Will A Car Start Without Oil?

will a car start without oil

Motor oil is like lifeblood for the engines of the car for internal combustion. The engine of internal combustion will never run for more than a few minutes without the use of motor oil. When there is no motor oil, the car will seize up after a few minutes and not be able to run … Read more

How to Replace a 12v Car Socket?

How to Replace a 12v Car Socket

The replacement of the 12V car socket is a very easy task. This task is a straight forward job that is easily done by yourself. When you replace a 12V car socket on your own, you will save your money because you do not have to pay another person to do this task of replacing … Read more

How Far Can You Drive Without A Serpentine Belt?

How far can you drive without a serpentine belt

Oops! You have suddenly lost the power assist of your steering system while driving. Or might be, you are facing difficulty in turning the steering wheel. It usually happens when the serpentine belt of your car snaps. The first question that immediately popped up in your mind is whether it is safe to drive a … Read more

Where To Place Blind Spot Mirrors?

Where to place blind spot mirrors

The blind spot mirrors are necessary for the safe drive on the road. The blind spot mirrors are perfect to easily fit on the side mirrors of the car. It helps to show that parts of the road to drivers that are not seen by them. There seem many accidents that are related to the … Read more

Are Car Batteries AC or DC?

Are car batteries AC or DC

Have you ever questioned about the car batteries that are car batteries AC or DC? The nature of the voltage of the car battery should be known because it is very important for the proper take care of the car’s battery. The care of batteries enhances their lifetime. The working of the car contains many … Read more

Best Buffer For Boat

best buffer for boat

A Boat is a wonderful luxury to have. Boats are our vacation buddies. They are beautiful. However, their beauty most of the times doesn’t last very long. It’s because they are mostly out in the sun. The beaming sun is very harmful for a boat’s exterior. Unlike car’s which we can easily park inside a … Read more

Top 10 Best DA Sander Reviews

If you want your work piece to shine like brand new, then DA sanders turns out to be the tools for the job.  ‘DA’ stands for Dual action.  These sanders are called dual action because they have a dual motion ability which other car polishers doesn’t have.  Some professionals also call them orbital sanders. So … Read more

Best Garage Vacuum Reviews

best garage vacuum reviews

Even if you aren’t a cleaning freak, you certainly don’t want to see your garage dirty and untidy. Therefore even cleaning garages isn’t a ritual for many, one still would feel like cleaning it once in a blue moon. And for efficient cleaning, arises the need for a powerful tool in the form of the … Read more