Best Muffler For V6

Regardless of being unpopular among automobile enthusiasts, V6 engines are still in vogue.

And if by a chance of luck, you are owing a vehicle with a V6 engine configuration, the first upgrade might be to change its factory muffler. Since the sound quality of a V6 engine is always looked down upon.

That’s why we have presented you with the best muffler for V6 vehicles.

So if you are annoyed by the sound quality of your V6 engine, go for picking up an aftermarket muffler from the list below.

All of these mufflers are unique in one way or another and can give a crisp twist to the sound of your V6 engine.

So let’s go on reading!

1. Flowmaster 953047 – Best Muffler For V6

best muffler for v6

If you are looking for a premium quality muffler to improvise the sound of your V6 engine, then this muffler from the Flowmaster Super 40 series is for you.

Whether you want a muffler for your V6 streetcar or your heavy-duty truck, this muffler will not lead you astray.

This muffler features Flowmaster’s patented delta flow technology that is designed to introduce a more aggressive and deeper exhaust note.

In addition to this, the muffler is durable. It is constructed with 16 gauge aluminized steel that helps it fight corrosion.

The muffler performs excellently for high-performance vehicles because of its two-chamber design.

At higher RPM, this muffler creates a deep exterior tone and reduces resonance. And when your V6 engine is at idle, it creates a deep and distinctive sound.

To please the aesthetic sense, the muffler features a jet black case profile.

Key Features
  • Compatible with 3 inches exhaust pipes
  • Chambered design
  • Works best for high-performance vehicles
  • Creates a mellow yet aggressive sound
  • MIG welded

Buyers’ reviews

The customers have positive reviews about this muffler. One of the customers reviewed that this muffler has made his V6 truck sound good enough. For deep yet not loud sound, the muffler is the best go-to choice.

2. Flowmaster 9430452 Super 44 Muffler

best muffler for v6

Once again, making its second appearance, the Flowmaster super 44 series muffler has become our second best choice.

The manufacturer has claimed this muffler the most aggressive muffler by so far. This premium quality muffler emits a hearty growl exhaust note to be noticed. Not being too loud for the ears, this muffler is a go-to modification on your V6 engine.

Again, like the Super 40 series, this muffler also features the manufacturer’s patented Delta Flow Technology that reduces back-pressure. When back-pressure decreases, the vehicle’s performance increases. So this muffler is a perfect combo of delivering performance and a noticeable sound.

This muffler is made to last for a long since it is made with 16 gauge aluminized steel and features MIG welded casing.

The two-chamber design of this muffler makes it a perfect fit for higher performance vehicles.

The cherry on the top, the company has backed up this muffler with 3 years warranty. So it is surely a reliable muffler to purchase.

Key Features
  • Chamber design
  • Delta flow technology
  • Dual output design
  • Easy installation for 3 inches exhaust pipe

Buyers’ reviews

The buyers have found this muffler a great upgrade for their V6 engines. They say that although this muffler makes a bearable drone sound at higher RPMs. But all in all, the muffler never fails to impart a pleasant rumbling sound for higher performance V6 engines.

3. MagnaFlow 10416

best muffler for v6

This straight-through muffler manufactured by MagnaFlow is a sure way to increase the horsepower.

Although all MagnaFlow mufflers are well known for creating a loud yet deep tone, this muffler is also not an exception.

Featuring a wide-open design, this muffler is constructed with durable stainless steel that is good corrosion resistance.

It is one of the most sought-after universal mufflers, for even at cruising speeds, it creates a deep rumbling sound that is music to many ears. So when you want to improve the sound of your high-performance V6 truck, this muffler is a perfect fit.

This muffler comes with a 2.5inches core size that makes it a perfect fit for all types of applications and vehicles.

You can likely remove the resonator to enjoy a more deep sound of your vehicle.

All in all, this loud muffler is going to be the best muffler for V6 vehicles.

Key Features
  • Glasspack design
  • The deep and loud exhaust note
  • Compatible with 2.5inches exhaust pipe
  • Maximizes horsepower

Buyers reviews

The buyers have reviewed this glasspack muffler a perfect option for their vehicles. They found its sound quality highly sporty. They stated that this muffler has killed noise and drone of their vehicles 20 times better than other aftermarket mufflers.

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best muffler for v6

4. BORLA 400286 Turbo XL Muffler

BORLA 400286 Turbo Muffler is one of the best muffler for V6Mustang. Although ford has stopped manufacturing mustang V6 engines, yet this Turbo Muffler can give a fairly noticeable deep sound to your old V6 Mustang.

Let’s see how it works.

This turbo muffler features an S shape design that improves the airflow. The higher airflow maximizes the performance of your vehicle. So if you want an upgrade that can improve the horsepower too, then BORLA budget-friendly muffler will satisfy your needs.

You would also feel delighted to know that this high-quality muffler is capable of delivering great sound. So whether your vehicle is at idle or at higher RPMs speed, this muffler never fails.

Constructed with durable stainless steel, this muffler is durable and rust-resistant.

The streamlined oval shape of this muffler makes your riding experience quieter than the stock muffler. And at open throttle, this muffler is slightly louder and never disturbs your driving comfort.

If you want an upgrade for budget, then BORLA 400286 Turbo Muffler is the best choice.

Key Features
  • Aircraft quality austenitic stainless steel
  • Manufactured with BORLA’s exclusive ATAK technology
  • The head-turning aggressive sound quality

Buyers’ reviews

According to the buyers, this muffler by BORLA is one of the most budget-friendly options to this date. They said that the sound quality of this muffler is good enough to turn the heads on the streets. They said that this muffler gives your V6 cars true sound and roots.

5. Thrush 17711Turbo Muffler

best muffler for v6

Like our other mentioned products of this list, Thrush 17711 Turbo Muffler is a complete package of great sound quality and performance.

While looking at its construction, this muffler unit features a 100% aluminized exterior body. so the muffler is built to last longer and is durable.

This muffler features a tri flow design that helps it create the signature exhaust note, not too high to disturb you while you are driving.

Even when you don’t dislike the sound quality of other listed mufflers, Thrush 17711 Turbo Muffler would be going to fulfill your needs.

Integrated with the exhaust system of your V6 vehicle, this muffler is bound to increase the overall performance of your vehicle.

The muffler instantly catches the attention of car racers because of its embossed Thrush logo.

What makes this muffler more interesting is its reversible design. So you can use it either way.

Featuring 2inches inlet and outlet diameter, Thrush 17711 muffler is the perfect fit for your higher performance V6 trucks.

Key Features
  • 100% aluminized steel exterior
  • Reversible design
  • Tri-flow technology

Buyers reviews

The customers have reviewed this product perfectly fit for V6 engine trucks. They said that this two-chambered muffler has one of the best upgrades on their vehicles so far. Great sound, increased fuel economy, and pocket-friendly price tag make this muffler an ideal option to purchase.

6. Cherry Bomb 7426 Extreme Muffler

best muffler for v6

Serving the automobile industry for the last 40 years, Cherry Bomb exhaust systems and mufflers have won the hearts of car enthusiasts.

The muffler is one of the most powerful mufflers that efficiently maximizes the airflow and bring great sound to your V6 engine.

When you want a muffler unit that performs great for your exhaust performance, then Cherry Bomb Extreme Muffler is the perfect choice to look for.

This small muffler unit comes with a straight-through and a wing plate design. And when we say straight-through muffler, it is understood that the muffler will deliver an aggressive roar.

From off-road cars to high-performance vehicles, the muffler is worth-considering.

Key Features
  • 100% welded construction
  • Wing plate design
  • Red painted exterior
  • Delivers aggressive sound
  • Straight-through muffler

Buyers reviews

The valued customers of this muffler have given positive reviews about this. They reviewed it as one of the most aggressive straight-through mufflers by so far. Some also went on saying that red paint faded away over time.

Choosing A Best Muffler For V6 Engine

Whether you are going for vehicle upgrading or for replacing your stock muffler, consider the following tips before choosing a muffler for your v6 engine.

Muffler Type:

Before making a purchase, consider the right type of muffler for your vehicle. If you want the loudest muffler, then glasspack/straight-through muffler is the perfect fit. They also improve the horsepower of your vehicle by providing maximum airflow.

But if mellow and deep sound attracts you more, we will recommend you to buy a chambered type muffler.

Does it fit with your vehicle?

to check the suitability of a muffler type for your vehicle, you should seek the guidance of a professional. And if you are making an online purchase, all you require is to enter the details of your vehicle, the system will automatically check the compatibility.

How to check the durability of a muffler?

Mostly mufflers are constructed with aluminum or stainless steel. The aluminized steel mufflers are more prone to corrosion and they sooner get rusted. Whereas stainless steel mufflers are more durable and last for a longer period.

Check with your budget

Check your pockets before buying a muffler for your V6 engine. Since muffler aids in improving fuel economy too, so buying an expensive muffler will not be a bad decision in the longer run.

But if you are running tight on your budget, we have enlisted a more budget-friendly muffler too.

Check with our list of 6 best muffler for V6 engines to get a perfect fit for your V6 engine configuration.


In many states, having a muffler within the exhaust system of your vehicle is a legal requirement. So make sure that you check all legislation beforehand to avoid any inconvenience.

Our aforementioned 6 best mufflers have all the essential features to make your less popular V6 engine the cynosure of each eye.

We do hope that you would inform us which muffler type performs best for your V6 engine.

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