Top 10 Best Floor Jack Reviews

If you are looking for the best floor jack then you are at the right place. Over the years technology and productivity gadgets and tools have seen a rapid rise not only in innovation but also in terms of how they help us solve our everyday needs and makes our lives more practical and intuitive than ever and that’s specifically the reason why these types of products are manufactured at unbelievable rates. Our user input and recommendations have made today’s technological trends possible.

Why is there a need for a best floor jack?

Lifting heavy objects, you want to repair can be a lot of work and you need the extra support and lift you can get and best floor jacks provide exactly that. A floor jack is useful to lift heavy objects like cars, trucks, or any other heavy object. It comes in handy in extremely narrow garage spaces where maneuverability is an issue and cars and heavy vehicles need additional support from somewhere so you can carry out your activities and repairs more efficiently.

There are plenty of best floor jacks available on the market today each has its own unique set of characteristics and features attached to them. Think about the burden and extra load lifted of your shoulders by using a fully capable and advanced floor jack. The operation of a floor jack isn’t something hard to learn and once you get the hang of it you can really put it to good use.

How we made our list of Top 10 Best floor jacks

Our main approach to tackle our research to find out the best floor jacks available on the market was to find pieces of information and products that are going to be the most practical and will have the least amount of problems and complaints down the line, because lets face it why will people invest in something that doesn’t give long term benefit and we need to more closely focus on these issues.

We carried out extensive primary and secondary research to reach our conclusion and select the absolute best floor jacks we could that are available on the market right now and we even went to the trouble of allowing our company peers and employees use some of these floor jacks to give us a more realistic firsthand experience of these floor jacks. So let’s not waste any time and get right into the list of the best floor jacks online that money can buy.

1. Arcan 3-Ton Quick Rise Aluminium Floor Jack (best floor jack for 3 ton)

Arcan 3-Ton Quick Rise Aluminium Floor Jack

Number one on our best floor jacks list is the Arcan 3-Ton Quick Rise Aluminium Floor Jack. The operation of this jack is more than basic and it’s specifically engineered to lift heavy vehicles and it’s aluminum design makes it much more lighter in comparison than some of the other options we have available today on the market. Let’s take a look at it’s main features.

Key features

The arcan floor jack has inbuilt dual pump pistons the lift arm signifies and improves strength and durability wise it’s pretty solid. The saddle houses a rubber insert and a foam handle bumper to shield against accidental collisions from your vehicle. The side mounted handle makes it positioning this floor jack much more practical.\

User reviews

People and users in general have given very solid reviews about this device and for good reason as well, for starters they say that the jack is much lighter in comparison to other steel jacks and that the operation is very smooth and disturbance free.


Overall this floor jack is one of the best floor jacks that money can buy today, it’s lightweight build coupled with it’s industry forward design that can lift up to 3 ton capacities is genuinely impressive.

2. Pro-Lift F-767 Grey Low Profile Floor Jack (best floor jack for lowered cars)

2. Pro-Lift F-767 Grey Low Profile Floor Jack (best floor jack for lowered cars)

Number two on this guide of the best floor jacks to buy takes us on a budget product that aims to provide a more bang for your buck for the money. This floor jack is known to be a low profile floor jack that will help you get underneath your cars more easily and effectively.

Main features

The specialty of this jack is that it only weighs in 30 pounds which at this price is a very impressive feat to achieve not to mention, its two ton lifting capacity which might not always be best for heavier vehicles but it gets the job done in fine style.

Build quality

This floor jack is constructed from a durable steel construction which is heavy duty in nature and will allow you to escape rust and maintenance issues down the line.

User reviews

Avid purchasers of this product named this as one of the best floor jacks that gives you the value, it has received top marks for being sturdy and durable and easily maneuverable.


If you’re on a tight budget and want a floor jack to fulfill most of your car lifting needs, this one is the one to get and it’s smooth steel construction makes it more durable than other steel jacks.

3. AFF 4 Ton Heavy Duty Floor Jack (best floor jack for suv)

AFF 4 Ton Heavy Duty Floor Jack

Continuing along our list for the best floor jacks for cars and other vehicles we have for you AFF 4 Ton Heavy Duty Floor Jack that is equipped with a strong 4 Ton lifting capacity for all your lifting needs out there. It’s great feature is that It uses two hydraulic cylinders to make lifting easier and faster, and the long handle comes apart to help with storage. 

Main features

The twin hydraulic approach is a master stroke to say the least and provides much greater control for a more controlled descent. As previously mentioned as well this jack is easily capable of lifting vehicles up to the 4-ton range which is impressive and warrants a more industry standard performance.

User’s review

Many people liked this product for a variety of different reasons first of people point out it’s incredible lifting ability and the fact that it can lift up to 4 tons and how sturdy and durable it is in build quality.


We have reached the conclusion that this is a solid overall offering in our best floor jacks lineup that is capable of lifting extremely heavy vehicles and it’s durable design makes it much more long lasting than other floor jacks we have seen.

4. Blackhawk B6350 Floor Jack (best floor jack for home garage)

Blackhawk B6350 Floor Jack

At the number four spot we bring you Blackhawk B6350 Floor Jack that brings you it’s impressive 3.5-ton total lifting capacity it should be more than enough for all your lifting needs if you want a solid all-around jack for your home. This is perfect for most homeowners because the capacity it has is more than enough to fulfill all of your lifting needs.

Safety features

Internal safety valve is there to ensure that all kinds of future accidents are prevented at all costs. This ensures you to fulfill all of your car lifting needs without the extra burden to run into a potential mishap.

Convenient features

This jack shines in the convenience department as it allows you to allows you to position the jack right where you need it quickly and prevents accidents as well, which is something we can always get behind, all thanks to the swivel handle.

User reviews

Users around the globe have expressed fairly positive remarks about this jack and one even said  I haven’t had any issues with the jack giving out during lifting and the added safety features are always a nice thing to have on top of all the other features present inside this product.


The conclusion we have reached for this product is this, if you are a homeowner and avid vehicle mechanic who wants to keep a quality jack in his or her garage this one is the one you need to get and it has more than enough features to warrant a buy.

5. Torin ‘Big Red’ Hydraulic Floor Jack (best basement floor jack)

Torin ‘Big Red’ Hydraulic Floor Jack

Halfway into our best floor jacks list we have for you the  Torin ‘Big Red’ Hydraulic Floor Jack that is built from a durable heavy duty steel material and it doesn’t appear to break the bang with a very handsome price tag, this jack holds the middle ground for being the best of both worlds in terms of price and feature set.

Main features

This jack has two large steel casters and a swivel caster to help with manoeuvrability which helps if you want to move it around at ease and although the 3 ton lifting capacity isn’t the best it is still a very solid capacity if you don’t need your jack to do to much for you. Its longevity is also great and you can expect this thing to last you a long time.

User reviews

People consider this a very effective budget option and when we gave this jack to our piers they were extremely impressed with it’s durability and longevity because you simply can’t get all these things at such an attractive price.


The conclusion we have reached is that this floor jack is definitely one of the best out there because it equals the price to feature ratio and even gives more benefits on top of that like the durable and long lasting design.

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6. Sunex 6603ASJPK Aluminum Jack (best floor jack for side by side)

Sunex 6603ASJPK Aluminum Jack

Our number six spot we have the Sunex 6603ASJPK Aluminum Jack and one of the first most compact and lightweight jacks money can buy. The side plate of this jack is specifically engineered to lift the arm. Let’s take a look at what this jack has to offer in terms of features.

Standout features

We already mentioned how much compact and lightweight this product really is but what’s impressive is that the jack is designed with a thick fame side plate that strengthens it to lift the arm. To protect your vehicle from damage, it has inbuilt two-piece handles built into its bumper pads. By being so convenient this floor jack can also be more efficiently stored which increases its storage capacity.

User reviews

People have placed this floor jack as a very viable convenient option and some expressing their positive feedback by saying that this jack has an excellent rapid pump action coupled with the standard pneumatic pumps on the steel jacks.


Here is the bottom line for this floor jack and that it definitely has great compact and lightweight build which will improve your everyday operations significantly.

7. Pittsburgh Automotive Steel Car Jack

Pittsburgh Automotive Steel Car Jack

Moving to number seven on our best floor jacks list we have for you the Pittsburgh Automotive Steel Car Jack and provides adequate performance for the price you pay for it.

Main features

This floor jack provides the adequate performance and in terms of durability it is decent to say the least, its aluminum aircraft engineered design is something that deserves praise and the ergonomic design allows you to maintain a sturdy grip at all times during operation.

User reviews

Many users have appreciated that during the operation this jack can get pretty low and that happens without any major bulge which is an added plus.


While this jack may not be for everyone what we are happy to point out that this jack has a lot of great things going for it including it’s lightweight design and the ability to get lower when lifting the car.

8. BIG RED T46202 Torin Steel Jack Stands (best floor jack for heavy duty trucks)

BIG RED T46202 Torin Steel Jack Stands

The big red floor jack is yet another budget option that makes into our list and for good reason to with it’s wide foot pyramid foot base it will allow you to lift more and with greater stability.

Standout features

One of the main big plus points of this floor jack is that it is capable of lifting a 6 ton load capacity which makes it suitable for big vehicles like trucks. With it having the capability of supporting such a large load you would think that this jack is heavy but it’s much lighter than you think.

User reviews

People have rightfully named this the best floor jack for cars and trucks both just because of it’s massive lifting capacity that it possesses.


We absolutely love this jack for what it is and it’s definitely a powerhouse when it comes to extreme lifting capacity of up to 6 pounds.

9. Hein-Werner Hydraulic Floor Jack (best floor jack for golf cart)

Hein-Werner Hydraulic Floor Jack

Almost nearing the end of this detailed best floor jacks guide we have for you the Hein-Werner Hydraulic Floor Jack that is a USA made product and is made of cast iron which does make it heavier but does make it solid also.

Main features

The most prominent thing about this jack is that The side plates are flagged, which provides some stability, and the frame is wide for the same reason. The U shaped joint integrated for precise stability and control is also a nice touch.

User reviews

People have been impressed overall by the solid construction of this jack and the fact that it has a sealed built in hydraulic pump as well.


This jack has it’s own unique set of properties and is tailor made for those people that really want to get specific features they desire like the cast iron construction.

10. Performance Tool 2.5 Ton Capacity Floor-Jack

Performance Tool 2.5 Ton Capacity Floor-Jack

Ending our guide for the best floor jacks with the performance tool 2.5 ton floor jack that is also reasonably priced for what it offers and while it may not be at the top of your list we wanted to make sure we point out it uniquely distinctive traits that other floor jacks might not have so lets take a look at it.

Standout features

The swivel castors embedded into this makes positioning and maneuverability much easier and it houses a stainless steel construction which is an added bonus.

User reviews

People overall have deemed this a reliable device to buy for its steel construction and swivel functionality.


This floor jack may not be the absolute best but it has few features that other floor jacks simply don’t have so it definitely warrants a buy.

Buyer’s guide

After mentioning the strengths and weaknesses of all these floor jacks we have captured the true essence of this guide but still everyone’s needs are different and they need to be properly identified before proceeding to make your final decision, let’s look at different characteristics that you need to keep in mind before making your final buying decision.

Trolley jack

The most common form of floor jack people use today is the trolley jack, they have wheel constructed at the bottom and positioning it makes it comfortable.

Bottle Jacks

Bottle jacks are not that much different compared to trolley jacks but hydraulic pressure is utilized to lift the car and they are much more compact and smaller to store than your traditional jacks.

Final verdict

After covering a ton of floor jacks it’s difficult to name the best floor jack out there but based on our research and pricing strategy we feel that the AFF 4 Ton Heavy Duty Floor Jack is the one you should get because it is a good allrounder gets all your necessary lifting tasks done with an adequate lifting capacity and a price that is worth everything you’re getting for it.


Does lifting capacity matter?

This is something that is very subjective because it entirely depends on the vehicle size and if your vehicle isn’t that large enough you may not need it, so it’s entirely subjective.

How is longevity important?

Longevity is mainly determined by the type of material used in the steel jack and it mainly is better to use aluminum and stainless steel to construct floor jacks so overtime they don’t show any signs of wear and tear.


Finally, we have reached the end of this guide and choosing the best floor jack and it is a complex process because of the various market offerings but one thing to keep in mind is that always buy a floor jack that has more convenient features than gimmicks because what’s the point of buying a product when you won’t use half the features. Floor jacks in particular are productivity products that are there to provide as much convenience as possible and it would make sense to get a product that does the absolute best for what it was intended for.

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