Top 10 Best Shocks For Indian Scout Bobber Reviews

We live in the 21st century – the digital age and the era of wired buildings and paved roads. People around the world are moving away from the bicycle and public transportation as the primary means of transportation. They are increasingly relying on motor vehicles. This is especially true in developing nations like India.

Well, many of those who are rapidly entering the middle classes in these nations find 4-wheel motor vehicles well out of their reach. That said, they are passionately embracing motorcycles. The bike of choice for these new riders are the best shocks for Indian Scout Bobber. There is one issue though. While these bikes offer many hours of unbridled freedom on the roads, they can be quite noisy.

It’s this noise that makes the entire driving experience unpleasant, both for the driver and for his or her passengers. That’s why many motorcycle riders are buying shocks. These do more than just make motorcycle rides quieter. They also improve the engine’s overall performance. Therefore, the motorcycle rides smoother and lasts longer.

Well, as it turns out, all shocks are not the same. Some are clearly better than others are, and you’re about to find out which ones these are!

Types of shocks

You want only the best shocks for your motorcycle. It’s just human nature! So, now before we rattle off the best shocks for Indian Scout Bobber on the market and what it is about them that makes them a must-have, wouldn’t it be nice if we educated you on the different types of shock absorbers out there? Well, that’s exactly what we’re going to do now!

So, if you’re going shopping for shock absorbers for your new motorcycle, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from:


This consists of two cylinders. Its piston and shaft move in vertical directions. The exterior cylinder holds reservoir fluid. The interior piston valve and shaft also house fluid. The base valve is the core of the shock absorber and it regulates the amount of fluid that flows through the two cylinders. It also dampens the engine.


These are cylinders that are filled with gas. Their main purpose is to preserve the engine and make it last longer by keeping the dampening oil from overheating and foaming. Oil that foams can’t be used in a motorcycle engine.

Gas-charged cylinders also are filled with pressurized nitrogen gas. This helps them work efficiently. Nitrogen gas serves a much more important purpose as well.

Position sensitive dampening

This regulates the flow of oil in the shock as it moves in different positions as the motorcycle is moving.

  • Acceleration sensitive dampening
  • Hydro-pneumatic and monotube
  • Coil-overs
  • Load adjusting shock

How we made our list of best shocks for Indian scout bobber

So, we did our research online to learn which are the best shocks for Indian scout bobber. However, we didn’t stop there. We also talked with the manufacturers themselves. Finally, We used these shocks on our own motorcycles to see how they actually performed. Then, we asked other people with motorcycles how the shocks for Indian scout bobbers were on their motorcycles.

All shocks aren’t the same. Therefore, they will not perform in the same ways. What we have compiled for you is a list of the creme de la creme of shocks. So sip some coffee and enjoy the read!

1. Monroe Shocks and Struts Reflex Shock Absorber

Monroe Shocks and Struts Reflex Shock Absorber

Monroe stands for quality. You will get superior performance at a reasonable price when you use this shock in your Indian scout bobber. You can buy this off of Amazon for USD 60.79.

Unique fluid

Indeed, the fluid contains special modifiers that ensure that the rods move up and down smoothly, thereby minimizing friction.

Patented hydraulic lock-out feature

The patented hydraulic lock-out feature lessens the severity of the impact of the pistons and valves in the shock when it’s moving.

Nitrogen gas

Filled with charged, high-pressure nitrogen gas translates into optimal performance.

Monroe Shocks and Struts Reflex Shock Absorber

User Reviews

Users gave Monroe 4.6 out of 5 possible stars, so they clearly thought that it was a quality product. They loved just how smooth this shock made motorcycle rides. These shocks also translate into comfortable rides. A few users complained though that it can fail immediately after being installed.

  • Better rides
  • Allows motorcycles to ride smoother and more comfortably
  • Quality product
  • Can ride at a lower height
  • Tends to be stiffer
  • May not be of the best quality

Bottom Line

This is the sock for you if you want something decent at a reasonable price.

2. ACDelco Professsional Premium Gas-Charged Front Shock Absorber

ACDelco Professsional Premium Gas-Charged Front Shock Absorber

This is a quality product that will allow your motorcycle to run optimally and smoothly. Amazon sells it for USD 31.67.

Chrome Piston Rod

Okay, so this is hardened. The surface is extremely smooth. What makes it even better is that it’s self-lubricating. The surface lasts for ages since it doesn’t scratch easily.

Dome-shaped piston cylinder

Expect smoother rides with this cylinder. Also, this shock will last the test of time, thanks to its dome-shaped piston cylinder. There is also less internal friction. All of this translates into smoother and more pleasant motorcycle rides.

Gasoline operated

This means that your shock will last longer since less fluid will be flowing through it. However, the fluid that does flow through it will do so much more efficiently. You’ll also have more control over your motorcycle and less gas foaming. All of this will extend your shock’s lifespan.

ACDelco Professsional Premium Gas-Charged Front Shock Absorber


The piston will have lubrication for as long as it lasts. This is important since it will always be clean. Expect an efficiently functioning shock and motorcycle for longer.

Consistent control

The O-ring hydraulic seal keeps the piston in place and allows for this.

User reviews

Users gave this shock 4.5 out of 5 possible stars. Therefore, they consider it to be a top-notch product. They loved the fact that this shock gave superior performance and was of better quality. Users praised this shock for its smoother ride. A few users griped though that the shock didn’t always come with all of the parts.

  • Superior performance
  • Great quality
  • Reasonable price
  • Can’t trust application listings
  • Doesn’t always come with all parts

Bottom line:

This shock is great if you’re on a budget and want something that will allow your motorcycle to run reasonably well.

3. Bilstein Monotube

Bilstein Monotube

What characterizes these shocks is better performance and a smoother ride. It’s a quality shock overall and characterized as one of the best rear shocks for Indian scout bobber.

Compatible with all motorcycles

So, this set of 4 shocks works with all motorcycles on the market.

Shock boots included

If you guessed that this makes for a smoother ride, you’re right

Gas operated

This shock works off of gasoline for a longer life and smoother and better performance.

Bilstein Monotube

All parts included

It comes with everything from the bushings to the nuts.

Lifetime warranty

So, you’re covered from anything that could possibly go wrong with this shock for as long as you own it.

User reviews

Users gave this shock 4.8 out of 5 possible stars. What they really loved about this product was how smooth it made motorcycle rides. They also loved its superior performance. A few users complained that it didn’t work on all motorcycles though.

  • Great performance
  • Excellent construction
  • Covers all four shocks
  • More expensive
  • Can make some undesirable changes in motorcycle performance
  • Quality may not be the best

Bottom line

You should buy this shock if you want a product that’s built to last. However, it may not be the best product if you want something of high quality.

4. KYB Gas-Just-A-Gas Shock

KYB Gas-Just-A-Gas Shock

You can’t do better than this shock if you’re out shopping for the best shocks for Indian Scout Bobber. It’s a first-rate bobber mainly because it’s affordable. It’s also ideal if you drive a classic or vintage motorcycle. Their stiff nature gives motorcycles much more direction. Therefore, these two-wheelers are able to perform unimaginable tricks.

Better performance

Expect 25% better performance with this gas shock than with the leading gas shocks of the same price.

Use with vintage motorcycles

Yes, this gas shock was specifically designed to be used on older motorcycles with more delicate engines.

More control

Yes, its high gas pressure design will give you more control over your motorcycle when you’re driving it.

Superior performance

You can thank the monochrome design for this

KYB Gas-Just-A-Gas Shock

No performance fade

Its unique air-free hydraulic unit allows for this

User reviews

Since users gave this gas shock 4.6 out of 5 possible stars, it’s clearly a quality product. What they loved the most about this gas shock was just how well it worked. They also liked the fact that it stiffened their older suspension systems. What a few users didn’t like though was the fact that its seals can sometimes fail. This was rare though.

  • Works better for classic two-wheelers
  • Affordable
  • Can make these motorcycles perform better
  • It can be harder on your two-wheeler
  • Only available in a few places
  • Quality control can be an issue

Bottom line

This is the shock for you if you want something that’s reasonably priced and will make your motorcycle run smoother and much more efficiently. The issue is that it can literally be a hit-and-miss situation as far as quality is concerned.

Amazon sells this for $201.85.

5. Burly


So these shocks are definitely affordable. They will translate into a smoother ride for your motorcycle as well. They are black from the inside out and can make for a somewhat squeaky ride when used.

Ease of installation

Indeed, Burly shocks are probably the easiest shocks that you will ever install for your motorcycle.

Better performance

Expect your motorcycle to drive for longer and to give you fewer issues when you use the Buryl shock.


User reviews

Since users gave this shock 4.7 out of 5 possible stars, it’s a superior product. Many users raved about the fact that it made their motorcycles ride like a real dream. They also loved the fact that it was affordable. A few users complained though that it didn’t always work as advertised, this was extremely rare.

  • Great value for your money
  • Wonderful performance
  • Lower your two-wheeler’s stance substantially
  • They only come in one color – black
  • May be stiff
  • Don’t come with the Burly decal.

Bottom line

This is the best shock for Indian Scout Bobber if you want something that’s reasonably priced and works fairly well. However, you may want to spend more money if you want something that performs better.

6. Mallofusa Motorcycle

Mallofusa Motorcycle

So, this shock translates into better performance and rides that are smoother and more comfortable. However, that’s not all that you can look forward to with the Mallofusa shock. It will silence many of the uncomfortable shocks and vibrations that characterize motorcycle rides.

This model goes well with the leading motorcycle brands, including the Indian Scout Bobber.

Superior design

These shocks are made from Industrial grade aluminum and steel

Variety of colors

The shocks come in two colors:  silver and black

Large bushing hole

Its bushing hole is 12 mm wide,  making it a great choice for any motorcycle brand.

Mallofusa Motorcycle

Safer rides

It absorbs almost all shock on the roads making riding secure and comfortable.

Universal fit

Will fit any brand in existence.

User reviews

This shock earned a rating of 4.2 stars from users. Therefore, it’s clearly not the best brand out there. The shock did receive rave reviews for fast shipping and superior performance. A few users complained that the shock broke after a few months of usage, but this was rare.

  • Strength
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Universal build
  • Metal can be weak
  • Design not always good
  • Shocks can snap

Bottom line

This is what you want if you’re looking for something that’s lower priced and works fairly well.

7. HD 159 Ohlins Shocks

HD 159 Ohlins Shocks

Expect to pay $999 for this shock. It may be high price but you’ll get great quality. It’s designed for newer models of motorcycles. You can adjust them and they come with a damper that separates the pistons when the shock is in use.

Pressurized gas

Expect superior performance with its pressurized gas, and oil features.

Long warranty

You’re covered for five years with this shock.

Great suspension

Its superior performance translates into a smooth ride every time.

HD 159 Ohlins Shocks

User reviews

This shock earned 4.9 out of 5 stars. Clearly, it’s a superior grade of shock. What users really loved about this shock was the fact that it made motorcycle riding much smoother. It also allowed the motorcycles to perform much better on the road. It did earn a few complaints though because the seller itself doesn’t offer customers much support.

  • Wonderful handling
  • Can ride smoothly over potholes
  • Easy installation
  • No customer support
  • Only designed for baggers

Bottom line

This is the shock for you if you want a quality product and if you want to enjoy motorcycle riding to the fullest.

8. Newsmarts


You can buy this off of Amazon for $89.99. It’s clearly affordable and has many other great features. This shock translates into quality rides that are comfortable and smooth. It will also fit any brand of Indian Scout Bobber on the market.


This shock absorber can be adjusted to fit any model or make of motorcycle out there.

Fits most motorcycles

It will fit any brand of motorcycle currently on the market, not just the Indian Scout Bobber.


User reviews

Users gave this shock 4 out of 5 possible stars. What they really loved about this shock was that it looks and feels great on any motorcycle. A few users complained though that it can bust when being used, but this was extremely rare.

  • Adjustable
  • Reasonable
  • Comfortable ride
  • Not available everywhere

Bottom line

This is the shock for you if you’re tight on money but still want and need a shock for great motorcycle rides.



This shock is versatile. You can adjust the air reservoir for a smoother and more comfortable ride.

Fits all motorcycles

Indeed, there isn’t one brand of motorcycle out there that this shock won’t fit into.

Works well on street bikes

So, you’re in luck if you own a street or dirt bike since this shock will fit these perfectly.


User reviews

Customers gave this shock 4.1 out of 5 possible stars. They loved the fact that the shock looked great and worked like a dream. A few users complained though that the shock wasn’t very effective when riding, but this was extremely rare.

  • Versatile
  • Adjustable
  • Smooth and comfortable rides
  • Must know how to install it yourself
  • Doesn’t always work

Bottom line

You get what you pay for, so if money’s tight, then this may be the shock for you!

10. Fox

You can buy this off of Amazon for $611.10. It may be on the pricey side but it comes with many great features. For one thing, it’s great for riding on bumpy dirt paths. It also has quality parts meaning that it will last for some time.

Fits all two-wheelers

Yes, it works well on any and all motorcycles and two-wheelers in existence.

Easy to install

Installation is a cinch since all parts are included


User reviews

Users gave this shock 4.7 out of 5 possible stars. They loved the great motorcycle rides and were willing to pay more for these. A few users complained though that the shocks can leak after a few rides and that the customer service is not helpful.

  • Quality construction
  • Great rides
  • Long lasting
  • Customer service is subpar
  • It can have issues

Bottom line

So, you want this shock if you’re looking for something that’s of high quality and will last for several years.

Buyer’s guide

Yes, there are certain things that you want to look for when you’re out shopping for motorcycle shocks. For one thing, you want to make sure that the shock will fit well on your bike and work well. That’s why the size and type of shock are important. Take a few minutes to look at your bike’s make and specs before you go shock shopping.

You can’t go wrong with quality

Well, unless of course, you love to buy shocks all of the time, spend a few dollars and look for a shock that’s made from industrial grade materials and has superior construction and design. Your motorcycle and body will thank you for this when you’re out riding.


As a rule of thumb, don’t buy a shock that has even one complaint of subpar performance. You’ll live to regret it if you do.

Fits frames

Make sure that whatever shock you do buy fits your motorcycle’s frames well.


Should I buy aftermarket shocks?

Yes, since aftermarket shocks will translate into a shock that lasts longer and delivers smoother and more comfortable rides, even on challenging dirt roads.

When is it time to change the shocks?

You should change the shocks often if you ride a lot and you ride a heavier motorcycle

How do you do measurements for shocks?

Measure the radius (from the center) of your bike’s mount holes


So, if you’re looking for a quality shock that will last a long time and deliver smooth and comfortable rides, even on off-country roads, you know where to start. Of course, since we didn’t list all shocks on the market in this article, you’re strongly encouraged to go online and do your own research before buying the best shock for Indian Scout Bobber!

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