Best Muffler For V8

Finding the best muffler for a V8 truck can be crushing when you have dozens of choices to consider.

Although a V8 engine is well known for its resonating sound, yet you can incorporate an aftermarket muffler within its exhaust system.

This little upgrade will take its euphonious sound to the next level of perfection.

Or maybe you just want a muffler to replace the stock muffler of your V8 truck.

Whatever the reason be, we have reviewed 5 best mufflers for V8 trucks.

Best Muffler For V8 Reviews

We have tried to highlight the best features of these mufflers to save your back. You would also have a buying guide to help you decide on which muffler meets your needs.

Hence, to save your time, let’s dive into it:

1. Flowmaster 953047 Muffler (Editors Choice)

Best Muffler For V8

Being the leading brand name in the muffler business, Flowmaster 953047 has become our top pick. For your V8 engine, this muffler brings an outstanding sound quality.


You may not need to look further when you want a muffler for more bass tones. The Flowmaster 953407 is specially catered in a way to meet this need.

What makes this muffler stand unique is its manufacturer delta flow technology. This means that delta-shaped baffles are incorporated within the muffler for canceling out any unwanted sound. The result is the reduction of the engine’s noise. So you can enjoy smooth rides on daily basis.

The good muffler not only controls the amount of noise but it is also helpful in improving the endurance and performance of your car’s engine. Thankfully, this best sounding muffler comes with this attribute. The delta flow technology imparts a scavenging effect to increase your V8 engine performance.

Another important consideration to look for is your muffler’s construction. The Flowmaster 953047 offers you a durable construction since it is made from 16gauge aluminized steel. This durability gets doubled by 100% MIG welding.

Thus for powerful engines like V8, this muffler performs best.

  • Chambered design
  • Creates a deep rumbling sound
  • Works great for high horsepower vehicles
  • Aluminized steel construction with MIG welding

2. Thrush 17658 Welded Muffler (Best Beginner Muffler)

Best Muffler For V8

Thrush is another reputed name in the muffler business. Thrush mufflers have won their customers by presenting the good sound quality available at an appealing price.


Thrush Welded muffler creates a harmonious sound that impresses the car owners as well as the other people around.

It creates a deep yet aggressive tone that completely complements to your heavy-duty V8 trucks.

When you think that the Flowmaster super 40 mufflers are a bit noisy, Thrush 17658 welded best sounding muffler offers you a more tame sound even when the engine is at idle.

It features a two-chambered design that helps in improving the overall efficiency of your exhaust system.

On top of it, its construction is a worth-considering feature of this premium quality muffler. It is made up of 304 polished stainless steel that is highly rust-resistance.

Added to this, the Thrush logo of the company adds a more perfect aesthetic finish to this best sounding muffler.

If you are a beginner and don’t want to invest your money on something more expensive, the Thrush Welded muffler can be a great choice. For it is very economical and takes your v8 engine’s iconic throaty sound to the next level.

  • Constructed with 304 stainless steel that provides good corrosion resistance
  • Two chambered design that bounces back sound waves and cancels them out for eliminating engine noise
  • Creates a more pleasing and tamed sound

3. Borla 40349 – Best Sounding Muffler For V8 Under 100

Best Muffler For V8

Borla mufflers have won the market place for producing high-quality growling sound for performance cars having V8 engines. Being this the reason, Borla 40349 has become our third pick.


For the vehicles with the V8 engine, the Borla 40349 is the quietest performance muffler by far. It creates a little rumbling sound that does not let you freak out while driving a V8 truck.

At startups and throttle, it creates a mellow sound inside and a nice deep throaty rumble outside. so you are bound to love its crispy sound.

When you are looking for a best sounding muffler, don’t overlook its efficiency on fuel. Thanks to the Borla for keeping this in mind. This muffler operates impressively during long rides by providing better fuel support. Thus you see a visible cut down of your expenses on fuel.

The overall design and construction of this muffler are great in itself. Featuring an overall 24-inch length and an oval shape, the Borla 40349 needs to check its compatibility with your V8 vehicle’s make and model.

We have found this muffler highly durable as its overall casing is made of stainless steel. It means that this best sounding muffler fights against rust and corrosion seamlessly.

Although some users have found that at high speed, it creates an annoying drone sound. By and large, this muffler is the best muffler for your V8 truck as it produces a nice little rumble.

  • Compatible with 2.5inches exhaust pipe
  • Central/dual configured muffler for your exhaust
  • Constructed with stainless steel

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4. Cherry Bomb 87522 – Best Muffler For V8 Under 50

Best Muffler For V8

For the car owners who are done with a raspy drone coming from the tailpipe, we have listed cherry Bomb Glasspack 87522 muffler. It creates a pleasant throaty growl sound that is a signature mark of all V8 muscle cars.


Since the basic function of a glasspack muffler is to create a powerful sound. In simple words, a glasspack muffler can amplify the sound waves to create a more rich sound that is different from ear-piercing noise. And our 4th pick does this for your V8engine.

This muffler is created in a way to the improvised overall performance of your exhaust system. It allows free airflow because there are no blocks inside the best sounding muffler to cancel out sound waves. More fuel is burnt and more power is produced accordingly.

The muffler is constructed with aluminized steel and is coated with a bright red high-temperature paint. 100% welded aluminized steel body is although less corrosion resistance yet the paint aids in decreasing the threat of rust.

This muffler features a compact and straight-through design that helps maximize the airflow.

The Cherry Bomb glasspack muffler is available at a very reasonable price and never fails its users for providing a great sound.

  • Compact design
  • 100% welded aluminized steel body
  • Sounds aggressive yet tamed
  • Reversible design gives installation flexibility

5. MagnaFlow 10416 Muffler (Best Budget Muffler For V8)

MagnaFlow mufflers perform brilliantly when you want to dampen the raspy sound coming from your engine. The universal fit design of these mufflers makes them the go-to for your heavy power V8 trucks.


For v8 car enthusiasts, MagnaFlow 10416 muffler provides a signature deep tone and an improved performance of the exhaust system.

While taking a closer look at this muffler, you will surely never past liking its straight-through design.

If your v8 vehicle starts droning at highway speeds, then MagnaFlow 10416 muffler is the solution to get rid of this annoying sound. Its simple design never hinders the sound waves to flow. The resulting sound is a more rich sound to impress the car enthusiasts.

Again this simple and straight-through design decreases exhaust backpressure. So at throttle response, your vehicle throws away an increased power.

A very striking feature of this muffler is its overall construction. As it contains an acoustic packing and internal tubes within its body, the whole muffler is built up with stainless steel that never rusts away. All of its components are built to last for long.

Installing this muffler on your vehicle’s exhaust system is a little clingy as you need a professional to do the job for you.

The MagnaFlow 10416 muffler with its premium quality and a great performance level lives up to its name.

  • Glasspack/ straight through design
  • Suitable for 2.5inches inlet exhaust pipes
  • Stainless steel muffler

Buying Guide To Choose Best Muffler For V8

We think that these above-mentioned 5 products are the best sounding mufflers for V8 engines. All of these are different from one another in one way or another. Purchasing a muffler can be overwhelming if you don’t possess detailed knowledge.

Therefore we have compiled this useful buying guide for you to decide which product is the perfect fit for your V8 vehicle.

So have a read on.

Video By Power Nation

What does a muffler do?

To say it simply, a muffler reduces the noise created by the engine’s pistons and valves.

Your vehicle’s internal combustion engine expels exhaust gases at a very high speed that afterward convert into sound waves. A muffler within the exhaust system of your vehicle deals with these sound waves.

As the name itself says, a muffler muffles these sound waves.

With the fastest-growing automotive industry, we have aftermarket mufflers to do the job perfectly done. These mufflers come in various sizes and shapes, hence can create different exhaust tones likewise.

What are the key features to look for in the best sounding muffler for V8 vehicles?

You would be surprised to know that a little tweak in the design of a muffler can create an entirely different sound.

Some mufflers can create deep and rich tones while others excel in creating a throaty rumbling sound. Every muffler has its own unique but different impact on your V8 engine.

For that reason, we would advise you to know the main types of mufflers before choosing the right pick for your V8 truck.

A straight-through muffler:

The other name of a straight-through muffler is a glasspack muffler. A straight-through muffler allows exhaust gases to flow straightly within the muffler’s walls. As there is less obstruction to flow the waves, the resulting sound is loud enough.

For your v8 vehicles, they resonate brilliantly and create an oomph.

A chambered muffler:

This type of muffler goes excellent with muscle cars like V8s. a chambered muffler cancels out unpleasant sound waves and brings out harmonious frequencies to make a satisfying sound note.

Some chambered mufflers offer a scavenging effect to speed up the flow of exhaust gases. This doubles the performance of the engine.

A turbo muffler:

A turbo muffler combines a straight-through and a chambered muffler into it. this is the quietest muffler. A turbo muffler cancels out sound waves through its chambers and filters some of these sound waves with its fiberglass.

Yet a turbo muffler comes with a restriction as it creates more back pressure. Therefore, a turbo muffler is not a perfect fit for heavy-duty muscle cars.

What sound do you want?

If you want to have a destructive and aggressive sound, the glasspack mufflers are an absolute pick. But when you are looking for quiet sound, then you can have a chambered or turbo muffler to satisfy your needs.

How to find the right fit muffler for a V8 engine?

Look for the diameter, inlet/outlet configuration before purchasing a muffler. Usually, your V8 exhaust system is dual with two built-in mufflers. You may buy a muffler with a single inlet and outlet configuration. Measure the diameter of the exhaust to perfectly fit the muffler.


Can I install a muffler by myself?

Installing a muffler is a science. You may have to alter its specifications to make it fit for your vehicle make and model. So seek professional help to get it installed on flawlessly.

Can I delete a muffler from my v8?

A muffler is a legal requirement in many states, so deleting it can be a breach of the law. Moreover, a muffler is an essential part of your car’s exhaust system, so we would suggest you not to remove this device.

Should I clean the inside of a muffler?

You should clean the inside of your muffler with a detergent. Do it carefully whenever you want to clean it up.


So this is all our verdict on the best sounding mufflers for v8 trucks. We hope that this article has given you a better understanding of our reviewed mufflers and their buying guide.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly muffler that comes with durable construction, the Flowmaster  953047 is the best.

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