Best Floor Jack for Lifted Trucks

“I love driving the cool cars but there is nothing like driving a pickup truck” – Dwayne Johnson

Are you also tired of frequent use of typical lifts that take years to fit under the rockers and do not provide stability? Well, I have been there too and know how frustrating it is.

When it comes to lifted trucks, you not only need a jack with enough height but also with enough sturdiness that can lift the required weight. As you are not going to buy it just for one use, it also needs to be portable enough. In short, it has to be the best floor jack for lifted trucks.

I remember a time when my truck’s tire got flat in the middle of some isolated place and I found no one for help. And guess what? My poor floor jack was not helping me in fixing it. It was a terrible situation. So, never forget to carry the best floor jack that can go till more than 20 inches in height.

What are floor jacks and why you must have them?

It is a tool used to raise vehicles from the floor for repairing purposes. With its incredible lifting power, you can lift heavy automobiles with small efforts. There are 3 types of them.

The first one is a floor jack with long handles that creeps beneath the vehicle. The truck rises when the person pumps the handle. Next is bottle one which is considered the best for lifted trucks. With the pumping of the handle, the series of the piston pushes up with the pressure of the hydraulic fluid and car lifts. The last one is scissor jacks. In this, the two ends of the jacks are pushed closer by the large screw in the middle. When this happens, the pad pushes upward and the vehicle lifts. Now, if you have a lifted truck you must have it to save yourself from any worst situation.

How we Made the List of the Best Floor Jack for Lifted Trucks?

It was hectic to find out the best ones among thousands of floor jacks in the market. However, we have compiled this list with sheer dedication after interviewing hundreds of mechanics to find out the best floor jack for lifted vehicles. Then our team of experts who themselves use trucks and have fixing experience tried each jack that was in the draft list. After those experiments, the jacks that worked and performed the best are in this list that we are now sharing with you. Now it’s your turn to choose what will work best for you according to your taste and lifestyle.

1) Blackhawk B6350 (Best Overall)

Blackhawk B6350

It is one of the best floor jacks for lifted trucks. It provides secure lift, durability, a high lift range, and much more.

Heavy Duty

It has a 3.5-ton lifting capacitance which is more than enough to lift any vehicle including heavy lifted trucks.

Secure Lift

You don’t need to worry about the vehicle’s safety as it has a built-in safety valve and vent. Also, it has a rugged universal joint that will precisely control the load. With its swivel paddle, you can safely and easily position the jacks. However, the car must be supported by a pair of jack stands.

Convenient Features

As compared to the weight of other steel jacks, it weighs less than others. Also, its 22 inches great lifting range allows you to lift any heightened trucks or cars. All these features make it the best floor jack as well as the best hydraulic jack for a lifted truck.

User’s Reviews

Things that users loved the most are its durability and sturdiness. They also liked its high lift range and heavy-duty.

Bottom Line

This hydraulic jack for lifted trucks is best for those who want a secure and stable lift for their vehicles. Also, for those who are looking for a durable jack.

2) Arcan 3-ton Quick Rise Aluminium Floor Jack

Arcan 3-ton Quick Rise Aluminium Floor Jack

If you are looking for an aluminum jack that also ensures durability and reliability then you are at the right product. Even you can consider it the best floor jack for lifted trucks.

Removable Handles

It has removable handles so you can easily remove them and save space. Also, with its side mount handle, you can position the jacks quite easily.


 As it has a reinforced lift arm, you can enjoy its increased strength, great control, and durability. It also has a wide base which provides stability. Moreover, its base pads prevent the jack from sinking and ensure reliability.

Convenient Features

It is lightweight as compared to other steel ones and allows easy maneuverability, so you can easily move the jack. With its dual pump pistons, you can quickly lift the load. As it has counterweighted pawl locks, it prevents slipping and provides easy adjustments. Its large saddle has locating lungs. With them, you can position the vehicle conveniently.

User’s Reviews

Users love how their Arcan 3 ton jack is working perfectly even after 3 years and fixing hundreds of vehicles. They love its durability, easy movements, and great control

Bottom Line

It is best for those who are looking for a durable, reliable, and quick jack. It is also lightweight and positions itself very easily.

3) Big RED TA92006 Torin Pneumatic Air Hydraulic Bottle Jack best bottle jack

Big RED TA92006 Torin Pneumatic Air Hydraulic Bottle Jack best bottle jack

For those who are looking for the jack that lifts their lifted truck as well as heavy machinery, equipment, or any other vehicle, this jack is best for you. While looking for the best floor jack for lifted trucks, this product captured our attention and it turned out great.

Manual and automatic

With the compressor, you can use its air power pump for automatic lifting. However, if the compressor is not available and you are stuck nowhere then you can also use its hydraulic pump and lift it yourself.


It has 20 tons of lifting capacitance leaving you with the choice to lift heavy pieces of machinery like a breeze.

Convenient Features

It has a rugged base that provides strength and stability to the jack and thus ensures a secure lift. Its air pressure ranges from 100 to 175 PSI which is an excellent pressure to lift any vehicle. With its thumb-activated trigger, you can control the height as well. The maximum height range is 20’’ which is good for lifted trucks.

User’s Reviews

User’s love it being manual. They told how they lifted their SUVs, trucks, machinery, and cars with this powerful jack.

Bottom Line

This bottle jack is best for those who don’t want to put the effort into lifting the truck and at the same want a jack that can also work manually. Also, if you need to lift heavy machinery as well then there is no better choice than this.

4) Powerbuilt 620422E Heavy Duty

Powerbuilt 620422E Heavy Duty

If you want a floor jack that can fix your multiple vehicles like ATV, truck, motorcycle, and car then this might be the best choice for you. It is a multipurpose jack and replaces multiple pieces of equipment.

Flexible and unique design:

Its patented design makes it convenient. It comes with a removable lift saddle and padded lift rails for all-terrain vehicles and motorcycles.


It has a locking safety bar that safely holds the load so there is no need of jack stands. You can use it for multipurpose as it can work like an ATV jack, floor jack, and even a jack stand.

Convenient features

Firstly, it has swivel casters with wheels so you can easily move them. Designed with metallic fiber, it provides durability and can lift to 4000 lb of load.

User’s Reviews

Its users mostly talked about its heavy-duty and sturdiness and found it to be the best floor jack for lifted trucks. They also liked it being versatile and mentioned how they used it for their different vehicles.

Bottom line

This is best for those who want a jack that can save their garage space and can be used for multiple vehicles.

5) Powerbuilt  All-trade 640912

Powerbuilt  All-trade 640912

If you want a low price jack with the same functionalities as compared to a pricey jack of the same company, then this might be the one that you should go for.


Its patented design features both jack stand and bottle jack making it convenient. You can easily start lifting your trucks without feeling the need to buy any other thing

Easy Storage

It is easy to store and carry. It would not take much space of your garage

Convenient Features

Its height adjustment feature allows you to lift the truck to the desired height. Height ranges from 11’’ to 21’’.  It is portable and provides stability with its wide steel base. Also, you can hold both regular and unibody vehicles.

User’s Reviews

Users loved this jack for being 2 in 1 and helpful in emergencies.  They told how this is strong and wide base provided them stability.

Bottom Line

It is best for those who have off-road vehicles and trucks. 640912 and 620471 have the same functionalities except for the height adjustment options and price. If you don’t need this feature then this is highly advisable to go for the cheaper one

6) SUNEX TOOLS 6603ASJPK Aluminium 3-ton jack pack

SUNEX TOOLS 6603ASJPK Aluminium 3-ton jack pack

If you want a floor jack that is quick and lightweight then this might be what you were looking for. You can quickly fix your vehicle with this jack and continue your journey.


Its aluminum material makes it 2 times lighter than the steel ones. Being lightweight, it also allows easy movements. Also, it takes very small garage space.


It is very fast to lift. Its dual pump pistons allow quick lifting in just 7 pumps. However, other jacks take 20 pumps to lift and this makes it one of the best floor jacks for lifted trucks.

Convenient features

It is slimmer than other jacks and its handle can be separated into two parts that provide easy storage. It also comes with pair of light weighted 3-ton jack stands. Your required position and the vehicle will be secured by its adjustment pins. As it has a foamy handle bumper and rubble saddle, your vehicle will be safe from any breakage or scratch. Moreover, you can lift your vehicle to 20 inches high

User’s Reviews

The best thing that users loved about this vehicle is that it is quick and lightweight.  Females were also able to lift their cars.

Bottom Line

This is best for those who are looking for a lightweight and especially quick floor jacks. Also, this jack can save up their garage space.

7) Torin 38006 SUV Jack

Torin 38006 SUV Jack- 3ton

Torin is a famous company that is known for its durable jacks. If you are looking for great functionalities then this one is the best.

Dual caster and swivel

It comes up with 2 large steel casters and a 360-degree swivel. With them, you can easily move the jack while doing maintenance of the car.

Great Performance

With its long saddle’s neck and single-piston, you can quickly lift the vehicle. It has a built-in handle for convenient picking and movement and has a length of 24.5 inches

Convenient Features

This jack is made of alloy steel and gives heavy-duty while ensuring long-term durability. With its 20.99 inches height range you can lift any lifted truck or SUV. Its 3-ton capacitance is enough to lift any truck, car SUV, and car. Moreover, its safety bypass system ensures safety by preventing overloading.  Lastly, its Tongs’ tips are covered with rubber.

User’s Reviews

Users love its functionalities and mentioned that this is best for high and low-profile vehicles. They said they were worried but the results were amazingly shocking. It’s a great value for money.

Bottom Line

For those, who want a jack at a cheap price with high functionalities then this product is best for them.

8) Powerbuilt Jack

Powerbuilt Jack

If you want a jack that is easy to store, comes with jacks stands, and have height-adjustment features, then this might be good for you


You can lift regular vehicles of all types of body-frames with its 3-ton capacity. Take your head off the worry about jack stands because both hydraulic bottle jack and stands come in one case. Its patented design also ensures a safe lift and secure hold.

Flat wide base

With its wide flat base, you don’t need to worry about stability and safety. Also, this base prevents the sinking of jacks in muddy places by being flat and wide.

Convenient Features

This jack also ensures safety by featuring safety bar locks. its height ranges from 11 to 21 inches. Also, it allows multi-height adjustments so that you can lift to your desired height safely.

User’s Reviews

Users love it being small and easy to carry. This jack saved them in many roadside emergencies. Also, they love its functionalities in this money. However, they advised us to follow the same steps mentioned in the manuals.

Bottom Line

This jack is best for those who want Unijacks. Also, its users have to be careful and follow the steps while lifting the vehicle. However, it provides more than other jacks of the same price.

9) BIG RED T91203B Torin Hydraulic Welded Bottle Jack last – best hydraulic floor jack for lifted truck

BIG RED T91203B Torin Hydraulic Welded Bottle Jack last

This jack is available in 6 different capacitances. However, the recommended one is 12 tons. You can use it for commercial ie agricultural, military use as well as for residential use.


This floor jack has an incredible capacity and is one of the strongest floor jacks for lifted trucks. You can use it for cars, vans, trucks and sport utility vehicles, etc. The alloy steel along with inner and outer welded structure ensures its sturdiness and make you feel that you have to find the best floor jack for lifted trucks


It has a built-in oil bypass as well an overload valve that makes it durable by limiting its travel limit.

Convenient Features

The amazing thing about this jack is that it is not only for commercial use but you can also use it at your residencies. Moreover, its saddles are specifically designed to perfectly secure the grip. Its glide-action pressure pump allows you to lift the truck with little effort and pressure. It is lightweight and has a small size y=so you can carry and store it anywhere. Its lifting range from the ground is 18.5 which is enough for replacing tires and little maintenance. Also, it has a sturdy base, so your vehicle will stay safe.

User’s review

The best thing that users told about it is that they use it for multiple purposes with small effort. It is versatile and you can carry it anywhere with you.

Bottom Line

It is a perfect choice for those who are looking for high capacitance and durability. Also, those who need for residential use ie lifting a house,  fixing a car, or commercial use, should go for this one.

10) Hi-lift jackHL last

Hi-lift jackHL last

The Hi-Lift company is working for more than 100 years and constructing solutions for those who work with their hands and making jacks is one of them.


This is made with alloy steel and casters ensuring its quality and durability. Also, its socket and handle are sturdy and reliable. It has a shear bolt which restricts the jack to be used for more than its capacitance.


This hi-lift mechanical jack is one of the versatile ones that you can use for different purposes. You can use it to get your car unstuck if it is in trails or train, to replace your tire or your, etc.

Convenient Features

It has a strong and rugged base that allows you to lift your lift trucks without any stress of breaking them. Also, its 4600 capacitance Is exceptional for many applications. Its design allows you to easily move the jack during maintenance.

User’s Reviews

The user mentioned that it is easy to use and they used it for many applications. They advised reading the instructions first.

Bottom Line

Best for those who are looking for a jack for average-weight vehicles. The recommendation is to measure your vehicle’s weight and then calculate the required capacitance before buying it. However, its performance is great.

Buyer’s Guide to Find Best Floor Jack for Lifted Trucks

You have excitedly come here to buy a floor jack for your incredible lifted truck but sadly you don’t know how to choose? Well, don’t worry. We are also mentioning the factors to consider before buying one. Let’s get to it!


The main purpose of a floor jack is to lift the weight so the lifting capacity of the jack is the first and a must factor to consider. Most of the trucks weigh around 6000 pounds or 3 tons. However, that does not mean that your jack also needs the same capacitance.

As jacks only lift one corner of the truck at a time so the capacitance should be the 3/4th of the truck’s or any other vehicle’s weight. The ideal capacitance of the floor jack ranges from 3 tons to 5 tons. This capacitance ensures fixing all vehicles.


You can’t deny the importance of this factor because of the height of the lifted truck. Common jacks can lift till 12 to 14 inches. However, as you are going to buy for lifted truck, find the one that can lift it till 14 to 16 inches.

Saddle’s Size

The part of the jack that touches the vehicle is called a saddle. For a lifted truck, Its size does not matter much however 3 or 4 inches will be good to go.

Final Verdict

If you want to pick the overall best floor jack for a lifted truck, it is the Blackhawk 3560. However, every other enlisted jack in the article is also best in one way or the other. You can read about them and choose what suits you best.

FAQs to Find about Best Floor Jack for Lifted Trucks

For how much height Lifted Trucks need to be lifted?

For proper fixing, it needs to be around 14 to 16 inches of lifting.

What should be the capacitance of the floor jack?

The thumb rule is to divide the vehicle’s weight by 2 and then go for the capacitance of a little more than that. It should be around ¾. About its height, it should be more than 20 inches.

Between Aluminum and Steel floor jack, which can lift the weight perfectly?

Both can lift the load perfectly as per the capacitance mentioned in the description.  The only difference between them is that aluminum is lighter than steel ones.

Can we do non-horizontal lifting with floor jacks?

No, hydraulic or floor jacks can only work if it is aligned in a proper position horizontally.

Which type of jack makes it the best floor jack for Lifted Trucks?

All can lift the trucks. However, the best one might be the bottle jacks.

Which part of the lifted truck is best to lift with a floor jack?

First of all, always read the owner’s vehicle manual before lifting a truck. Secondly, most of the truck comes with on-frame construction and it is the best part to lift a truck.


Jacks are a great tool for your daily hectic life.  After extensive research and taking hundreds of interviews, we have compiled the best jacks here. Before buying make sure to check its capacitance, height range, and performance. Also, never lift a load more than the jack’s capacitance.

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