Best Car Dolly Reviews

If you looking for the best car dolly then you are at the right place. Let’s assume that your vehicle has stopped all of a sudden in the wilderness and you need to tow it to the nearest mechanical shop to get it fixed. But which tool is better for towing? A car dolly or a trailer?

Don’t get confused. Both methods come with their limitations and obviously, the vehicle type you want to tow matters the most. A car dolly is always a more convenient option than a trailer when the campground is tight.

7 Best Car Dolly For Your Car

A car dolly, also known as wheel skates are little tools that help you transport your dead vehicle from one place to another without any hassle. When attached to the wheels of your vehicle, car dollies allow you to move your cars in 360 degrees.

No matter what type of motor vehicle you have, the best car dolly helps you move your vehicle from one place to another. But getting the best wheel skates is quite intimidating when you encounter a dozen of choices in the mainstream market.

But worry not! I’ve brought forth some outperforming and sturdy car dolly options available in the market. I hope some of them would fulfill your requirements and your budget, as well.

So, let’s dig into it:

1. Red Hound Auto 12 Car Dolly

 Red Hound Auto 12 Car Dolly

There’s always a reason for considering an item at the number one position. Red Hound car dolly offers the finest deal and scored the number one position in our list for the best car dollies in 2021.

We appreciate this item for its flexibility and high build quality. Also, this item offers the best value for money.

The most striking feature of this product is its heavy-duty construction. Red Hound prides itself in making exceptional automobile products and these wheel skates are not an exception. The manufacturers have ensured to use rough yet sturdier and heavy-duty material to construct this product. When put under a 400 lbs. vehicle, these dollies spin the wheels smoothly and effortlessly.

Moving around your dollied car can be a hazardous process, especially when your dollies don’t have brakes. Thankfully, these dollies come with brakes to secure you and your vehicle.

As far as price is concerned, these dollies offer the best value for money. Powder-coated, these dollies are built to last for decades, without getting rusted.

Overall, the product has won enough popularity among its users. So hit the “add to cart button” to get yourself a reasonable set of car dollies.


  • 4 double ball bearing dollies
  • Heavy duty construction
  • 6000 lbs. weight capacity
  • facilitated with two brakes
  • a convenient handle

2. Pentagon Tools 5060 4 Wheel Car Dolly

Pentagon Tools 5060 4 Wheel Car Dolly

Yet another more flexible and rather more durable car dollies AKA wheel skates are presented by Pentagon. These car dollies are nonetheless inferior to our first-mentioned item on this list. Without breaking the bank, you can get a set of four car dollies for just under $200.

Unlike its peers in the market, these car dollies are designed in a way to provides the user with higher functionality. With a recessed design, these wheel skates ensure maximum safety for the user and the vehicle.

Along with this, the design offers you a compact storage solution. With an integrated in-body hole, you can hang these wheel skates with a hook. Isn’t it a big deal!

Performance-wise, these wheel skates do their job efficiently. Constructed with hefty and heavy-duty material, these dollies can lift to 6,000 lbs. of weight. Having said so, each car dolly is capable of lifting 1,500 lbs. of weight capacity. Be wary, not to exceed these weight limitations to avoid any potential hazard to you and your vehicle.

The 3-inches casters, ball bearing on the swivel, and the axle shaft_ every single part on these little tools move your vehicle smoothly.

The overall design and performance of these wheel skates are impressive. But one thing needs your consideration: these dollies don’t have locking wheels. Since these dollies make your vehicle movement like fluid, this might be a deal-breaking feature for some users. But owing to their price and weight capacity, these car dollies are comparatively a decent option to go for.


  • Steel plate construction
  • 3-inch ball-bearing castor dollies
  • 6,000 lbs. weight capacity
  • Rust-resistant design
  • Recessed centre

3. Capri Tools 21085-2PK 21085 Hydraulic Tire Dolly

Capri Tools 21085-2PK 21085 Hydraulic Tire Dolly

Our first and second products are manual car dollies. But this one from Capri tools is a hydraulic design. A hydraulic car dolly doesn’t have a solid tire plate for mounting your vehicle. Instead, a hydraulically powered lifting unit is attached to a pair of rollers for convenient maneuvering.

Obviously, this type of car dolly is one of the best options you can have. You don’t need any additional equipment to move your car from one place to another. Simply by lowering the rollers to the floor, you mount your car tire to this dolly and then lock the device for quick and easy movement.

A slight downside to this car dolly is its hefty price tag. Comparing to its manual counterparts which typically come in a set of 4 pieces available at 200 bucks, this single piece of car dolly will cost you nearly $200. Notwithstanding this fact, this car dolly does its job perfectly.

Ideally, it is suggested to use 4 dollies to move your vehicle around. This car dolly can support 1,500 lbs. of weight capacity to support tires up to 12-inches wide. Depending on your needs and your vehicle type, you may choose between a two-piece or four-piece solution.

Integrated with a safety pin, this hydraulic car dolly reduces the risk of the unwanted dropping of the vehicle when you’re lifting it in the air. So your safety is well-preserved with this kind of car dolly.

With this, a one-year limited warranty on the product imparts its reliability. You certainly won’t regret paying some extra bucks to get this high-performing little monster.


  • Foot pedal
  • Security hook
  • 4-inches swivel castors
  • 1 year limited warranty

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4. Dragway Tools (4) 12in. Hydraulic Car Dolly

 Dragway Tools (4) 12in. Hydraulic Car Dolly

This is another efficient and phenomenal car dolly on the hydraulic side. DragWay Tools offers a pack of 4 wheel skates to its users for some extra pounds but the product worth the money since it does what it intended to do.

Whether you want to move your trucks, trailer, boat, or planes, these car dollies are the best options on our list. Because they can move lighter and heavier vehicles with quite a breeze.

Being hydraulic wheel skates, these provide the users not only safety but also incredible maneuvering. Without any additional tool, these skates can accommodate 22-inch tires effortlessly.

What’s more! These dollies are powder coated so they never catch rust or scratch. So one set of four dollies can last you for many years to come. a great investment indeed!

The best thing about these car dollies is their weight endurance. The maximum weight capacity of this single hydraulic dolly is 1,500 pounds. The hydraulic lifting function is controlled by a ratcheting foot pedal.

Another interesting yet functional feature you would love about this set of car dollies is its two-way usage. Those dollies may be used in two distinct ways. To move an automobile, you may pivot two dollies or use four dollies to move it freely. With this dolly system, a single person can push a three-ton car. Worthy to be praised of!

All of these impeccable features conceal the expensive price tag feature of these wheel skates. If you’re looking for smartly and intuitively designed wheel skates, these car dollies are worth considering.


  • Steel frame
  • A pack of 4 car dollies
  • Powder-coated finish
  • 12 inches hydraulic car wheel dolly
  • 1,500 lbs. weight capacity

5. Sunex Tools 1500-Pound Hydraulic Wheel Dolly

Sunex Tools 1500-Pound Hydraulic Wheel Dolly

Another impeccable and worth mentioning car dolly jack is introduced by Sunex Tools. This wheel skate offers you all the functionality you need to move your dead engines smoothly.

If budget is not your primary concern when buying a high-quality and top-tier car dolly, then this might suit your needs. This one single hydraulic car dolly will cost you more than 150 bucks, but the performance it delivers overshadows the higher price tag you pay for getting this one. So not a deal-breaker if you’re seeking professional-grade hydraulic wheel skates for your garages.

The most striking feature of this car dolly is its unique L-shaped foot pedal that enhances the user’s experience when lifting the vehicle. This is something you won’t have in many hydraulic car dolly jacks from other brands. Featuring a ratcheting mechanism, this car dolly jack is loved by its users since it requires little effort to jack vehicles.

Construction-wise, this car dolly jack is impressive. Built sturdily and heavy steel frame and castors make this item one of the best car dollies. The castor’s lock is another nice and handy feature to maximize the safety of the user and vehicle.

If you’re strictly looking for a hydraulic car dolly, then this car dolly might disappoint you. It is advertised as a hydraulic car dolly jack, but truthfully, it is a mechanical tool. Nonetheless, the performance of this car dolly jack isn’t any less than any hydraulic car dollies. So a worth-buying car dolly jack.


  • Mechanical Car dolly
  • Aluminum construction
  • L-shaped foot pedal
  • Built-in handle
  • Ratcheting mechanism

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6. WEN 73017 Vehicle Dolly

WEN 73017 Vehicle Dolly

Typically, car dolly manufacturers offer a set of 4 car dollies but this product from WEN comes with a pack of two car dollies. Obviously, with the fewer number of dollies, the WEN has valued this item less at price, too. You can have this set of two-wheel skates for just under 50 bucks and if you want four-wheel skates, then obviously you have to raise your budget to get 4 wheel skates from WEN.

Each of the car dollies from this set can lift a weight capacity of 1,500 lbs., which is, pretty good for you if you want to mount your Audi weighing nearly 3,500 lbs.

Not only this car dolly is constructed robust, but it also has a collapsible handle for easy transportation. The built-in brakes keep your vehicle during movement. The diamond-plated surface ensures that the vehicle will not slip from the skates when moving around. So the overall design is a win-win.

The Omnidirectional movement allows you to rotate the vehicles around in all directions, even when your garage is small and tight.

The castors are sturdy and built with metal. Be wary to use them on smooth floors to avoid hazardous situations.

Since these are not hydraulic wheel skates, you need some effort to mount your vehicle onto them. Overall, these are good when you’re tight on budget. However, if you’re looking for a lifetime investment, we think you should consider our first-mentioned car dolly product on our list.


  • A set of 2 car dollies
  • 1500 lbs. weight capacity of each dolly
  • 2-1/2 inches swivelling castors
  • Omni-directional movement
  • Diamond-plated surface

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7. Omega HD 3 in 1 Car Dolly

Omega HD 3 in 1 Car Dolly

After experimenting with manual and hydraulic car dollies, you might want to upgrade your old set of car dollies. This car dolly from Omega allows you to enjoy the latest and new experience. Combining performance and strength, this car dolly gives you the best of both worlds.

Being latest, this car dolly is comparatively pricier than manual or hydraulic car dollies. However since you’re looking for the latest car dolly tool, then this is the best bet you can have. By spending extra bucks, you won’t repent over your purchase since these wheel skates do the job nicely.

As far as its construction matters, this wheel car dolly is impressive and built with industrial-grade material. Each of the car dollies in this set can accommodate 2,000 lbs. of weight, which is the highest weight capacity of car dollies mentioned in our list. This being, you can move heavy-duty vehicles around your garage or RV parks with an instant breeze.

The design also grabs your attention because it is self-stackable. Very little storage space is required to store these car dollies. With such a type of fancy design, luckily you won’t have to compromise on its deliverables. The curved design holds the tires well and reduces the risk of slipping during movement.

Although latest and intuitive, these car dollies still demand some effort on the user’s part. You will have to jack the wheels up into the air to slide the dolly under. On the contrary, hydraulic car dolly jack minimizes this sort of effort on the user’s part.

All in all, this car dolly is a great option to go for when you want to tow heavy-duty vehicles.


  • 3-in-1 car dolly set
  • Supports 2,000 lbs. weight capacity
  • Locking castors
  • Self-stacking design


What are the significant types of car dollies?

The wheel car dollies some in two kinds: standard and hydraulic.

  • Standard car dolly:

There isn’t a term for this kind of wheel dolly design, whether it’s standard or wheel plate. But what we’re talking about is a solid piece of metal with wheels below it. There may also have additional features such as brakes and castor wheels. However, the essential concept of a solid plate elevated on certain wheels remains.

  • Hydraulic car dolly:

There are other hydraulic wheel dolly designs on the market, which are a much more complicated beast. They do away with the traditional solid plate in favour of a pair of rollers. These are linked to a powerful, foot-operated hydraulic unit. The main advantage here is that you can raise the automobile without any extra equipment, making it considerably more practical for regular usage.

Can I leave my car on wheel dollies?

Keeping a car on dollies for an extended period of time might cause irreversible tire deformation. Therefore, it is not a decent idea to leave your vehicles on car dollies for an extended period.

What are the key features to look for when buying a car dolly?

Read carefully to know the primary features to look for when buying a car dolly:

1. Look for a set of car dollies:

The experts suggest distributing the vehicle’s weight evenly when mounting it on car dollies. So instead of buying a single car dolly, we suggest getting a multipack. Car dollies typically come in multipacks having a set of 2 or 4 car dollies. A set of 4 car dollies is the best choice to consider. Nonetheless, you can also prefer buying a set of two car dollies.

Multipack car dollies will also save the budget. A bonus point!

2. Weight capacity:

 Knowing the maximum weight capacity of a dolly is crucial. The experts prefer a heavy-duty and sturdy wheel dolly to accommodate the weight constraints of different vehicles. Typically, a standard wheel dolly can lift 1,500 lbs. of weight. However, there are hydraulic car dolly jacks that can endure more than 1,500 lbs.

3. Built-in brakes:

If you can get a car dolly with built-in brakes, this would be a fair deal. To avoid hazards and to ensure the safety of the user and the vehicle, car dollies with built-in brakes should be preferred.

How to use car dollies safely?

Mounting vehicles onto car dollies is a tricky phenomenon and requires crucial attention and care. Improper placement of vehicles on dollies can bring severe damage. So be careful while lifting your vehicle with car dollies.


We have presented the best car dolly options you can consider before buying this little monster for your vehicles. We have reviewed the best standard and hydraulic car dolly reviews to make things easier for you.

Whether you own a light-duty vehicle or you’re having a heavy-duty trailer, the DragWay Tools 12 inch hydraulic car dolly is the best bet you can have. Reasonably priced, this product is a multipack car dolly set that you would serve for many years to come.

Again, your needs matter the most. Know your vehicle type and budget constraints to get an efficient car dolly to fulfill your needs.

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