Best Oil For Turbo Car

The durability and reliability of motor oil are one of the main concerns of automakers. And this debate and discussion further go on increasing when three in one car features a turbocharged engine.

A turbo car is capable of enduring higher and extreme weather and operating conditions, and to bring the best performance out of the vehicle, you need an exceptionally high-quality premium grade oil.

Best Oil For Turbo Car Reviews

With the availability of loads of motor oil choices, the situation becomes intimidating. But don’t get overwhelmed.

Here we are to help you out through this confusion.

Below you will find the best motor oil for your turbo car. These all oil grades are of high quality and give the best performance for your turbocharged diesel and gasoline vehicles.

So without wasting your time and energy, go on reading.

1. Mobil1 Advanced Full Synthetic

best oil for turbo car

Being the top-tier name in the industry of synthetic motor oil, Mobil1 Advanced full Synthetic stands at no1.

Its proven performance for turbo car has made it an extraordinary oil grade by far.

Excellent lubrication

Turbo car are specifically designed to endure tough operating conditions. Thanks to the impeccable features of Mobil1 Advanced Full Synthetic oil that caters in a way to fulfill these requirements.

This advanced oil formula is capable of lubricating all engine parts efficiently. Thus there are fewer chances of wear and tear on the engine’s parts since there is less friction between the engine’s moving parts.

So Mobil1 Advanced Full Synthetic Oil can save you from costly repairs that you may have to face in case of engine failure.

High-temperature protection

A turbocharged vehicle when running on Mobil1 oil delivers maximum protection at higher temperature levels.

Where others conventional and competitive oil ensure a good thermal and oxidation stability, this best oil for turbo car grade stands unique. It gives 2 times greater high-temperature production.

This being the reason, automakers use Mobil1 oil as factory fill oil in their vehicles. From Porsche to Mercedes AMG, Mobil1 5W-30 oil is the most recommended oil for turbocharged car.


As far as the composition of this oil is concerned, it features an excellent additive package. In addition to this, its extra seal conditioners help to keep all parts clean. So there is less sludge build-up and greater deposit control.

Buyers reviews

The buyers simply love Mobil1 Advanced full Synthetic oil for its better fuel economy. Its proven performance under the toughest temperature conditions is matchless. Most of the buyers say that using Mobil1 oil has brought maximum benefits to the engine life of their vehicles.

Our verdict:

If you want a best oil for turbo car that can bring maximum performance to your engine’s life, then you must buy this premium quality oil. It has everything to enhance the power and performance of your engine. You would never go wrong when you will run your turbo car on Mobil1.

2. Pennzoil Ultra Platinum – Best Oil For Turbo Car

best oil for turbo car

At no 2, we have shortlisted Pennzoil Ultra Platinum Full Synthetic Motor oil. The brand has put a lot of effort into devising its fully synthetic formula to bring maximum performance for turbo car.

Outstanding high-temperature performance

Although a turbocharged engine comes with various advantages, yet these advantages raise some challenging concerns. And without using a premium quality oil, later or sooner, the engine will break down.

But thanks to this best oil for turbo car formulation that excellently cleans the smudge and dirt build-up.

It comes with outstanding lubrication properties. So during metal to metal contact, friction gets reduced and the engine’s life gets doubled.

Better fuel economy

Pennzoil Ultra Platinum oil is capable of providing your turbo car a better fuel economy. As you can drive 550 miles extra per year when you run your engine on this high quality full synthetic oil.


Unlike other full synthetic motor oil, Pennzoil Ultra Platinum is formulated entirely differently and contains minor impurities. Where other full synthetic oil use crude oil to form full synthetic high-grade motor oil, this best oil for turbo car uses natural gas that later converts into a premium quality full synthetic oil.

With its advanced additive technology and best formulation, this oil grade has won the trust of the world’s leading car manufacturer’ companies including Ferrari.

Buyers reviews

The buyers have a good opinion about this best oil for turbo car. They found it good in keeping internal components of the engine clean.

Our verdict:

As this oil is fairly priced, we recommend you to use this best oil for turbo car. But before giving this oil a try, read your turbo car’s manual to know whether it is compatible with the make and model of your vehicle.

3. Valvoline All Fleet Turbo

best oil for turbo car

This high-quality oil with a cheaper price tag has everything to protect your turbo car’ engine. Protecting your turbocharged engine from wear, deposits, and heat, Valvoline All Fleet Turbo is our third pick.

Better protection

Valvoline full synthetic high mileage motor oil provides 40% better protection against carbon buildup. The company even goes on claiming that this high-quality oil is 4 times better than Mobil1 when it comes to wearing protection.

It would be not unfair to say that turbo engines are smaller and run hotter. So you need an oil grade that can provide maximum fuel economy, engine life, and horsepower. Thankfully Valvoline high quality All Fleet Turbo motor oil meets all these specifications.

A turbocharged car offers optimum performance under extreme weather and operating conditions. But if provided with conventional oil, you could end up destroying its engine. Only a premium quality oil like Valvoline full synthetic high mileage can save you from the trouble.

This oil ensures proper lubrication of all parts of a turbocharged engine. A thin layer of oil sticks on the engine’s components to reduce grinding when there is metal-to-metal contact. With reduced friction between the engine’s parts, you bring longevity to your engine’s life.


This best oil for turbo car is formulated with 100% stable premium base stocks. Hence its efficiency for thermal and oxidation stability matches to none.

When it comes to the additive package of this oil, Valvoline all Fleet turbo supremacy pushes all limits.

Buyers reviews

The buyers have found this oil grade exceptionally well for their turbocharged car. They say that this oil has provided 4 times better wear protection.

Our verdict

When you want a supreme quality oil to bring out maximum engine performance, Valvoline All Fleet will leave no stone unturned. The cherry on the top, it is a budget-friendly option for your turbo car.

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4. Schaeffer’s Supreme 9000 full Synthetic

best oil for turbo car

Schaeffer 9000 Full Synthetic 5W-30 is an ultimate multi-grade oil that is ideally suitable for turbocharged and supercharged engines. From streetcar to heavy-duty truck engines, it has proven its efficiency.

Exceptional lubrication

Where a conventional oil breaks down during extreme temperatures, this gasoline engine oil firmly holds its unique properties.

It features friction modifiers such as Micron Moly® and Penetro®that instantly spreads a thin layer of oil on the critical components of an engine. So when there is metal-to-metal contact happens, friction gets reduced. This ultimately improves the lifespan of your turbocharged engine.

Better engine protection

Who would deny the fact that you always love to have a turbo car with optimum engine performance? To get the best features out of your turbo car, you need a best oil for turbo car that can provide better protection against oxidants and soot. We are glad to announce that Schaeffer 9000 does the job for you.

Its smart formula with additive package efficiently works on tough carbo build-up.

With a SAE5W-40 viscosity, this oil offers greater pump ability and rapid circulation. So if your turbo car is operating under freezing temperatures, this gasoline engine oil will disappoint you to the least.


Schaeffer 9000 full synthetic gasoline engine oil is formulated with PAO synthetic base oil, friction modifiers, an excellent additive package, and a viscosity index improper.

All these ingredients make it a longer-lasting engine oil that withstand the challenging requirements of turbocharged engines.

Buyers reviews

The buyers have reviewed this multi-grade oil as a mind-blowing oil for turbo car. They say that running a turbo car on this oil is just as smooth as silk. They further said that its added friction modifiers make it a superior lubricant for a turbo car.

Our verdict

We recommend using this oil during stop-and-go driving conditions. With its enhanced full synthetic oil formulation, Schaeffer 9000 is one of the most recommended gasoline engine oil for heavy-duty engines.

5. Castrol Edge Advanced Full Synthetic

best oil for turbo car

Coming at no5, we bring forward Castrol Edge 5W-30 Advanced full Synthetic motor oil. Being a favorite with many car manufacturers, Castrol Edge with its finest properties is an ultimate and best oil for turbo car.

Better lubrication

This being one of the most advanced engine oil presented by Castrol excellently lubricates all vital components of the engine.

It is already understood that turbocharged engines have tight bearing clearances, higher component speeds, and heat-induced metal expansion. Thus it is mandatory to lubricate every corner of these components to run smoothly.

Where other conventional oil fail to provide improved friction resistance, Castrol edge with its titanium technology stands second to none.

Since there is less drag on crankshaft, pistons, and valve train, thus it promotes better fuel economy.

Improved engine protection

To cope with the demands of turbocharged engines, the motor oil used for these engines must bring the best engine protection.

And this unique formula successfully decreases engine deposit formation and dirt residue. This comes with improved engine protection as well as it increases the lifespan of your turbocharged engine.

Better fuel economy and excellent soot and dirt resistance are a bonus to this full synthetic motor oil.


Castrol Edge Advanced full Synthetic motor oil features fluid titanium technology with extra additives.

The titanium molecule provides a better cushioning effect and works wonderfully at high pressure.

The formula is doctored in a way to minimize soot buildup and promote engine cleanliness three times greater than conventional oil can do.

Buyers reviews

Many buyers who own streetcar with turbocharged engines have a good opinion about Castrol Edge motor oil. Even the car racers have positive reviews about this high-grade motor oil. They said that using this best oil for turbo car have ensured better fuel economy and less internal engine friction.

Our verdict

As Castrol edge potentially fulfills all the requirements of turbocharged engines, we would recommend you this high-grade oil. The efficiency of this best oil for turbo car marvels at all other conventional oil for turbo car. Yet for old heavy-duty high mileage vehicles, visible oil burns have been noticed.


After reading this, you must have got an idea about which oil grade meets your turbo car’s demands. Without any doubt, running your turbo car on factory filled oil grade brings the best performance.

But if you still want to give a try to another premium quality full synthetic best oil for turbo car for your turbocharged engine, we suggest you use Mobil1 advanced full synthetic motor oil.

But do ensure that you go for reading your turbo car’s manual to check the compatibility of the oil grade you have selected.

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