Best Roof Rack for Jeep Grand Cherokee

Indisputably, Jeep Grand Cherokee is among the best midsize SUVs that offer an unremarkable cargo space. However, if you find its cargo space insufficient for your needs, then buying the best roof rack for Jeep Grand Cherokee isn’t a bad proposition.

To put it explicitly, a roof rack contains either two vertical bars or two horizontal bars to carry things. When the truck of your Grand Cherokee gets overstuffed with luggage, the roof racks and rails are the ultimate solutions. 

However, experts suggest that roof racks should be used only when they are needed the most since they can decrease the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. When a lot of weight is loaded on the rack or when the height of the load becomes high, the aerodynamics of your vehicle gets affected.

Best Roof Rack for Jeep Grand Cherokee Reviews

Bearing in mind all these limitations, we have gone overboard to bring forth the best roof racks for the jeep grand Cherokee.

For your convenience, we have listed below reviews of the best roof rack options that you can consider buying in 2021.

1. BRIGHTLINES Crossbars Roof Racks

BRIGHTLINES Crossbars Roof Racks

Being the top-notch brand in manufacturing roof racks and rails for cars, trucks, and SUVs, Brightlines introduces this cross bar roof rack for jeep grand Cherokee.

When it comes to the durability of this product, it won’t leave you in dismay. Built with high-quality aluminum, the crossbar rack guarantees that the product is relatively lightweight. As a result, installing this rack becomes a piece of cake.

To fit the size of your jeep grand Cherokee, the manufacturer hasn’t overlooked the details while designing this rack. The front crossbar is somewhat longer than the rear crossbar. Both, though, are 2-3/4 inches broad and 34 inches thick.

If you’re seeking a robust and solid crossbar roof rack, then this roof rack might be your first choice. The rack can fit Jeep Grand Cherokees with chrome or black grooved side rails from 2011 to 2021, therefore a highly adaptable option. However it comes with a slight glitch, that is, you won’t be able to install it if your Grand Cherokee is having black plastic molding side rails or other varieties.

 Installing this gadget is extremely painless since there is a pair of crossbars, 2 pairs of mounting brackets, and an instruction manual to help you done the chore effortlessly. No drilling is required so you can take out the bars whenever needed.

Once installed, you can carry 150 pounds of luggage over it. The sole stipulation is that the weight is spread evenly.

Although this roof rack is a great choice for various models of Grand Cherokees, Brightlines still needs to enhance the security features for this product. Instead of using a plastic rubber band to secure the side plugs of rails, Brightlines could make use of metal to secure the racks.

Nonetheless, this product impresses jeep grand Cherokee owners with its lightweight design, compatibility with several models of Grand Cherokees, and enough load capacity to carry kayaks, canoes, or fishing poles. A worth considering and the best crossbars for jeep grand Cherokee!


  • Aluminum material
  • Hook-on mounting type
  • 150 lbs. weight capacity
  • Compatible with 2011-2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee models

2. Thule Complete Crossroad System

Thule Complete Crossroad System

Roof racks are notorious for being highly expensive as they involve mastery of engineering. They are more than just metal bars on your car’s roof. Crafted with the science behind them, they are made with high-quality materials to hold a considerable amount of weight on top of a vehicle with so few contact points. And Thule complete crossroad system that works fairly well on jeep grand Cherokees.

This product lives up to its name, durability, and greater load capacity. Opposite to our above-mentioned roof rack, the Thule crossroad system can withstand 165 pounds of weight capacity, that is, relatively higher than many of its peers.

This setup is great for vehicles that come with factory side rails that need crossbars for carrying kayaks, ladders, cargo boxes, etc. you won’t have to shed your sweat and elbow grease to install or remove this system on your grand Cherokees. It will take just nearly 10 minutes to install the bars on the roof of any vehicle since the mount is rubberized, therefore is flexible. Once installed properly, tighten the caps with the lock.

If you’re strictly looking for a roof rack to carry a cargo box on a long road trip, you certainly want a jeep grand Cherokee rooftop cargo carrier. This one fits your needs since it is relatively easier to install and is solid in construction. Above all, it would secure your cargo box to the crossbars for more than a week.


  • Alloy steel material
  • Strap-type mounting
  • 165 pounds load capacity
  • Compatible with existing factory rails

3. Vault Roof Rack Crossbars

Vault Roof Rack Crossbars

Vowing to deliver high-quality products at affordable prices, Vault Cargo Management steps forward with a universal 54inches locking crossbars roof rack system.

These crossbars are equipped with padded clamps to protect your vehicle’s roof rails from damage. These crossbars have a raised profile and can easily be utilized for outdoor sports equipment because of their design. The 1” high and 2” wide crossbars maintain a raised profile to keep your vehicle’s roof away from scratches.

The crossbars weigh just 0.01 ounces and rank this product as one of the lightest crossbars’ roof racks on the market. However, the less weight of the bars never asks you to compromise on the durability and performance of the product. It remains one of the best roof racks for jeep grand Cherokee. It allows you to carry 150 pounds load on the bars.

Thankfully, installing this system isn’t ask you to learn some mathematical calculations. Follow the instructions on the manual and do accordingly to fit the rack on the roof of your jeep.

Thankfully, they are lockable to reassure anti-theft roof rack you can fearlessly buy. The clamps contain an integrated locking mechanism, making them one of the most modern anti-theft options available.

You are concerned about the safety of your goods that are loaded on a roof rack. For this, the universal crossbars contain extra rubber strips that span the length of the rack.

To make it the best roof rack for jeep grand Cherokee, we can’t ignore the methodology behind the design of these crossbars. The aerodynamically engineered design lessen wind noise when running at a high pace.


  • Aluminum construction
  • 150 lbs. weight capacity
  • 53” long bar
  • Soft end caps

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4. BougeRV Car Roof Rack Cross Bars

BougeRV Car Roof Rack Cross Bars

A premium-looking roof rack with a practical design will enhance the glory of your jeep grand Cherokee. Agreed? Bearing this fact in mind, we have reviewed BougeRV crossbars as another phenomenal option as the best roof rack for jeep grand Cherokee.

If you’re looking for a roof rack with high-quality crossbars, then this is what you’re after. These crossbars are made of aluminum and plastic to keep the weight as low as possible.  The main body is made with high-grade aluminum whereas the feet are made of high-quality plastic. To keep the Grand Cherokee’s roof scratch-free, plastic feet serve the purpose to the fullest.

The best of the best feature of this roof rack is its hassle-free assembly. The rails are small and light, and they are also simple to set up and takedown.  The car sunroof on your jeep grand Cherokee would work well once you fit them. Besides this, they’re quite solid and won’t move or twist as you drove with a roof-top carrier loaded down. All of these features make it one of the best crossbars for the jeep grand Cherokee.

Keeping aerodynamics in mind, these crossbars have a unique shape to reduce the wind of noise when you’re running on rough terrain. So, it wouldn’t affect the fuel efficiency of your jeep Cherokee as the roof racks are believed to do.


  • Aluminum construction
  • Incompatible with SRT and Altitude and Trackhawk models
  • 150 lbs. load capacity
  • One-year limited warranty

5. Thule Aeroblade Roof Rack Bar

Thule Aeroblade Roof Rack Bar

Roof racks affect the aerodynamics of your cars, so the best is the one that is designed in a way to mitigate this solution. Thanks to the Thule who has introduced dozens of racks for various purposes for various vehicles to fit our specific touring needs. Thule Aeroblade roof rack bar is the most worth mentioning product when we’re reviewing the best roof racks for Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Bearing the stamp of durability, it remains one of the sturdiest roof rack options on the list. further to this, unlike Thule’s complete crossroad system and other roof rack options on this list, this one comes with 220 pounds carrying capacity, which is, one of the highest load capacity of a roof rack in the market.

The Aeroblade Roof Rack is commendable because it is believed to have been created with the greatest care for wind resistance and airflow, while also aids to reduce noise and drag from the rack. So there is a little decrement in the fuel efficiency of your jeep Cherokee.

Another worth mentioning feature of this product is the distance between the bars, which is, 39″. The useful space between the bars is impressive and allows you to carry a Cargo box with a breeze.

Set up is quick and is easier than many other high-quality and top-graded roof racks on the market. Supported by the AccuTight Tensioning tool, it keeps the rack completely secured on the roof of your Jeep Cherokee.

All of Thule’s car rack systems and accessories come with a limited lifetime warranty to enhance reliability on the product and the manufacturer. This one is not exempted and is reliable.


  • Aluminum construction
  • Patented SmartSlide technology
  • 220 lbs. load capacity
  • Wing design crossbar

6. ALAVENTE Crossbars Roof Rack

Thule Aeroblade Roof Rack Bar

For your relatively newer jeep grand Cherokee models, this one aces the job perfectly. Strictly designed for 2011-2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee models, this would not fit SRT and Altitude models. So, be wary before buying this crossbar-style roof rack.

Roof racks usually bear a higher price tag but if you’re on a budget and want an empirical roof rack, then this is for you. Whether you want to carry kayaks or bikes on your camping trips, this is priced much better than a roof rack you might be planning to buy from a Jeep dealer.

Construction-wise, this one is a deal comfier. Crafted with aircraft-grade aluminum, it remains undoubtedly a solid crossbar-style roof rack to accommodate a load capacity of 150 lbs. the black powder coating reinforces a rust-resistant layer over the aluminum to keep corrosion away. So under heavy rains, stormy winds, and scorching sunshine, this rack keeps its integrity intact and lasts you for years.

Installing this rack is not a big deal at all since you can do it less than in 10 minutes. Once installed, you can load your sports gears on it without fearing to mug since there’s a built-in anti-theft feature to secure the rack.

Concluding all its essentials, we can say that this product is a go-to choice as the best roof rack for Jeep Grand Cherokee.


  • Aluminum construction
  • 150 lbs. load capacity
  • Oval-shaped design
  • Side rails needed

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7. Rhino-Rack 2500 Series

Thule Aeroblade Roof Rack Bar

When in confusion to buy a roof rack for your jeep grand Cherokee, go for buying a roof rack from a series of some reputed brands like Rhino. Not only Rhino racks are versatile but they are built to last longer and beyond.

This rack is not only versatile but is durable for carrying extra luggage when you’re going on long road trips. Whether you want to load a cargo box at the top of your vehicle or you want extra room for lugging your kayaks, snowboards, and other sports gears, this one does what it is supposed to do.

However, this rack comes with a slight drawback and creates noise when mounted on the backbone of your vehicle. At 60 km/h+, the vehicle starts rumbling a might be a cause of concern for those drivers who love driving in peace. Or you may need a wind deflector to reduce the level of noise.

When checked against rust and corrosion, this rack is built to last for longer. So your investment would certainly pay off if you mount this rack on your vehicle.

The carrying load capacity is 165 lbs. pounds that are neither less nor more than other stellar-performing roof racks on the market. Just appropriate!

Roof racks are considerably being stolen and to make it an anti-theft roof rack, the rhino has conferred an anti-theft mechanism to secure the roof rack from stealing.

Even though Grand Cherokee models come with built-in roof rails but if your Grand Cherokee doesn’t have roof rails, look no further to this roof rack. Owing to this, installing and removing this roof rack is a little time-consuming task.


  • Bar and leg combo
  • 2 square bars
  • 4 legs
  • A fitting kit is required separately

8. MOSTPLUS Roof Rack Cross Bar

MOSTPLUS Roof Rack Cross Bar

We’re pleased if you’ve just bought the latest Jeep Grand Cherokee 2021 and are going to drive it on highways for celebrating a family trip. But if you’re running short of room to store your luggage, fret not and get MOSTPLUS crossbar-style roof rack for carrying extra baggage and sports gear.

Most brands use high-quality aluminum for engineering roof racks and this one isn’t an exclusion. MOSTPLUS has also used sturdy and marine-grade aluminum to build this roof rack for two authentic reasons. First aluminum is a lightweight material and creates a less harmful impact on the aerodynamics of your Grand Cherokee. Secondly, it remains sturdier even when loaded with heavy luggage. So the durability of this roof rack is an authentic feature of this roof rack.

The design of this cross-style roof rack makes it another best roof rack for Jeep Grand Cherokee. The front bar is longer than a rear bar to fit the adjustments of your latest and oldest models of Grand Cherokee. However, this roof rack isn’t suitable for Altitude and SRT models, so make sure that your vehicle must be compatible. The rubber padded feet keep the bar in its place.

Apart from this, installing and removing this roof rack is fairly simple. There isn’t any drilling or cutting is required for mounting this roof rack.


  • Aluminum construction
  • 150 lbs. load capacity
  • Compatible with Jeep Grand Cherokee that comes with pre-installed side rails
  • Heavy-duty clamping design


What is the difference between roof rails and roof racks?

Roof rails: larger vehicles such as SUVs and most Jeep Grand Cherokee models come with integrated roof rails. They run from the front to the rear of vehicles.

Roof rack: Whereas a roof rack is an add-on gadget for carrying extra luggage and outdoor sports gear. They run from door to door along the roof of your vehicles.

Which things I can carry on a roof rack?

Once you installed the roof rack system, you can carry your extra baggage, cargo boxes, and roof baskets. With the odd-shaped kayaks, snowboards, or bikes, the vehicle’s trunk maybe not be a suitable storage place. There comes handy a roof rack for lugging such sorts of gears.

Are roof racks dangerous?

A roof rack, fitted properly would not cause damage to your vehicle. However, if fitted badly, a roof rack can leave scratches and gouges on the body of your vehicle.


A roof rack is, indeed a great investment as it offers you a handful of advantages to carrying the extra load on the top of your vehicle. When the cargo capacity of your Jeep Grand Cherokee runs out due to excess baggage, then all you need is to buy the best roof rack for Jeep Grand Cherokee for carrying extra stuff.

Make sure to do complete research before installing a roof rack over the top of your Grand Cherokee. This way, you can prevent your darling vehicle away from scratches.

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