which makes it very convenient to store any place you wish to store it.

User reviews

After giving this product to our peers and taking a closer look at the user reviews of this product we found out that many people also make use of this vacuum to clean their pet hair which makes it best vacuum for car detailing pet hair.


We agree that extreme handheld products aren’t for every car detailer because you are sacrificing power for a little convenience but one thing is for sure and that is that this product won’t disappoint in performance.

7. Armor All AA255 Vacuum for Car Detailing

Armor All AA255 Vacuum for Car Detailing

The armor ALL AA255 vacuum is our top 7 choice because of the range this device possess and this can work on all kind of surfaces without any problems.

Main plus points  

This is also one of those products that are lightweight and it weighs only 7 pounds to start with. The storage provided to you is plenty and even has space for all six accessories, so you can minimize the risk of losing them. The narrow nozzle that comes with this vacuum is very cool to say the least and can get into very tight spaces with ease.

User reviews

Customers of this brand can’t recommend this product enough and for the simple reason because it   is very light at 7 lbs. 7.3 oz with all the attachments and the hose inside it, and it has a flat bottom and will not tip over very easily.


What’s not to love about this product it is so lightweight and comes with plenty of onboard storage we would gladly recommend this to anyone.

8. Eureka PowerSpeed Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner (Best car vacuum for auto detailing)

Eureka PowerSpeed Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Another product that has made our top 10 list of best vacuum for car detailing is the Eureka power speed Bagless Upright vacuum cleaner. It comes with abundant onboard capacity and comes bundled with multiple accessories.  

Onboard features

The eureka has plenty of included accessories like the extra-Long 7” crevice tool, dusting brush, upholstery tool, the five height adjustment setting provides you with optimal ways to adjust your height and vacuum without any problems.

User reviews

Not only does this vacuum provide smooth performance but one user also reported that this vacuum is so powerful when I was vacuuming my newly washed comforter to remove the cat hair.


This is a very unique offering from eureka and has plenty of useful day to day conveniences that warrants a second purchase.

9. Ridgid 50313 Car Detailing Vacuum (Best vacuum for car detailing business)

Ridgid 50313 Car Detailing Vacuum

Number 9 on our list is the Ridgid 50313 Car Detailing Vacuum is considered to be one of the best professional car detailing vacuum because of the horsepower and features it provides to the professionals.

Powerful features

This vacuum demands its praise in the power performance department as it has 20-foot power cord delivers extended reach and wraps around the ergonomic handle which aids in easier transportation and movement. The blower capacity is also pretty impressive to say the least and blows out every little dust and particles with ease.

User reviews

This product is made for professionals and we have seen quite a big praise from all car detailing experts in this regard.


This product is made for professionals and we definitely recommend anyone on the lookout for something that’s so feature and tech savvy to go out and purchase this product.

10. AutoSpa 94005AS Bagless Auto-Vac Hand-Held 120V Vacuum

AutoSpa 94005AS Bagless Auto-Vac Hand-Held 120V Vacuum

The last product on our guide of best vacuum to use for car detailing is the Auto Spa vacuum, which is not only compact but also has a reusable basket.

Standout features

This product is the combination of power coming at convenience with The 120V Professional Power Vacuum is compact and easy to use inside your vehicle. The service brush included can easily get into the seat pockets for easier cleaning down the line.

User reviews

People really enjoy what this product has to offer and especially enjoy its powerful features coupled with its compact design.


Although this might not be the cheapest car detailing vacuum it has many improvements in the power department which make it worth a go.

Buyer’s guide

After mentioning the strengths and weaknesses of all these vacuums we have captured the true essence of this guide but still, everyone’s needs are different and they need to be properly identified before proceeding to make your final decision, let’s look at different characteristics that need to keep in mind before making your final buying decision.

Power & Suction

One of the standout features of a car detailing vacuum is its power so always keep an eye out for the specs and technical details and if suction is deteriorating over time don’t consider buying such a vacuum.

Hose length

The hose length is very useful as it makes it easier for you to reach large socket distances.

Blowing capabilities

Not all vacuums double up as great blowers but ones that do need to make sure their blowers are very powerful so they blow away dust and particles at ease.

Portability & Storage

If a vacuum is portable it just makes your day to day tasks so much easier and increased onboard storage is a must have feature.

Final verdict

We have covered so many types of car detailing vacuums in this list and its difficult to name which one takes the crown because they are so different in how they operate and function but will all things combined we recommend the Bissell AeroSlim Cordless Handheld Vacuum because not only is it cordless but is also a top performer in many various aspects.


Is a cordless vacuum absolutely necessary?

Not really, and it entirely depends on the user if she or he wants to do less work with more convenience than it can be achieved.

Are accessories necessary to be added?

Accessories are something that is nice to have and really add to the overall experience of owning the best vacuum for car detailing.


Finally, we come to the end of this guide and it’s your time now to choose the best product according to your needs. The purchase part of the process is the most complex one because of the various market offerings but one thing to keep in mind is that always buy a vacuum that has more convenient features than gimmicks because what’s the point of buying a product when you won’t use half the features. Vacuum especially needs to have a really powerful performance and suction so always be on the lookout for that.

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