Top 10 Best Soft Top For Jeep Wrangler

Jeep and adventures, these two words come side by side. The importance of a jeep as a sturdy vehicle cannot be overlooked by a person who loves off-roading and escapade. When it comes to the name of a jeep, it is noteworthy to mention the significance of the best soft top for jeep wrangler. For a jeep driver, it is onerous to decide between a soft-top or a hardtop but most of the time, the best soft top for jeep wrangler is selected due to its consequential advantages as a hardtop is quite expensive and cannot be used as per the mood of the driver and related circumstances. However, it is not easy to select an item that is meant to be used for the long run. Likewise, it is a tough job to select the best quality soft top for the jeep wrangler as it requires many considerations about its composition, durability, and pricing.

Why is it necessary to use the best soft top for jeep wrangler

An adventurous trip and long route journeys are never complete without the relish spice of unexpected weather patterns.  It is logical to prepare for upcoming hazards and select the best soft top for the jeep wrangler to cope with the situation. A soft-top should be good enough to be installed easily without professional help. It should be removed without struggling. Its material should be user and weather friendly. Its reasonable price is also an important factor to consider. That’s why it is highly important to go for the best soft top jeep wrangler to fulfill all the requirements and enjoy the rides.   

How we made our list of the best soft top for jeep wrangler

When someone aims to look for the best quality soft top for jeep wrangler, he would do a comparative analysis of the key features and main pre-requisites a best soft top for jeep wrangler can offer.  An open market manifests a lot of options that make it hard to choose a single item. We have arranged our list of the best soft top for jeep wrangler so that owner of yj can go through the list and can select the best soft top for jeep wrangler yj. This summarized list contains key specifications, convenient features, pros, and cons of the best soft top for a jeep wrangler for the reader’s convenience.

1. Rampage products 990135 trailview soft top jeep wrangler

Rampage products 990135 trailview soft top jeep wrangler

This soft top is manufactured by a well-known brand called Rampage products and it is available in black diamond color.

Best soft top for jeep wrangler 4 door

The exterior of this soft top is made up of sailcloth and it weighs approximately 43 pounds. The quality fabric has been stitched with marine-grade thread. Heat seal tape has been used to keep the fabric resistant and free of weather effects. The window material is plastic.

Convenient feature

It can be easily installed and the rain-tight rear curtain has an oversized rear window and two side windows so that a better outlook is ensured.  It has a long-standing snug fit tonneau cover that protects the gear.

User’s reviews

As per multiple surveys conducted, it is evident that users of this soft top are satisfied with its durability and functionality. They are pleased to be protected from heavy rain and a snowstorm as not a single drop of water was poured down during its ride.

Bottom line

If you want a leak-proof soft top for long routed journeys, give this product a try. It would be the best soft top for jeep wrangler you get to buy.

2. Pavement ends by bestop 51197 35 soft top for jeep wrangler

Pavement ends by bestop 51197 35 soft top for jeep wrangler

The manufacturer of this product is Bestop with the brand name pavement ends and it comes in a black diamond color.

Characteristic features

The pavement ends fabric is composed of cotton that is marine grade and vinyl-coated polyester. It is tough and bears resistance from UV rays and unwanted fungal hyphae penetration. It weighs only 20- 23 pounds. It has tinted side and rear windows.

Convenient feature

It is provided with DOT-approved removable windows that are featured with standard clear 28-mil thickness. The strong plastic teeth zippers help in providing an anti-jam feature.

User’s reviews

The regular users are satisfied with its super easy installation. They have stated that it is the best frameless soft top for jeep tj. Along with other specifications, it offers the best value for money. Moreover, it looks great and stands up against harsh weather.

Bottom line

Bestop always comes up with the best quality products and this product is also an excellent option for jeep owners within an affordable range.

3. Bestop 5258135top for wrangler

Bestop 5258135top for wrangler

Bestop 5258135 black diamond safari-style top is specially manufactured for 2007-2009 wrangler unlimited.

Best soft top for jeep wrangler Jl

This is an ultra-light soft top with an approximate weight of 6 pounds. It is composed of high-strength thread to ensure protection at sensitive points. It has premium quality fabric which withstands all kinds of fluctuations in weather. Moreover, it has composite fittings and buckles.

Convenient feature

This is a safari-style soft top and fits accurately. Its reinforced edges provide minimal flapping and prevent fabric fatigue. Its Targa-style cover protects the cockpit area to prevent drivers and passengers from harsh sunlight and turbulent windows.

User’s reviews

We are glad to get user’s reviews as encouraging as best jeep purchase I made, perfect and easy to install, five stars, great for days when it is under 90, decent for what you pay, and very well made top.

Bottom line

This is one of the best soft tops for jeep wrangler because it does not flap much and is not loud. It works well in high temperatures.

4. Smittybilt 9075235 replacement top for jeep JK

4. Smittybilt 9075235 replacement top for jeep JK

This product is by a well-known branding namely Smittybilt and is custom designed.

Key features

This black diamond-colored replacement top is only 18 pounds heavy. It has a unique feature of wick stop threads that are perfectly suitable for covering the stitch holes. It is resistant to stretching and fading due to high-quality constriction with a marine-grade vinyl coated fabric.

Convenient feature

This soft top is moisture resistant and offers zero leakage due to inbuilt heat-sealed seams. The side and rear windows can be zipped out as per requirement. Tinted windows ensure satisfactory privacy to the passengers.

User’s reviews

The positive reviews received by customers show its user-oriented performance. It is noteworthy that most of the users of this product are regular owners of the jeep and they state this soft top is useful. They have found its installation quite easy.

Bottom line

If you are tired of the original top and want to replace it with something reliable, you are in the right place. This soft top I made for you.

5. Sierra soft top replacement for jeep wrangler TJ

Sierra soft top replacement for jeep wrangler TJ

This replacement top is manufactured by Sierra off-road brand and it comes in spice denim color.

Product details

This soft top weighs approximately 23.3 pounds. The key features in its composition include color matching threads made of wick stop. Its fabric is long-lasting because of the marine-gold vinyl coating. It offers DOT-approved thread, webbing, door seals, and windows.

Convenient feature

Sierra off-road tops are highly convenient due to the presence of the best OEM features.  They ensure that one size fits all. This soft top would be suitable and well-fitted without requiring the placement of new hardware. The fabric is stretchable and offers convenience for opening tailgates.

User’s reviews

It is immense pleasure for us to get satisfying comments from users. They are glad about its spice denim color. They say it fits perfectly even in winters and works incredibly. They are contented with the classic look their jeep gets after putting it on. They have found it economic.

Bottom line

If you are tired of the typical black color of the top, this product would change the look of your jeep and you would call it the best soft top for jeep wrangler.

6. Bestop 5119335 soft jeep wrangler

Bestop brand is popular among automotive accessories and this diamond black top is also an A-list product.

Structural attributes

This product is available in the form of replacing a top kit. Side and rear windows, soft top fabric, and upper door skins are part of this package. It has factory original specifications for windows. It has v=been constructed with premium quality fabric that provides a wonderful look and long shelf life.

Convenient feature

It does not require after-market hardware rather it fits on the original hardware. It performs incredibly in cold weather and fabric maintains its shape in all kinds of weathers and it also possesses UV rays resistance.

User’s reviews

It is a globally accepted product and customers are content due to its additional feature of enhanced insulation and noise absorption. As per their reviews, it takes not more than 45 minutes for the first installation. They have loved the tinted windows.

Bottom line

 This soft top is readily installed over previous hardware and it performs well in extreme weather. Undoubtedly it is the best soft top for jeep wrangler.

7. Rugged ridge 13737.35 soft top jeep wrangler JK

Rugged ridge 13737.35 soft top jeep wrangler JK

The rugged ridge brand presents the best soft top for jeep wrangler and it is available in a variety of colors.

Product description

This soft top is composed of first-rate sailcloth and each fabric color is designed particularly to match with the original color so that jeep looks stylish yet classy. This weighs only 11 pounds. This soft top excludes the requirement of new hardware and can be flipped over the existing frame.

Convenient feature

The replacement top is UV treated and it keeps moisture out because of its unique design. Each seam is welded with heat seal tape and it provides durability.

User’s reviews

It is a pleasure to share positive reviews from users, who state, excellent product; it is exactly what I expected, great workmanship and price, fits perfectly and great value, very easy to install, and tint works perfectly.

Bottom line

This is an A-plus product and offers the best functionality when installed properly. You must be satisfied with its performance.

8. Bestop 7914135 replace-a-top for wrangler

Bestop brand offers the replacement of a top for a jeep wrangler and this product is available in the form of a replacement kit.

Best slanted soft top jeep wrangler

This product is compliant with U.S. and European standards as it is strongly built with tough, multi-layered premium grade fabric which ensures proper insulation to unwanted noise and wind pressure. The product and associated kit consist of windows, optional door skins, and a soft top.

Convenient feature

The door skins can easily be attached with a hook and loop. These are compatible with original door frames. If instructions are followed properly it leads to a befitting attachment that gives the jeep a new look.

User’s reviews

Users are well pleased with its performance. Different users have installed in different weather conditions and a higher percentage is satisfied with its easy installation and proper fitting. They have found the cloth long-lasting and resistant to UV rays.

Bottom line

If you are a jeep owner and live in a far-off place and want to get the best soft top for jeep wrangler that has excellent shape retention, this one is made for you.

9. Smittybilt 92915 extended top 

Smittybilt 92915 extended top

This high-quality soft top is made by the Smittybilt brand and it is available in denim black color.

Product details

This extended top is made for covering the vehicle’s rear and front parts. It has the signature construction with outdoor quality fabric and long-lasting stitching with unbreakable threads. It is attached to the rear bars with J-clips.

Convenient feature

The flawless and effortless installation of this top is its convenient feature for those users who cannot access professional help. It does not require any tool for installation. It takes no time to be fitted on the frame.

User’s reviews

Positive reviews by users are a product and manufacturer’s strength. Likewise, the users of this top are so hopeful about its longevity that they have recommended it to others as well. They have tried several heavy off-roading with it being firm and resistant.

Bottom line

This is the best soft top for jeep wrangler made to provide a decent shade when a user is not willing to go for a hardtop. It would outperform your expectations.

10. Rampage products soft top jeep wrangler

Rampage products soft top jeep wrangler

Rampage products have manufactured this 990235 Trailview soft top and it is made especially for jeep of 2007-2018 models.

Soft top with tonneau style

This soft top is composed of durable cloth with sewn seams. The needlework is done with marine-grade thread. The spaces between the seams are filled with a specific kind of tape that is known as heat seal tape. The weight of this top is above 40 pounds.

Convenient feature

This tonneau style cover is easily zipped up in the rear curtain and as per the situation, it can be removed effortlessly. The rain-tight curtain is designed to protect the gear. This fabric and top do not compromise the visibility from windows.

User’s reviews

The customers using it for a long time are gratified as it does not flutter while riding at a high speed in the presence of high air pressure. After installing it properly they do not face any further hurdles. Moreover, it offers a great value for price so they consider it worth buying.

Bottom line

Undoubtedly this soft top is a companion for tough times while traveling. It performs as it is expected to do. This could be a considerable choice.

Buyer’s guide

When it is about traveling at high-speed highways, unpaved paths, and unknown places, it is significant to check the accessories associated with vehicles. The buyer’s guide for soft top replacement includes the following aspects to be checked:

Quality and sizing

The quality of soft-top should be reliable. The fabric must be twill, denim, or sailcloth so that it can show persistent efficacy.  The sizing should be appropriate as these tops are made for particular models and vehicles so it should be checked at first hand that they would be well-fitted to frames, windows, and original hardware. It would be resistant to tearing and manifest good insulation and absorption qualities. It should not flutter due to wind pressure and high speed.

Comfortable ergonomics

Not everyone is an automotive professional nor does he keep one with him all the time. The best soft top for a jeep wrangler should be convenient to install and remove. It should not require any tool for installation. It should be user-oriented as it is meant to be put on during tougher times.

Final verdict

We have made this list of the best possible options for the best soft top for jeep wrangler so that our readers find it suitable to search for the required items conveniently. It would be a great pleasure for us to recommend Bestop 5258135Top for wrangler as its construction is a premium grade; the fabric is resistant to UV, harsh weather, unexpected pouring, and tearing. It can be installed easily and would perform outstandingly.


1.What is the difference between Twill and Sailcloth?

The twill is a thick cloth that is resistant to wrinkles and is stretchable while the sailcloth is associated with boats. Twill also has more stability against wind pressure and noise and it is easy to clean. Sailcloth is used for boat sails. It can be of many types.

2.What could be the possible shelf life of a soft-top?

As per different surveys, it is clear that a soft-top may stay functional for 3-5 years but if this is kept with care and installed properly with gentle handling, they may serve for an extended period.


As it is mentioned above there are many types of soft tops and different brands offer their best products. It is good to pay attention to minor details while selecting an automotive accessory. Soft-top is an inevitable requirement for jeep owners so it is logical to buy the best soft top for jeep wrangler that ensures protection against undesired events and keep the gear unharmed. We have tried our best to provide you with the list of the best soft top for jeep wranglers. We wish you to continue a cheerful life!

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