Top 10 Best Spy Camera With Longest Battery Life Reviews

A quality spy camera is a great piece of equipment that is only not used by spies but also normal persons these days. We can use spy camera for best protection, to can keep eye on children, pets and nanny. Finding the best spy camera with longest battery life is a daunting task and this article is going to help you a lot with your purchase.

Benefits of best spy camera with longest battery life

A hidden camera would help you secretly check and monitor any individual’s activities. There are many advantages you will get from a spy camera. Spy cameras help in protection, security and even investigations. When battery life is longer, it is very easy to use it without thinking about charging.

How we selected best spy camera with longest battery life

We have a product expert team who did surveys on both online and offline shoppers. We also did survey on home and office owner who use spy cam. We have considered video quality, storage, size, shape etc and selected the top 10 best spy camera with longest battery life

1. Fadeplex Hiddеn Mini Camеra with Vidеo Livе Feеd with Cеll Phonе App – 1080Р HD

Fadeplex Hiddеn Mini Camеra with Vidеo Livе Feеd with Cеll Phonе App – 1080Р HD

While it comes to spying cameras, one other thing that we look for besides the obvious discreetness is the video plus audio quality.

Live feed

The unit furthermore offers a live feed option wherever you could broadcast the content you are recording live on any screen.

Premium Quality

The advanced smart sp cam is reliable and affordable.

Fadeplex Hiddеn Mini Camеra with Vidеo Livе Feеd with Cеll Phonе App – 1080Р HD

User review

The users love night vision camera as well as the motion detection feature.

  • 1080p video plus crisp, clear audio quality
  • Quite reasonable in comparison to other spy cams in the market
  • motion-detecting and Night vision feature with live alerts
  • Has a live feed feature to help you broadcast and record at the same time
  • Some Instruction hard to understand

Bottom line

Our advanced smart spy cam is dependable and affordable. The mini camera is supported by superior craftsmanship and 24/7 brilliant client support with a reliable 30-day guarantee and 12-month warranty.

2. AMTGR Mini Wi-Fi Spy Camera

AMTGR Mini Wi-Fi Spy Camera

This mini spy camera would make sure that you could keep an eye on your items without letting anybody know that there is a camera installed in the room. The camera has a square shape, and it could easily hide anyplace in your room. There are some beneficial features available like night vision plus HD video, thus you will get the greatest output with this spy cam.

Rechargeable Battery

After a complete charge, you could use this spy camera for about 6 hours unceasingly, which is a great thing for any spy cam. You could recharge the 1200mAh battery using any standard charger otherwise power bank. The battery will recharge rapidly, and then you could  deploy the camera again to capture spy shots for you.

Motion Detection

The camera could detect motion and can track down the activity happening in the area wherever you have installed the spy cam. The sensors have brilliant motion detection, and you could rest assured that it will record everything you should see.

AMTGR Mini Wi-Fi Spy Camera

User review

 It comes with advanced night vision, and the users will get clear shots even if there is no light inside the room.

  • Easy to use
  • Night vision
  • Compact like a coin
  • Alarm functionality
  • Magnetic back sticks to any metal surface
  • Not waterproof
  • No built-in memory

Bottom line

You can get the live view of your room on your smartphone’s screen with this best mini spy camera with longest battery life. It has 2.4 GHz WI-Fi support thus you can connect it easily with your device to get a live view on the go.

3. Spy Camera- 4K HD Hidden Camera

Spy Camera- 4K HD Hidden Camera

This astonishing 4k recording hidden camera has a powerful 3100 mAh long life battery, which assurances 18 hours+ recording plus 90 days of standby time. While charging, you could also record 24/7 without any trouble.

Motion sensor

It also comes with some great features similar a smart in-built high-sensitive PIR motion sensor, which inform you with snapshot plus camera in case of any motion of heat signatures, like people and pets.

Detail view

You will be astonished at the detail that could be captured ensuring you will never miss a moment. You’ll be capable to see most of your room, edge to edge without missing a thing.

Spy Camera- 4K HD Hidden Camera

User review

Portable wifi spy cameras could be placed in any corner of the house, warehouse, store, office, front yard, garden, backyard, and garage and even in pockets and collars.

  • 160 degree of wide-angle lens
  • Supports 4K Recording
  • PIR Motion Detection
  • Easy to Use and set up
  • Not so far

Bottom line

Q15 mini hidden cam was created with the mission of making easy-to-use, high quality, affordable tiny hidden security camera available to everyone. 

4. DIVINEEAGLE Spy Camera Charger

DIVINEEAGLE Spy Camera Charger

It is a compacted spy security camera. This mini camera is also a functional phone charger. Just plug it into a wall outlet also leave it there for inconspicuous videotaping through the day.

Records Full HD Videos

It charges transportable devices and records 1080p full HD video with a widespread viewing angle.

Overwrites Previous Videos

It records in 1080P HD video and notices the minimum of movements. It automatically overwrites the older files for incessant recording.

DIVINEEAGLE Spy Camera Charger

User review

No WIFI is required thus you just have to inset a micro SD card up to 32 GB(class 10), plug into an outlet plus then it records remotely.

  • Does not need Wi-Fi to record (just put a micro-SD card in the slot)
  • Easy to set up within minutes
  • Automatically records while plugged into an outlet or USB port
  • Could be used anywhere because of its long battery life
  • The price point is a bit high.

Bottom line

The battery is in-built which helps to stop the recording of videos properly when detached from the network.

5. AREBI Spy Camera

AREBI Spy Camera

This product comes in very small and compacted size; you could easily carry it around and easily hide it anyplace. It comes with an internal magnet thus you can stick it to any iron surface easily.


The quality of its video recording is also one of its greatest features. It can record high definition videos 1080 pixels, plus its lens has a 150-degree wide-angle thus you can see more in your recordings.

Live video

You could also watch live video recording from the camera thus you can monitor everything anywhere you are. This is very valuable in cases of emergency, thus you can address it right away. 

All you requisite to do to watch it live is download the free app, HIDVCAM, and this is well-matched with both android phones plus iPhones. And then configure it to your Wi-Fi thus you can start live streaming it immediately.

AREBI Spy Camera

User review

Night Vision is loved by manifold users and has numerous features that are going to level up your home otherwise office security. Easily keep your eye on everything with this camera.

  • Has a live stream features
  • Can be controlled by the free app
  • Able to see even in dark surroundings
  • High definition, wide-angle camera
  • Very small and portable
  • Motion-activated and sensitivity could be adjusted
  • Short battery life, must be connected to a charger
  • Lost recordings because of the battery being drained

Bottom line

You could manually adjust the sensitivity of the camera’s motion detector; it would also send you notifications through the app if it notices motion. It moreover features a great discrete design of six non-luminescent infrared lights through a 5-meter night vision distance. Thus you are sure to monitor everything day and night!

6. Relohas Mini Spy Cam for Home and Outdoor

Relohas Mini Spy Cam for Home and Outdoor

This mini spy camera has been loaded with diverse features that will aid to monitor your home, workplace, children, and employees better. This cam’s dimension is too small to hide anyplace like; flowerpot, in books, otherwise could be mounted on a wall.

Ease of use

The cam could be mounted on the wall with a hook otherwise stick with a strong sticker (comprised in the package).

Another feature that you might have not observed yet is that the cam could be zoomed in and out as stated by your desire.

Recording mode

Lastly, the cam has four diverse recording modes like; you could record with it continuously, set a time for recording, afterward detecting a body, it would record a video, otherwise you can start and stop recording by your linked mobile phone.

Relohas Mini Spy Cam for Home and Outdoor

User review

The battery with the cam is 800mAh, and it could record almost 2 hours of videos with complete charging.

  • Small spy hidden cam with zoom able feature
  • Four recording options
  • 800mAH battery
  • Placing the cam on the table or mounting on the wall is not an issue at all
  • The battery runtime is not too long

Bottom line

If you want to record a video of 1 hour, this spy camera would do it professionally. Though, if you want long battery life, consider other choices from the list.

7. All-new Blink Indoor – wireless, HD security camera with two-year battery life

All-new Blink Indoor – wireless, HD security camera with two-year battery life

The Blink Indoor security camera comes out on top for its astonishing battery life – it runs on two AA lithium batteries for up to 2 years plus has infrared night vision thus you can check up on your home night or day, 24/7.  


It also connects to Alexa thus you can use your voice to monitor your home using Alexa-enabled devices.

Real time video

When you are not keeping an eye on your home, you could see, hear, and speak to family members and pets over real-time video as well as two-way audio. 

All-new Blink Indoor – wireless, HD security camera with two-year battery life

User review

It’s also tremendously user-friendly; there is no wiring or professional installation essential, so you can set it up yourself in minutes.

  • Two-year battery life
  • Self-installation
  • Infrared night vision
  • Connects to Alexa
  • Real-time video and two-way audio
  • Customizable motion alerts
  • Blink app permits you to monitor your home and customize settings
  • Not invisible

Bottom line

 You can also use the Blink Home Monitor app to modify motion alerts so you are alerted in the case of doubtful activity. 

8. SIRGAWAIN G007 spy camera

SIRGAWAIN G007 spy camera

SIR GAWAIN has lately launched a pretty light-weighted spy camera which is very small in size to use for investigation purposes. SIR GAWAIN is a pretty reliable manufacturer for providing you with the greatest spy camera which could be used for any kind of spying job.


The spy camera would provide you with a decent level of HD 1080p videos for security protection from any kind of intruders. Besides that, the size plus the performance of this little spy camera make it the finest choice for privacy-related matters. 

Battery life

It has a 200 mAh battery with 80 minute battery life which is great for this little camera

SIRGAWAIN G007 spy camera

User review

This could also be used for nanny’s side by side; it will deliver superb quality images at night as it has a precise functionalized night vision mode for a clear view always. This camera is also pretty reasonable than any other security spy camera.

  • Offers 1080p full HD images and videos as it has 12 Megapixel camera
  • The camera has 6 invisible LED lights as night vision for a clear night guard
  • Featuring the capability of video recording while charging with loop recording
  • Has 140-degree wide-angle lens for larger coverage
  • None

Bottom line

This little spy camera has versatile usage capability for your security. You can use this in your office plus outdoors. Besides that for babysitters it is moreover a great option to safeguard your properties. This camera comes with easy setup and compatibility with nearly everything for your safety. Use this as a clip otherwise on the neck or in the quadcopter where you want.

9. SS 1080p HD Mini Waterproof Camera

SS 1080p HD Mini Waterproof Camera

The SS 1080p HD Mini Waterproof Camera records a complete HD tape with the high-resolution definition. You could have a wide-angled recording view as it captures everything that falls into 150 degrees. 


The built-in motion sensors permit the camera to turn on automatically when it detects any movement. This saves a lot of battery time plus a lot of storage space as well since there will not be hours of still video files. 


This hidden camera package has an extra 32GB memory card space in which all the recordings would be saved.

SS 1080p HD Mini Waterproof Camera

User review

The users loved high quality images and videos. Very good item for the price

  • Senses every kind of movements in just a snap
  • has a water-resistant compartment box
  • It has a huge battery span and storage capacity
  • It has an IR light
  • It has a water-resistant compartment however not IP rated

Bottom line

All in all, this a great little secret spy camera that is easy to install and hide in a diversity of places.

10. Pofeite Mini Hidden Camera Spy Cop Cam Wireless

Pofeite Mini Hidden Camera Spy Cop Cam Wireless

Pofeite miniature spy camera could record 1080P HD and 1200M pixel HD videos using a video recorder. The camera is small sufficient to take high-quality images. The spy could provide exact night vision and stylish motion detection.


This camera delivers the choice of either 1080p or 720p FHD depending on your preferences plus records at 30 frames per second. 


The mini spy camera permits you to see more details happening with a 140-degree wide-angle lens in the room. The quality lens moreover features 1080P video and images that perfect surveillance camera for your workplace or business place.

Pofeite Mini Hidden Camera Spy Cop Cam Wireless

User review

Consumers are usually satisfied with this magnetic spy cam. It is noted as being perfect for watching your packages plus is also easy to install.

  • Magnetically mounts so that you don’t have to do any installation or screwing into your walls, etc.
  • Could support up to 32GB of memory via SD cards
  • Longer battery life for continuous operation.
  • Charging and recording facility at a time.
  • HD video and image.
  • No wireless connectivity and control.

Bottom line

The mini spy has improved night vision with 6pcs IR led lights for a clear display without lighting (led light not light up in use). The feature provides you a clear image to see the entire room even in full dark.

Final Verdict

Our top pick Is Fadeplex Hidden Mini Spy Camera. It has High Definition video quality of 1080p, live monitoring feature, crystal clear sound quality, very reasonable price compare to the features, Night vision plus motion-detecting feature with real-time notification.

Factors to consider for the best spy camera with longest battery life

When looking at Best Spy Camera with Longest Battery Life, keep the following features in mind.

Camera quality

The extreme video resolution for quality is 4K. Though, most spy cameras have a resolution of about 1080p. A spy camera that could not provide you with clear recording will not carry out its main surveillance function. While you will not be utilizing the camera to record professional-quality video, you will still want good enough quality to see what is going on in your house or business.

Unpredictable presence

It is vital for a spy cam to have an unpredictable existence so that nobody can detect that there is a camera installed in the room. Typically, all the spy cameras in this list have an unpredictable existence as these are very compacted and can easily fit anywhere into the room.

Field of view

The next thing is the field of view. You could check the field of view to confirm that the spy camera would focus on a big area of the room. A spy camera with more field of view would cover more area.

Storage capacity:

Currently, spy cams come with the micro SD card storage system. Usually, mini spy cams support 64 GB micro card toward 128GB storage micro card.

64Gb is sufficient memory to store almost 10 hours recording of spy camera. Thus, check the memory system of the spycam beforehand buying it. 

Shape and size:

The main purpose of purchasing a spy cam is to secretly observe a man, worker, nanny, or kids. Thus, the shape of the cam matters a lot. If it is large and could be detected easily, there is no use in it.

Instead, a cam, small in size, could be placed anyplace unnoticeably. Furthermore, a cam, which is covered by a domestic item like; photo frame, smoke detector, or table clock, is tough to detect. So, always check the shape and size of the cam before purchasing.

Frequently asked questions

Why should I have a spy camera?

Your spy camera could help add more security to your home, your workplace, even your car. It can moreover help you monitor your children and other people you love easily. You will feel more safe if you own one.

How can I use it?

That would depend on the kind you buy. Some can be triggered by a simple click; others are motion activated. Be assured to check the instructions and pick a kind of spy camera that would suit your needs.

How long can the spy cam record a video?

It could last depend on the power source plus the memory capacity of the camera. Commonly, the in-built battery of the spy cam could last up to 5 hours but most of them could function while charging. Furthermore, most of them support loop recording thus the memory capacity is not a problem among them.

Does spy cam need wifi?

Cameras that do not need the internet are called IP cameras and may or may not have cellular otherwise landline backup. While this does not connect it to the internet, it could connect it to professional monitoring teams, if this service is accessible, so that they could respond when motion is detected while the camera is armed.


These are some of the best spy cameras with the longest battery life. Make certain to go through the buying guide so that you could buy the best spy cam in 2022. Our teams have tested these cameras to assess their performance, and we were convinced with the results.

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