Best Headlight Sealant

Once all new and brilliantly shining headlights turn yellow and fog up after some time. Since everything is not permanent and so are your car’s headlights. Due to harsh weather conditions and UV rays, car headlights are bound to haze up.

You can avoid this by using some of the best headlight sealants to keep the glory of your headlights intact.

These days, plastic headlights are more prevalent and only a few cars have glass headlights. Sadly, plastic headlights are more prone to oxidization whereas glass headlights last longer.

So as soon as the defensive coat of your car’s headlights wears off, you may feel the need of replacing it with new ones. This is a definite solution, though. But this option is fairly expensive. So using a car headlight sealant is the more affordable option to go for.

To save your time, we have compiled a list of top-notch 5 best headlight sealants available in the market.

Let’s get stuck into it:

1. Turtle Wax T-43 (2-in-1) Headlight Cleaner and Sealant

If your car’s headlights are slightly yellowish, then this very product is the go-to. It not only restores the lost brightness of headlights but also works great for preventing future oxidization.

This 2-in-1 headlight cleaner and sealant flawlessly work on your car’s headlights. By improving lens visibility, it gives you a safer driving experience.

It features advanced OEM resins that protect headlights from future oxidation. So once yellowish and clouded headlights are just-like-new with this premium quality headlight sealant.

What makes this headlight sealant more effective is its easy-peasy of use. You don’t need any drills or power tools to apply this sealant. Again you don’t need any wipes or sanding to make it work. Just apply the product to the affected headlight and rub it all over.

For better results, apply the product at regular intervals. Soon you will notice that it has not only prevents your headlights from turning yellow but also helps in improving clarity.


  • The 2-in-1 formula prevents hazing up and increases visibility
  • OEM advanced technology resins protect against oxidation
  • Works great for restored and new headlights
  • Good for all see-through plastics

2. Blue Magic 730-6 Headlight Lens Sealer

Best headlight sealant

Offering you a range of features, this is the second-best product in our featured list of the 5 best headlight sealants.

First of all, this sealant is great because of its easy to apply packaging and easy to use nature. The sealant is enclosed in a plastic spray bottle. You can push the nozzle and spray the content of the bottle directly onto your yellowish headlights.

With this, the bottle is encapsulated with a transparent cap that makes the content of the bottle safe. So there is likely no chance of spilling the product. So it’s 100% safe.

Another striking feature of this sealant is its usability for restored and new headlights. It equally performs exceptionally on both types of headlights. Added to this, the sealant is meant for all types of headlights.

If you keep on using this product at regular intervals, you can restore the discoloration of your headlights once for all.

You may not need to look for any other solution if you give this sealant a try. Because the brand Blue Magic has worked hard to make this product a premium one.

Since the product contains some harmful chemicals that are not good for pets and kids around. So it is mandatory to keep this product in a safe place.


  • Cleans up the last bit of yellowing
  • Improves the optical clarity of the lens
  • Great protection against oxidation

3. Meguiar’s G17804 Keep Clear Headlight Coating

Best headlight sealant

Meguiar is providing car care products for more than 150 years and it would be fair to review its G17804 clear headlight coating in our featured list. It successfully restores the lost glory of your yellow and hazy headlights.

What sets this product apart from its competitors is its state-of-the-art formulation that gives your old headlights a perfect appearance.

Keep clear Headlight Coating is going to be your favorite headlight sealant because it is very easy to apply. It is available in an aerosol spray which makes it apply to a specifically affected headlight with a breeze.

What’s more, this headlight sealant offers the best protection against UV rays. It comes with the capability of sealing your car’s headlights for almost one year. Hence you can take pride in maintaining the clarity of your car’s headlights.

For optimum results, we would likewise suggest you buy Meguiar restore kit instead of buying this single headlight sealant all alone. Just by spending some extra pounds, you can visibly mark the difference in the performance of your headlights.

The cherry on the top, this headlight sealant is very budget-friendly.


  • Aerosol can
  • Good in maintaining clarity of both old and restored headlights
  • State-of-the-art formula

4. Formula 1 615874 Headlight Restorer/Sealant

Best headlight sealant

If you are done with buying numerous car care products for your automobile, then Formula 1 is an all one solution for your needs. You can clean your car’s headlight lenses as well as can polish brake lights. Even you can apply this product to your helmet to make it polished. That means buying this product will save you additional money that you may have to spend on various car care products.

Coming to its performance for cloudy and hazy headlights, Formula 1 615874 stands second to none. It perfectly cleans dirt, oil, and grime from headlights. Also, it provides better protection against UV rays and other harsh weathering conditions that affect the clarity of headlights.

If you do specifically want to enhance the clarity of headlights during night time driving, then this headlight sealant is phenomenal. It turns your old and gloomy headlights into new and polished ones.

Apart from all these features, this headlight sealant is fairly easy to apply. When other headlight sealants may require sandpaper or buffing wheels, Formula 1 headlight sealer and Restorer works in one single step to polish cloudy headlights.

With one coat, you can gain the required results on the headlights you are after. For more yellowish headlights, you may need to apply this product twice to get perfect results. With a perfect price tag, this headlight sealant has won the hearts of many customers.


  • All in one solution to clear and polish cloudy and hazy headlights
  • Good protection against UV rays
  • Multipurpose usage

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5. Chemical guys GAP11516 Headlight Restore and Protect

Best headlight sealant

Chemical guys headlight restore and protect is the last reviewed product on our list. Characterized by optimal performance and impeccable features, this product is one of the best products of its category.

It offers great protection against oxidation and UV rays and turns yellow and foggy headlights into bright and crystal clear ones.

With its one-step formula, it cleans and polishes plastic headlights and excellently removes the yellow haze from headlights. By building a layer on the surface of headlights, also protects plastic lenses from any future damage. So the product is meant to stay for longer.

It features a refined cream formula that keeps headlights crystal clear throughout your driving. That means you can enjoy safer driving during all weather conditions as well as odd hours of the night.

When hiring the services of professionals may cost you way more than you have imagined, this product saves you from the trouble. Since it is super easy to use this product. You can DIY it by scrubbing the product on a hazy headlight. Use a microfiber towel to apply the product evenly.

For more professional results, you can use an additional polishing machine kit to perform the job. But the product itself never fails to deliver optimal crystal clear results.


  • Optical-select sealant technology
  • Micro-abrasives cream formula
  • Full synthetic wax sealant

Best headlight sealants buying guide and FAQs

After knowing the best headlight sealants of 2021, you should also know in detail the buying guide on headlight sealants. We have also covered up some FAQs on this topic to guide you through the process of buying the best pick for your automobile.

So here we go:

What is a headlight sealant used for and what are its types?

Everything comes with a certain lifespan and over time it starts showing some signs of decay. Car headlights are not exempted and therefore, they also need proper care and cleaning. It is where headlight sealant comes in. it protects your car’s headlights from getting hazy or cloudy.  By giving crystal clear visibility it makes your driving safer.

Types of headlight sealant are:

  • Aerosol spray
  • Liquid
  • Cream

What are the key features to look for when buying a headlight sealant?

If you have not bought a headlight sealant before you may look for some certain features to ensure that you are buying the best product. Look for these features:

  • A headlight sealant must maintain optimal protection against harmful UV rays and harsh weather conditions. Make sure that your headlight sealant is capable of restoring yellowish headlights as well as it should provide better protection against oxidation. You can go for buying a 2in1 headlight sealant for transforming your old headlights like new.
  • Usually, most headlight sealants are available at budget-friendly prices. Only expensive headlight sealants don’t have to give you better results. Some headlight sealants are low priced yet very effective and give desired results. You can check our reviews to decide which product best suits your needs.

Can I use a headlight sealant on daily basis?

A lot of factors decide how often you can use a headlight sealant for headlights. If you are driving on rough pathways and extreme weather conditions, the protective coat of the headlight starts peeling off. Hence in such a situation, you may frequently need a headlight sealant to protect the brightness and clarity of headlights.

But go for reading the product’s manual to decide the best interval of application.

Does a headlight sealant remove the discoloration?

Headlight sealants primarily protect headlights from oxidation. They never remove discoloration and haze. A headlight restoration kit gives you the best performance if you want to remove oxidation from headlights. It is a way more effective solution to remove the discoloration.


Car headlights are located right on the front of your car and therefore they soon get oxidized. But with proper care and gadgets, you can keep your old and restored headlights electrifying as they were on day one. Our aim in compiling the reviews of best headlight sealants is just the same.

 We know that you value your car and want to enjoy safe driving and this is not possible with headlights turning yellow. We recommend Blue Magic Headlight Lens Sealer since it is all one product that is good for new and restored headlights.

We think that all of the featured products in our list are great and gives the best possible results. Let us know if you have given a try to any of the above-mentioned products. 

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