Best Floor Jack for Trucks

If you’re thinking to lift your SUV with a scissor jack, you might be putting your truck or yourself in a dangerous situation. On the contrary, lifting your truck with a floor jack is relatively a better and safer idea.

Isn’t it? Indeed it is. Also, it is a fact that for lifting a bigger bus, you need a bigger tool. Further to this, a floor jack doesn’t require much physical effort to lift a heavy-duty vehicle.

Considering all these, you must be thinking by now to upgrade your truck’s basic jack with a special one. Since the mainstream market is saturated with several best floor jack for trucks, choosing the right one to fit your truck’s needs is crucial.

Mechanical or hydraulic, both types of floor jacks can lift any traditional-style pickup truck. But still, your budget, your truck’s weight, and how often you want to lift your truck with a floor jack are the key pointers that you should consider before buying a floor jack.

This being the reason and to save you from the hassle, we have reviewed the best of the best floor jack options you can consider buying.

1. Sunex 6602LP 2 Ton Low Rider Jack

Sunex 6602LP 2 Ton Low Rider Jack

Only an exceptional and industrial-grade floor jack can lift a muscular SUV. Luckily, this is one of the most dynamic jacks that can lift trucks weighing nearly 2 tons of weight.

Sunex Tools takes pride by saying “leave the heavy lifting to Sunex”. And this floor jack is truly worth what the company is trying to accomplish. This floor jack is a combination of performance and versatility.

The design of this jack is impressive and highly functional. The huge size of the jack can go up to 24” of lift to fit any SUV or a mini-truck. Along with this, this jack possesses a low-profile body that maintains a minimum height of 2.75” to fit sports and exotic cars. Being this, this floor jack is not the best floor jack for trucks but also it’s great for small and fancy cars.

Obviously, the best floor jack for trucks should be well-built, heavy, and huge, so is this floor jack. The sheer weight, size, and strength of this floor jack make it practical to lift a muscular car. At the same time, you would face a bit of disappointment that you can’t transport it with ease. Also, it requires a specific space on the floor to put this little monster in your garage.

Many users complain that the handle of this floor jack doesn’t turn smoothly. However, this problem gets solved when you grease it. We also think it would be better and nicer if Sunex has had made the handle more comfortable and free-spinning to open or close the valve.

Nonetheless, this floor jack is built with thick steel and is solid. There are no sharp edges; neither would you see any flaws and imperfections on the paint and finish.

All in all, the best floor jack for trucks !


  • 24″ max-height
  • Rubber saddle
  • Foam handle bumper
  • Ball-bearing mounted
  • Quick-release handle

2. Powerbuilt 620479E Profile Floor Jack

Powerbuilt 620479E Profile Floor Jack

Powerbuilt is another trusted name to go for when you’re planning to get your truck an authenticated floor jack. Fortunately enough that you won’t have to break your back to maneuver this bad guy. It is relatively lighter than our first-mentioned floor jack option. It weighs nearly under 60 pounds so easy to transport.

Again thanks to Jesus and the manufacturer for its mid-sized profile, as you won’t need to make compromises on its performance. This floor jack has a comparatively wider saddle to lift any minibus with convenience. The cherry on the top, this gadget needs no additional jack stand since there’s a strong safety bar that prevents the jack from lowering when you raise it to the maximum height. This is a laudable feature if you’re tight on budget.

However, we’d like to draw your attention to the fact that this floor jack drops the car back down so instantly and quickly that it seems as if your wheels’ rim might crack.

The built-in carry handle is our favorite feature of this floor jack. For it allows the user to transport this tool anywhere with maximum comfort. Since this floor jack is relatively lighter so maneuvering it is pretty easy.

Whether you want to change tires from summers to winters or you want to check your truck from the bottom, you need a robust floor jack. And this floor jack does everything that it is advertised to do.

Worth recommended!


  • 15 ½” max-height
  • Wider saddle
  • 2 position locking safety bar
  • Carrying handle

3. Arcan ALJ3T Floor Jack

Arcan ALJ3T Floor Jack

The above-mentioned two products are capable of lifting vehicles that weigh around 2 tons, but this is more advanced and relatively more powerful in lifting vehicles that even weigh 3 tons. So this is the best floor jack for trucks when the weight of your vehicle is the determinant factor when buying a floor jack for SUVs or trucks only.

In the first place, this floor jack takes the lead over its contenders for its lightweight build quality. a steel jack is beefy and heavy to tackle but an aluminum floor jack isn’t. Constructed with aluminum, it is lighter than any steel-made floor jack.

Not only it is lightweight in construction, but it has user-friendly ergonomics to make it one of the best floor jack for trucks in 2021.

If your floor jack isn’t performing well and you’re done with its poor lifting abilities, then this is the best bet for you. it handle turns pretty smoothly and it doesn’t even slam back. The whole operation is done calmly and without any fear or danger. There are enhanced safety functions to ensure that the user can perform a safe job under the vehicle.

The lift range of this tool is an attention-grabbing feature. It has a lift range of 3.6” to 19.4”. this may raise your concern if you’re squarely looking for a floor jack for a low-profile sports car or a high-profile SUV or a passenger car. Because certainly, there’re floor jacks that have as low lifting height as below 2” or as high lifting height as above 25”.

Nevertheless, this floor jack from Arcan is still one of the best of its kind because it is budget-friendly.

100% recommended!


  • Aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Side mount handle
  • Foam handle bumper
  • 18″ max-height
  • 3-ton weight lifting capacity

4. Blackhawk B6350 Black Jack

Blackhawk B6350 Black Jack

For working under your SUV or changing its seasonal tires, you need a versatile and powerful floor jack. B6350 from Blackhawk is that one particular floor jack that is capable of lifting any passenger car or a truck to a maximum height of 22 inches.

This being the point, we ought to think that if you’re strictly looking for a floor jack for a lifted truck, then this might be the end of your hunt. It can take your vehicle up to a height of 22”. On the contrary, if you’re looking for a duo-sort of floor jack for your small cars, this one can’t fit your needs. Its lowest lifting range is 5.5”-that is definitely higher than many conventional floor jacks in the market. There’re dozens of floor jack options that can raise both lower and lifted vehicles with equal ease and convenience.

To this, this floor jack is sturdy and heavier than its peers. For moving it around your garage or a paved driveway, this goes smoothly. However, if you’re thinking to pick it up, this might be not for you. However, this is the most solid jack for the price as it does the job very well.

In third place, this jack belongs to the category of excellent heavy-duty jacks. Although it’s beefy yet it comes with ease of use. Just be wary to turn the handle with extra caution to avoid it snapping.

Overall, for lifting heavily built cars, this jack is available at an affordable price tag.


  • 22″ max-height
  • 3.5 tons weight capacity
  • Swivel saddle
  • Built-in internal safety valve
  • Fast lifting technology

5. Pro-Lift F-767 Floor Jack

Pro-Lift F-767 Floor Jack

In the fifth place on our list, we have reviewed the Pro-Lift f-767 floor jack. This is another impeccable floor jack that has all the necessary features you want to lift a mid-sized truck. Also, for lifting cars, this is worth considering jack with a stout body.

The maximum lifting height of this floor jack is just 14″-this is something that may raise your concern if you’re specifically looking for the best floor jack for lifted trucks. There might be other floor jack options with a higher lifting range that would suit your needs. Go above and consider the Sunex 6602LP floor jack that can lift your lifted trucks with a breeze.

This is a powerful floor jack with a catchy design with user-friendly ergonomics. The steel body gives this tool its required strength to lift a vehicle with 2 tons of weight. we don’t recommend exceeding the limitations if you want to prevent the risk of hazards. Nonetheless, there’s a built-in safety valve to keep accidents at a distance.

Being under for 70$, this is probably a smaller jack for an SUV but not a deal-breaker. Because it will not only save your money but remains an inexpensive floor jack tool that would work all of your needs.

Anyhow, if you’re conscious to go only with a pro-lift hydraulic floor jack with exceptional and more advanced features, then pro-lift F-2533 with a maximum height of 21″ might be the right one for your SUVs.

For the reasonable price tag, the F-767 is not a bad option.


  • 14″ max-height
  • Steel construction
  • Safety release valve
  • 2 tons weight capacity
  • Patented bypass device

6. Liftmaster 3 Ton Heavy Duty Floor Jack

Liftmaster 3 Ton Heavy Duty Floor Jack

You can’t go wrong with Liftmaster floor jacks because they are highly functional and will last for a lifetime. This particular floor jack from Liftmaster combines sheer power and strength to lift any vehicle to the maximum height of 20”. This range of height is ideal for any SUV that has a lifted chassis. Therefore, this is another versatile and best floor jack for lifted trucks.

The hydraulic floor jack is another intuitive level of lifting your vehicles with ease. This hydraulic floor jack with its dual pump hydraulic lift technology helps the user to lift any vehicle quickly and instantly.

What is the most amazing about this floor jack is its ability to maintain height for hours without an issue. Just by pumping a few times, you can adjust your vehicle to the height required for servicing your vehicle.

The safe and stable platform is another beauty of this phenomenal floor jack that won’t disappoint you.

Being a muscular floor jack with a massive weight of 33 kilograms, you might consider that it’s difficult to maneuver on bumpy roads. Fortunately, you’re wrong. The wheels are smooth and allow you to transport the jack easily.

Not only this jack is sturdy but is also rust-resistant. For the price, it does all that you’re expecting from a heavy-duty floor jack.


  • Dual pump system
  • 20 max height capacity
  • Alloy Steel construction
  • 2-piece knurled handle

7. BIG RED T815016L Jack

BIG RED T815016L Jack

Sliding underneath your vehicle isn’t challenging if you have this mid-range Torin hydraulic floor jack from Big Red. it is versatile, functional, and easy to use.

Before you get into the details of this product, I would like to draw your attention to its lifting ability. Unlike its contenders that can lift your vehicle to the height of 24″ or more, this one makes your vehicle go above in the air just 14″. This is not an issue unless you’re looking for a jack for your low-profile cars. However, if you’re the owner of a passenger car, SUV, or any other massive truck, you may need to revise your decision.

On the other hand, this floor jack is one of the best floor jack for trucks because it is extraordinarily well-built. Made with aluminum and steel, it can withstand a lot of use and abuse.

The weight of this jack is the most applaudable feature of this floor jack that makes it pretty different from its competitors. A handle is located at the side of the jack for picking it up when the need arises. The weight and the handle make transportation of the jack hassle-free.

Not only this jack is easy to use but you can use it safely. Thanks to the manufacturer who has paid attention to introduce a built-in safety valve to prevent use beyond load capacity.

Overall, this floor jack is a great one until you want to lift any vehicle below or equal to 1.5 tons of weight.


  • 14 max-height
  • 1.5 tons weight capacity
  • Aluminum and steel construction
  • Non-slip knurled handle
  • Built-in safety overload protection system


What is the difference between a floor jack and a scissor jack?

Although there are several differences between the two categories. Both have different designs and use for different functions.

For changing your vehicle tires, a scissor jack is all that you need to perform the job. on the contrary, if you’re having a truck and are a weekend warrior and need to go underneath your truck or SUV, the floor jack would be appropriate for your needs.

Never use a scissor jack for lifting your truck if you want to save your life and vehicle. a floor jack adapts to variable points of your truck to raise it enough so that you can safely go underneath your vehicle to do serviceable things.

How to use a hydraulic floor jack?

A hydraulic jack works by pushing oil through two cylinders through a pump plunger to produce pressure. The suction valve then closes, resulting in a build-up of pressure within the chamber, which causes the piston to rise and lift your heavy object.

Is it safe to overload a floor jack?

Most of the latest floor jacks are equipped with a built-in safety valve. With this feature, the jack stops lifting vehicles when the load becomes too heavy. Therefore, whenever you’re buying a hydraulic floor jack, make sure it has a built-in safety valve to ensure safety.

Is it necessary to maintain a floor jack?

Yes, it’s. any foreign objects like dirt or grime would damage your unit. So it is necessary to remove these particles if you want to maintain your tool for a longer time.

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