Top 10 Best Shocks For Jeep Reviews

In this article we are going to talk about the best shocks for jeep. As we all know that Jeep car models stand out owing to their brilliant design and versatility. Even if they are super-fast, they sometimes fail in demanding conditions. Such scenarios happen when some mechanisms malfunction otherwise stop working.

Best shocks for jeep are vital apparatuses that maintain an even plus smooth ride in all kinds of lands. Their main purpose is absorbing the rebounding energy springs generate.

Why Invest in Best shocks for jeep

You can buy the best shocks for jeep gladiator for a smooth ride, on the other hand there are greater purposes to consider.

First, for raising the Jeep to add more ground clearance, you might require diverse shocks to fit the new suspension. Secondly, If you hit the trails frequently, you would want the best shocks for tj.

How we selected the top 10 best shocks for jeep

The first thing is ‘Experience.’ With no investigating velocity, it cannot be possible to justify which riding shocks are greatest to buy, right? Our effort is just to decrease your effort to check more and more products wherever you can get deceived over fake products; so, our 24/7 experiment on diverse kind of brands get us these Top-10 products with high integrity. You must check out the following reviews to know why they are best! we have considered the building material, design, price, driving condition and style

1. Rancho RS5000X RS55326 & RS55328

 Rancho RS5000X RS55326 & RS55328

Finding shocks for a Jeep Wrangler should not cause a headache. If you only drive your Jeep to work every day, there is no cause to spend more than required. Instead, choose for this set of twin-tube shocks from Rancho. They fit the Jeep Wrangler JK with a 0-2″ front lift plus 0-2″ rear lift.

Adjustable valve

 It has an adjustable valve. So that you could take a tour on and off-road. Obviously, you can go to the uneven road without having any concern.


 This feature confirms durability. Even, this twin-tube upsurges damping capability. See, the gas charge in them highpoints the rate of shocks.

Rancho RS5000X RS55326 & RS55328

User review

The users said Once installed, the shocks improve the car’s performance by making the rides smoother over better handling.

Bottom line

Use the Rancho shocks for on and off-road driving, and the outcomes will be equally as good. These products are perfect for casual driving on highways however also being great for those tricky trails. While Rancho has been designing and manufacturing shocks for eras already, this product enjoys a newer in addition to better design, for better performances. So, you can be sure that you will get a new product that respects the newest standards.

2. Bilstein Shocks B8 5100 Monotube Gas

Bilstein Shocks B8 5100 Monotube Gas

Bilstein kept all kinds of Jeep JK owners in mind before they designed this shock set. The fact that they have noteworthy travel and react well enough for off-roading purposes however are still practical for everyday commuting is a huge draw.


Designed precisely for larger tires, taller stances and the added demands that are located on your truck. Enhanced performance is accomplished over the 5100’s monotube design and patented digressive valving.


 Bilstein has years of experience in off-road racing as well as the technology has been transported to their line of truck shocks.

Bilstein Shocks B8 5100 Monotube Gas

User review

The users said whether they are used on the trail, for work, otherwise on your commute; the Bilstein 5100 series would perform for years ahead.

Bottom Line

Bilstein 5100 series shocks are top of the line, as well as an industry leader for lifted trucks shocks. The internal mechanisms are built using precise tolerances and high-grade materials.

3. Rough Country Lift Kit – Best Quality Lift for Large-Sized Tires

Rough Country Lift Kit

Improve the handling, safety, plus overall look of your jeep with the Rough Country Lift Kit. The Rough Country Lift Kit creates your car powerful and well supported, confirming the safety and comfortability of the passengers inside.


The “X Flex” Joints tie rods offer more flexible movements as well as a better cross-over performance for the driver.


Jeeps with 33-inch tires could operate at a fast pace using the 2.5-inch Coil Spring Suspension. No drilling otherwise clipping is required, as the lift key has 100% bolt-on installation for faster and easier installation.

Rough Country Lift Kit

User review

This Rough Country Shock improves the general performance of your jeep as well as the design and defense of the car.

Bottom line

Improve the ground clearance of your car with its factory-tuned coil springs derived from the spring rate for JK.

Also, the Rough Country Lift kit moreover has N3 Shock Absorbers larger than the usual shocks for a bump-free drive.

4. Monroe 58594 Monroe Load Adjust Shock Absorber

If you always wanted more comfort while driving your Jeep XJ, then this shock is a step in the correct direction.


It has a single valving system that changes in real-time. This means that it adapts to whatsoever road change occurs while driving.

Compressions mean that the shock has all the essential things to work with an intensified level of suspension.

To make driving appear like you are in control at all times, the Monroe puts on additional weight. With the adding of 1.1K pounds, this feature is allowed.

Smooth ride

The Monroe 58594 is moreover one of the best shocks for jeep XJ as it controls friction while driving.

The objective of this is to generate a smooth and less bumpy ride while going through rough lands.

This creates the Monroe an impressive adding to your Jeep.

Monroe 58594 Monroe Load Adjust Shock Absorber

User review

The users said these really helped to level old jeep cherokee while towing. Helped keep the weight balanced.

Bottom line

So, for a comfy, attractive, yet functional shock absorber of your Jeep XJ, then the Monroe is a good one. It also promises sturdiness and confirms your driving experience is amazing.

5. A-Premium Rear Window Lift Supports Shock Struts Replacement for Jeep Wrangler YJ

A-Premium Rear Window Lift Supports Shock Struts Replacement for Jeep Wrangler YJ

Distinct other models, A-Premium Rear Window Lift Supports Shock Struts only battles with Jeep models among 1987 and 1995.

 Easy installation,

no special tools prerequisite. Higher strength leak-proof piston seal; Greater rod finish resists erosion; Easy lifting and decrease closing effort.


Package contains 2 pieces Lift Supports. Strong package with thick cardboard and air column bag, which offers shock absorption plus protection during transportation.

A-Premium Rear Window Lift Supports Shock Struts Replacement for Jeep Wrangler YJ

User review

These worked fantastic. One user said he was capable to install them in three minutes. Great product. Total game changer. They said If you cannot install these yourself, you probably should not operate a motor vehicle.

Bottom line

High strength leak-proof piston seal; Superior rod finish fights corrosion; Easy lifting and decrease closing effort

6. TeraFlex All Four Shock Kit

TeraFlex All Four Shock Kit

When it comes best shocks for jeep wrangler, TeraFlex is one of the most trustworthy brands out there to consider. The package has four shocks that are especially designed to be compatible with Jeep Wrangler plus accommodates 2.5 inches or lift.


Therefore, if you are in search of a shock absorber that is trustworthy, then we guarantee that you would not regret this product. The best shocks for jeep commander has premium bushings that are made of rubber, confirming brilliant ride quality.


Furthermore, you can be sure to acquire greater off-road plus highway performance. They feature a triple-chromed rod that ascertains smooth operations and performance.

TeraFlex All Four Shock Kit

User review

The users said it features great quality, amusing ride easy install, Great shocks. Much better than the OEM ones

Bottom line

Moreover, the mounting ends are vulcanized as well as jeep-specific, making the installation procedure easier and effective. The limited lifetime guarantee provided by the makers adds trustworthiness to these shocks.

7. Fox 2.0 Performance Reservoir Shock Set

Fox 2.0 Performance Reservoir Shock Set

Getting a shock absorber that could offer great off-road driving and brilliant performance on highways is a slight challenging. But, with makers such as Fox and their back to the back offering of strong absorbers, it is a little easier now.

Rugged Construction

The Fox 2.0 is considered to be the best on road shocks for jeep wrangler and is manufactured with a 6061-T6 aluminum body for great strength and to dissipate heat faster than a normal steel body shock

Heat dissipation

The unit has a shaft of 5/8-inch solid chrome-plated heat-treated alloy steel.

This construction permits the best off road shocks for jeep tj to go over the extreme pressure on off-roads.

Fox 2.0 Performance Reservoir Shock Set

User review

The users said this feature confirms long-lasting, consistent performance through any terrain.

Bottom line

Regardless of whether you are flying high over the desert otherwise struggling to stick to a rock face on an off-camber climb, our coil-overs would give you the damping performance,

8. Skyjacker H7000 Shock Absorbers

Skyjacker H7000 Shock Absorbers

If you want to get good quality shocks however do not want to dish out too much cash on them, then the Skyjacker H7000 Shocks are your best bet that offers an unparalleled price to performance ratio.


These shocks moreover have a true velocity-sensitive valving system that means it has 10 levels of various shock absorption, which change hence with various road conditions.


Skyjacker Hydro 7000 shocks has the patented Skyjacker red boot, and are supported by a lifetime warranty, thus you can be confident that your new shocks are with you for the long haul.

Skyjacker H7000 Shock Absorbers

User review

The users said they are supported by a lifetime guarantee, thus they are confident that their new shocks are with them for the long haul.

Bottom line

If you like to take your car for light off-roading, then these best shocks for smooth ride jeep wrangler will serve you flawlessly.

9. KYB KG5744 Gas-a-Just Gas Shock

KYB shock uses Gas monotube absorber that runs additional performance over twin-tube design; And, it has customary benefits.


The velocity-sensitive valving system adjusts rapidly to changing road situations for maximum comfort in any state. Their monotube configuration removes aeration and foaming, however micro-smooth, hard-chromed pistons prolong their life.

High performance

It is trustworthy upon auto-adjusting aeration that delivers high performance. It must be prescribed for the exclusive and air-free HUR performance.

KYB KG5744 Gas-a-Just Gas Shock

User review

Perfect for on 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Easy install and made a huge difference in the ride.

Bottom line

KYB delivers accelerated performance to JK Cherokees with extra control plus prominent HUR technology. If you demand to purchase something in an elegant performance, buy KYB KG5744 with no delay.

10. SENSEN 6051 Full Set Shocks

SENSEN 6051 Full Set Shocks

The first thing that catches your eye while you are looking at the SENSEN 6051 is the design. They do not look anything similar other shock absorbers on the market and would give your Wrangler an exclusive look. You could even get a sleeve to customize the design as stated by your preference. Though, the shock-absorber system is not just about aesthetics.


These have been precision engineered to deliver the utmost standard in performance and safety. It follows a nitrogen gas-charged, twin-tube design constructed to improve the journey, handling, plus performance of the car.

While it comes to performance, the SENSEN system performs adequately on the road. It is an upgrade on the stock system and increases the quality of the ride. Though, it lets you down while it comes to off-roading. It is not strong sufficient to steadily deal with hardcore bouts of off-roading. You would not feel good yourself placing these absorbers over a rough time.


The system fulfills all the OE requirements, plus you could rest knowing that you are getting a high-grade product. Though, the product has a powder-coated outer that isn’t recognized to be the sturdiest. It might suffer from rust and corrosion afterward multiple years of use!

SENSEN 6051 Full Set Shocks

User Reviews

One of the main things that clients were a fan of is easy to install nature. Even fitting the rear shock absorbers were a simple job in comparison to other systems. Though, a lot of customers were not pleased with the off-road performance of the shocks.

Bottom line

While the SENSEN shock absorber kit works intensely on the road, its off-road performance is a let-down. Though, the company might improve this feature in future offerings!

Final Verdict

If you need Jeep Wrangler shocks for 4-inch lift, we highly commend Rancho RS5000X RS55329 and RS55330 shocks. This is a set that offers a great balance among price and performance. All that is left to do is enjoy the ride.

Buyer’s Guide

Shocks come in diverse shapes and sizes. So, before you commit to one of the products that we discussed today, it is very significant to consider a couple of key issues. Without understanding the idea of a shock absorber, you’ll most probable pick something that will not be a 100% match. Here is what you will need to always check while shopping for a brand-new set of shocks:

The Price

First things first, make certain to set budget limitations for your buying. If you are really passionate about aftermarket Jeep apparatus, probabilities are, you will end up with a really costly piece of gear. However, with a strict budget limit, that will not happen. Check what the market  offer in that price range. A quick note: a standard Jeep would make do with comparatively cheap shocks. Though, for a lifted Jeep, you will have to invest a little bit more.

Ease of Installation

If you pick the best budget shocks for jeep jk, make certain they offer a bolt-on installation if you plan to do it yourself. Or else, you might need specified tools and added time to get the work done. Read through the client reviews to see what other users thought about the installation times.

Material and Build Quality

The huge majority of shock absorbers are either made from steel or aluminum. Steel is a comparatively trustworthy material, however if you want the best quality, go with aluminum. It’s more lightweight and more robust, which creates it a better choice. Anti-rust/corrosion protection is moreover a must. As for the build quality, it could be pretty hard to determine how good otherwise bad it is. Thus, check some client reviews for that.

Driving Condition & Style

If you spend the majority of your time commuting on the highway, you just want the best shocks for a jeep rubicon. Or else, if you are heading off-road, you would require a different kind of shock. In these cases, you would want to look for models that are geared more to the trail.


Do I need coil springs with the shocks?

In most cases, the coil springs will not need to be replaced, but you must also have them inspected.

How can I improve my car shock absorbers?

A basic resolution to improve such chassis flex is to install strut bars which bond the two parallel strut towers together. Such strut bars could be installed on both the front and the back strut towers and they serve to deliver extra stiffness between them.

What happens if shocks are bad?

Bad shocks could affect steering control plus reason uneven tire wear. Since car shocks wear out slowly, you might not notice since you get used to a looser, bouncier drive quality. Much like you get used to extended stopping distances as brake pads on your car wear out

Can you drive with bad shocks?

If your shocks plus struts go bad, you should not drive your car for long. Driving with bad shocks and struts is a safety risk since the stability of your car is compromised. You will experience excessive body roll, poor handling, a wobbly steering wheel, as well as poor traction.

Will new shocks make ride smoother?

The client may think that new shocks plus struts will just make their ride smoother, but the fact is that new shocks and struts could do a whole lot more. New shocks also struts can make a car corner and brake like while it was new.


The choice of the shock absorber would be approached very reliably, taking into account all your expectations and requirements. Who else but you could know why you precisely need shock absorbers. What would you like to change or fix? Maximum of the problems that we detected while reading reviews from users in many forums appeared because of the fact that they just did not study in detail the product that they bought. And consequently, the shock absorber either broke down too fast, or they did not fit the height of the car otherwise the car behaved on surface not as they anticipated.

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